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  1. RoverBeastHP

    Mass' Combat Medic Coat for the Pea Coat

    This coat should already be in the store as one of the many pea coats you can obtain and for it not to be is an insult, it would be really cool for actual combat medics so please @Roland Add it
  2. The Name's Connor. And I have no idea how I ended up here. Everything was just supposed to be a small trip to see the beautiful country of Poland but it turned up to be a lot more than that. The dead resurrecting? That's like something you'd see in video games. Something unreal. I remember my first kill, it wasn't alive. Couldn't be? The sound of cold steel driving through yet to be rotten flesh but I had to, even though I knew who it was. It was someone I had known for a long while. A friend of mine, why did he have to go and get himself killed. I never really thougt I had a stomach for it but it was a lot easier than I thought despite my friend being a mindless monster that wanted to rip me and my other friend apart, Lily couldn't do it. So I had to, rest in peace Joshua. For a while now I have been on my own, only joining groups every now and then, never really being too keen on making friends as it hurts when they get taken from you, the world is cruel and I've seen firsthand what people can do to other people. There is no limit anymore, the world is a free range. I try not to get attached, I really do. But I'm much different now. I try to help where I can, as opposed to what I did in the beginning, we are stronger in numbers and I know this now. We've all done so many things. I've been with the wrong people more than once yet they never seem to rub off on me. I always just want to help even when everyone are in a fight. I've done killing, we all have, living and dead. I can't say I am no better than anyone out there and I really don't try to be. I just try to help those around me. Sometimes you gotta make those hard choices, those choices where you can't help and the only answer or response is with bullets, with gunfire and with fight. A lot of death follows in this world and it breaks me to see it. But it is the world we live in now. There are the good things in life though, I love photography. I got my old camera with me, but it really doesn't look like it'll last much longer. I try to write most of my journeys down just for the sake of it, I really don't know why I do it. I have a whole journal somewhere in one of my bags at home. Home is going out in the wilds and finding your next meal to survive, or growing something that shows you can do other things than just killing others. I don't have a plan on how to do things. But I guess that I'll see how people are now. I've been on my own for such a long while. It'll be interesting I suppose.
  3. RoverBeastHP

    Transmission Received

    Alright big guy.
  4. RoverBeastHP

    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    Looks really good guys, good luck. I'm actually looking forward to finally meeting y'all one day, been by the compound a lot and you've never been around.
  5. RoverBeastHP

    Transmission Received

    But why?
  6. RoverBeastHP

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    I think the idea is good, I really do. A full lore wipe so we do not have huge groups from Chernarus just coming to Livonia in a span of 5 hours and shit like that, a way to keep the groups to their respective areas instead of traveling back and forth with is a huge issue right now. It would be good with better lore to be implemented to fit with each of the two maps we've got that way we can have a real journey going on whilst y'know traveling back and forth. I vote yes to the idea so that we can have a bit more organizing in the two maps. Especially with the promise of a Government still running in Livonia. I'd love to see this done honestly.
  7. RoverBeastHP

    Transmission Received

  8. RoverBeastHP


    The HP boys are in town. @Georgia Banks @Maverick CobaltWe need to HP (Help people) Join in!

    1. LumenRP


      Hah 🙃🙃

    2. RoverBeastHP




    3. FalkRP



    4. HampzeHP


      Maybe KRPB? 😘

    5. PhoenyxxRP


      Aubrey Plaza Whatever GIF by truTV’s The Chris Gethard Show

  9. RoverBeastHP

    Elddis Scrap Yard Media Thread

    That is singlehandedly the most terrifying thing I have seen thank you for posting it, I love you.
  10. RoverBeastHP

    Get rid of forums or minimize it...

    Just saying, if you want a DayZ RP server and community there are plenty out there without actual communities or forums even. Not gonna mention them as I don't wanna be banned. Your suggestion really doesn't make sense as the forum and the community in here makes for most of the game too, especially with the radios, character journals and discussions too. So I see absolutely no reason to remove it or getting rid of anything, everything here is as it should be.
  11. RoverBeastHP

    Whistle While You Work?

    I personally find a playlist/make one that fits my current character y'know? Something that you can listen to while you get into the RP, something that builds up your own character. And other times, finding some ambient music whilst just out running usually does the trick for me.
  12. RoverBeastHP

    Aggressive staff

    Well in more cases than one the one reporting breaks rules too but seeing as y'know those reports tends to be closed at the request of the OP, no one goes out with any punishment.
  13. RoverBeastHP

    Aggressive staff

    Gotta agree with you there Camo, seems to me like the whole dropping reports business is getting more plenty, as well as people returning with numerous warning points after paying a certain amount to be able to play again. Seems a bit money hungry but what do I know? As well as this, people now report for the smallest offenses and staff doesn't really seem to take much account into it. I get that things can be talked out and they should, but it should not leave them without a punishment, a rule was still broken and points or warnings, whatever you wish to call it. Should still be given out, to the offender and perhaps even the offended.
  14. RoverBeastHP


    I'm cooking something interesting up, a new character perhaps, would it surprise anyone? 👀

    1. Humanitas_


      A new character would surprise no one, friend. Much love

    2. RoverBeastHP


      Well we don't know what it is that is being cooked up, but it's spicy.

  15. RoverBeastHP


    Honestly. Sons of Anarchy was the best TV Series to ever grace this earth, change my mind.

    1. Eagle


      Vikings is pretty dope.

    2. RoverBeastHP


      Not my favourite but it is still a good TV series.

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