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  1. As it stands, I am quite sure it is not a mod but actually DayZ itself, not sure it can be lessened or fixed as such. Without it feeling unatural that is. I for one don't see much of a hassle with asking someone to take it off as you cannot hear it, gas masks aren't exactly meant to be communicated whilst worn with so yeah. Don't know why this suggestion is a thing.
  2. Damn the Alpha leaving her pack, what will happen next!?
  3. Crtead a new character... Again... @Marcus akula Let's do this right, hunt, drink beer, make food and have a good time, gotta live right in the apocalypse, right?

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      I hate you. 😘

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      Me too :')

  4. I used to haul lumber and other cargo in Atlanta, working on my Uncle's farm whenever I didn't have anything to haul, life for me was all about working and living. Two things I did well, earning myself a small fortune, though unfortunately the American dream ain't built in America and that fortune became my downfall, going from hauling cargo in a huge truck to working the streets in community work, all that because I hit someone else's truck. Fucker had it coming though. Was giving me the eye at the diner so I railed his truck badly, mine was a lot bigger and stronger, almost tore his rear end up. Fucker got me sued for all I had, lost my job in the company and I was down to community service, guess it was my luck in the end, I ended up meeting folk that got me new work, and my Uncle still allowed me on the farm, hell he even agreed that I did the right thing, always had my side, my father was an asshole. So my Uncle kind of raised me. He used to take me hunting in Spring, going for big deer and sometimes boar. I was taught how to use a rifle at quite a young age. Guess that guns came naturally to me, I am American after all. My Uncle had this sweet deal with a market community that lived a few miles away, they came by almost everyday for fresh produce, we always provided, milk, meat, vegetables and even fruit, hell the farm had it all. This sweet girl I had begun to talk with came by one day she was with the market, they had come for the regular pick up but the order was larger so I ended up delivering it instead, this girl though she was sweet, asked to come with me so she could help. How could I say no? Well that travel turned into a good day and I later received her number and took her on a proper date, a movie and dinner, that girl later became my damn girlfriend. Life was good with her, we began hanging more out, I moved into the farm to live there with my Uncle, she came to see me almost daily and shit just hit off the right way. We were going to Livonia, this Polish speaking country known for its bears, and hunt wild life, best game in the region they said, we had saved up, packed the truck and our guns, bought enough ammo to last us at least a month or two, guess I never knew how much I needed it in the end, one day we just woke up and everything was quiet, we had set up camp in the forest, the truck was able to hold several people in it yet we had the tents and everything. We went out hunting, looking for those promised deer. About an hour of tracking prints and sounds, we found something but it wasn't what we were expecting. A deer was laying in the grass, dead, scratched and ripped open, at first we figured it was a bear but the tears looks too small to be a bear. We kept our guard up and continued on, it had me all unnerved, whatever it was, it was brutal. We finally found the course of this, we saw a man, he was just limping along in the forest. When he turned around, I can't ever forget that look...
  5. Gotta admit, a few more work lights and it would look really good, maybe a lit fire barrel or two, one of the better pre fabs if I gotta be honest. Good job
  6. RoverBeast


    I do like the sound of this, good luck with it lads!
  7. Pour out a little for those who lost...

  8. Gotta feed that addiction to making new characters... I need help...

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      I love making new characters! 

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      Dude same!

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      O-M-G we should totally make more CHARACTERS!!! 

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      I just did!

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      You can't control it.. xD

      same boat, same boat!!

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      Some people don't understand you have a debilitating disease and this is actually serious matter!!!!

      I worry for you friend!!! Just come home!!! 


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      @KattsuraI actually can't and it worries me...

      @IvarTheNarrator I will amigo, I will... 

  9. I was born to Russian partents that had moved to Chernarus during post Soviet liberation, my mother Katja and my father Dima were loving parents which later on in life afflicted onto me. My father was a fisherman and my mother a tailor. Living and raising my sister and I in the small village of Gorka. Life was good there, my sister and I were raised well, everyday was a new adventure. When the time came and our age did was well we went to school. I was always fascinated by other countries so I learned the worldwide known national language of English, was safe to say that I mastered it pretty well. While not fluent I could definitely speak full sentences with decent ease. When I wasn't in school I was out in the woods and the fields with my father, we owned a decent farm, raised cattle. It was all I was taught to do. Some were to produce meat, some to produce milk. The second part was always my favorite, milking cows was a bit part of our daily day. Days on the farm were always pleasant. Come my years of youth when I turned well around 18 I had grown up a lot. Experienced a lot, life in Eastern Europe was always full of surprises. My father had been stressed lately. My sister had run off to be a rebellious teen and myself. I tried to stay home but the excitement of growing up gripped me. I of course still helped around at home whenever I could but I didn't live there anymore. I had moved to one of the bigger towns. To find a job but visiting my parents almost daily as it was nothing more than a small ride away. Was always good to see my father and my mother. Sadly my little sister Masha was nowhere to be found. Not until way later. I spent a few of my adult years in the city, meeting people working and earning a living. I wanted to take over the farm once my father passed away which unfortunately happened too fast. One day I got a phone call from my mother telling me that he had passed away, my sister had come home for this event. We were going to have a funeral in Elektrozavodsk. the first town he worked in. A lot of people came to the funeral, the whole event was beautiful, a lot of emotion, a lot of tears. My mother was torn. The cause was stress. The work life at the farm was just too much for him, at least he was put to rest with all of his loved ones around him. Back in the city I had met someone from work. A woman, her name was Alina. She worked in the office like I did. We went out one night and the rest was history, about two years later I kneeled in front of her and asked her to marry me, of course she said yes and that knot was tied, she was my wife. We had moved in together way before that but now that my mother was on her passing too. The farm would be ours, I took it off her hands to easen her burden and my wife happily moved in with me. We took it all over, the cattle, the milk production, the crops. All of it was ours. I took on the responsibilites of the farm as my father had from his father. Things were going well with my wife, the first child was on the way. We were older with a lot more experience and we have owned the farm for a few years now, finally had gotten time to build that windmill. Alina had been on my ass about it for days now. The fence was next, we were properly building up some of the old parts of the farm, the barn would come as the third. I could tell she loved life on the country like this, loved the peaceful days that came with it, no longer living in the big city. Though due to this we didn't get all the gossip, whilst neighbours and myself were close as country folk are out here we didn't know anything of what happened in the Capital or even the bigger cities. Radio didn't tell much, only that people were getting sick, apparently some sort of disease was going in the air, that is at least what we were told, Alina and myself were vaccinated so it shouldn't affect those who had been vaccinated within two years period. Though a lot of people did not meet those requirements, come the night of of May 12th. There had in the previous days been a lot of conflict in the bigger cities, military troops had been deployed to several bases and multiple checkpoints had been set up at the surrounding roads, things were still relatively peaceful. Alina was five months in and she could feel the little bastard in her kicking. I was excited to become a father, it could not come any sooner, though we never got to that part of our life. The sound of a gun going off in one of the neighbouring houses was heard. And it was then we saw something, someone was in our field, standing there, they suddenly turned towards our farm and began coming closer. I watched as they strggled to move, their movement was off, they were limping. As they got closer the pure fear struck me as I saw the dark crimson liquid from the mans chest, he was hurt. I rushed over but he jumped at me, I struggled to get him off but I did so, Alina was screaming as the bastard clawed my cheek. I yelled at her to get my gun and she did, rushing into the house to pick up an old shotgun. She gave it to me, it had been loaded previously. I aimed at the man and at that moment, a bit of fear struck me, I hadn't taken someones life. But this time what other option did I have? I squeezed the trigger and heard the shot pierce the flesh, then the thud...
  10. Bought! Can't wait to laugh at those who cannot enter certain parts of the map
  11. Having heard the voice speaking on his radio he picked it up and spoke. "Well well little bird, sounds mighty nice to hear someone having as much hatred for those scum as I do, the only problem here is that I get employed by said scum. So I can't really go around and kill my employers can I? You gotta realise that the world we once knew is gone and now the whole anarchy is what remains, people killin' each other for a can of beans, you're right but it's nature and people can't stop nature. Best to get out of dodge and live on your own, that way you'll make it a minimal chance of being shot, robbed or worse. Best of luck to you miss." He then released the broadcast button.
  12. While I'd love to see this myself due to all the patches, all the bags and the new vests I don't think it would be added. There had already been someone who spoke about wanting it added and as I recall Roland said no.
  13. So we've all seen the caps we have in game, they are cool right? What if we had certain flags on them, like the American, Chernarussian, UK, etc? Seeing as there are a lot of caps that have flags on them in real life it would only make sense right? I know that it is possible to have said caps made as Operation Yggdrasil had a Multicam cap made with the Danish flag on it, so at least a few select caps having say the American Flag on the front or Chernarussian, or the United Kingdoms would be a cool thing to see in the game. Let me know what you all think with the poll
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