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  1. I've noticed some people who throughout hard development or a long backstory carries things like a special hat, or even a teddy bear, things like that which has a big purpose to the person alone. I think those items are great honestly.
  2. We back boys! 

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  3. The name is Rowan Kingston and from as far as I can remember I've loved everything history. I used to teach at the Cardiff universal college long back before the whole world went to shit. I've always been all about the people, all about the community. My students were the most precious things to me, but I wasn't always that. I guess when I really got to it I enjoyed traveling too. Enjoyed seeing the world as it is, which is why I ended up in Livonia, the small Polish region during the beginning of the Outbreak. I'm even surprised that they let visitors come into the country given all the conflict of the country. Before that I went to this other Eastern European country which also was in turmoil, a small place called South Zagoria, or mostly. Chernarus is the region I went to. There I learned about the people, about the culture and about the story. Just hearing about their political views were something completely different. Though my visit was pretty short, I always had the feeling that I was gonna go back, but I spent my week good. During the Outbreak I was out with my students, as said we had went to Livonia, a small Polish Region of the larger country. There we had stayed on our way to Warzawa where our final destination was. The Infection hit though, and that whole plan went down. I've never been one to kill, not that I can't. My brother was a hunter, my father was a hunter but myself. I chose a different life. It is not that I don't know how to use the guns either. I just never did. I've never seen a reason to. I find words to be much more useful than weapons, though seeing the ignorance and the hatred of the people in the world, words are not always the correct measure to solving the problems, therefore I let others do it.
  4. My name is Axel Montgomery I hail from a little province in America called Georgia Atlanta. The home of the Walking Dead, which is ironic given how life is today. I used to be a teacher, teaching children and the youthful alike, though today there is no need for people like me. The world has changed completely. Besides that I was a thrillseeker, a traveler and a photographer. I used to also be hired for weddings, celebrations and parties to take the pictures. Making a little money on the side, when I didn't do any of this I relaxed on the range. I've always been incredibly fascinated with guns, everything from the modern to the old school. I have always been a bit of a history nut and I honestly think I always will. But like so many things, none of this matters today. Not a single thing, the dead are those who controls the world now because of mankind. We've all done shit to others, hurt others, killed others even. Doesn't matter what we did before the Outbreak, all that matters now is whether or not you can survive. I've been on my own for quite a while now. Been traveling a bit everywhere though as of recently I've made my way to the Polish Region, Livonia. The country is beautiful and I gotta admit I quite like it here.
  5. My life has been nothing but the Cartel, my brothers, my sisters. All of us, we were in the Cartel. It has always been life, it is the familia. I've seen it from the beginning despite not even being the oldest. I always did what I was told to without hesitation, my father raised me to be like that, I was only a child when I witnessed what this life was. I was born out of love, absolutely so. My father... He loved my mother dearly so, and I was a product of that love. Despite the way Mexico was. The drug wars were as large as ever before and my father's Cartel were leading it. We lost men, really good men everyday and losing someone close to you tends to fuck you up. I remember being just 13 when I fired off my first gun, Carlos trained me, he was a gunman for the Cartel, tough guy with a soft heart in the end, though like everyone else, it was for the familia. Everything we do is for the familia. One day it all went downhill, we were attacked. The compound we were holding up at got hit hard, there was blood everywhere. Empty bullet cases, it had happened so fast. Two pickup trucks rammed the gate and the masked men from the rival Cartel stormed us, shooting our men down. Luckily I was still young, I was agile and I ran to cover. I apparently killed two of them, the raw power of what it felt like to end the life of someone else. I thought it would be weird, feel wrong but no... It was AMAZING! I loved it, I ducked out of cover, I had just a Mac-10 in my hand, a small handheld SMG. I held the trigger down, emptying the magazine into the two, I was glad that Carlos had taught me, I killed two, then grabbed a pistol off of one of the other guys, he was dead, had so many bulletholes in him, he couldn't do anything. I remember unloading the mag into their heads, I apparently killed four people then. The rest fled. I don't know why. I was the only one surviving. That feeling when you finally are done, all the adrenaline rushes through you in the moment but then it fades out and you see it all. They were dead, all of them... All of my familia was dead. This was only the beginning soon reinforcements arrived, ours though. They saw all the dead man and a bloodied young boy sitting against a wall with a empty pistol in his grip, they saw how many of the enemies were dead and they knew I had potential. My familia, the Cartel they were always supportive of me. Even my father. Despite how things turned out with my brother, his daughter... It was some messy business. But I don't blame him, I don't blame any of them. He left, I wanted to go with. I had talked with him about it but he said no. There was no way he would take me with him. So later on in life, way later after the Outbreak I dipped, I went to go find those who remained. My familia. First my destination was Chernarus, I had heard tales on my travels of people of Hispanic origin running stuff there so I went to go see what the fuss was about. I've honed my skills throughout the years, been part of a few gangs. A few bandit groups even. I've always been able to take those necessary risks and choices to further things. That is just how I do it. During some passings I've been in the country for a while, mostly South Zagoria. I've been on the low, I don't want to make people know too much about me, not even my brothers. Though one thing is for sure... I gotta find them, I have nothing left.
  6. I've fought for my country and to this day I still do, during the uprising, during the outbreak. I won't stop. I see all these people streaming to our country why? Cause theirs were ruined? Get the hell out. My name is Karek Kozak, also known as Coyote. Call me what you want. I'm striving to survive, shit has been tough lately. Really has, seeing all the shit that I used to love be taken away cause of some outbreak they couldn't contain. Those fucking Foreign dogs. I served in the army for a few years, back then we were fighting the Communists. Defending the country and proudly so. I am all for home, always have been. So to see our own people split up like this fucked me up hard. But shit, it is what war is. I was at home during the beginning of the Outbreak, after people had begun to gain their shit together again and suddenly it all hit. People got infected from whatever the Virus was. I remember some people showing symptoms and not long after those same people were picked up by soldiers such as myself and abducted, I even remembering doing some myself. I always was being told to hush and shut up and I just did what I was told to. Though in the end our efforts were all for nothing. The outbreak happened regardless, it was spun out of control and now here we are. How many years into the whole thing? Five? Four? Shit I don't recall. You lose count after the first month.
  7. No, but we are wearing our uniforms to the fullest. Trying to always wear what our matched NATO military camos are.
  8. I've done a bit of everything, Ex-tattoo artist to a straight up party planner that turned chaotic evil. I like to keep it out of the box, and I honestly don't see a lot of stuff like that.
  9. Having seen how well a knife can hold in real life I do agree, I did make a topic on this myself a long while back and Roland did give us the promise to change it but we did not yet receive that gracious gift.
  10. Wear something which covers your mouth and you should be fine, and if that is not a feature then I definitely think the lovely Devs Watchman and Ducky should implement such a feature (if possible of course) As it'd just be realistic to have your mouth covered and lessen the risk of disease and illnesses.
  11. I enlisted in the army just a few years prior to finishing school, I was ready to defend my country. I didn't really have much going for me, finishing with my degree in economics, it wasn't really much I wanted to do with it but as laws stated I had to be productive to receive any sort of compensation. Once finished I chose to enlist, not to say I was the best but alas I got in. Starting out as a recruit, the first few months of training was brutal. Every day it was long trecks with gear on. Crawling in the mud, climbing over obstacles and wading through cold water, all to see if we were ready for the harsh landscapes we'd be deployed in. There were some things I did not exceed as well at as others. Though there was one thing that I did. Shooting, on the field I was apparently a natural, having only used a few rifles in my life time. I always had been fascinated by gun and I do remember taking a few weeks at one point in my life to work at a shooting range. Guess that is where my love came from. Finishing my initiation I was enlisted as a private and continued up the ranks. I had a single tour out of the country. Getting to experience war was something else. I've watched lots of movies on it but never imagined it like this, things were a lot more chaotic, the panick you could see in the other soldiers, it was intense as hell. I recall the sound of bullets richocheting over our heads, hitting walls, windows, vehicles as well as the houses. Our mission was very simple: Locate the enemy and take them out. We were of course successful in this, otherwise I wouldn't have been here today. Though war does not come without a loss and we did lose some great men. I had made some brothers throughout the army and seeing some of them fall was heartbreaking, yet strenghtening too. At the end of the day we won the fights, one after the other and soon it was time to go home. The conflict was over to a momentary leave was granted to most of us, with me too. I must admit I missed Denmark. Back home it was peaceful at least for a while. I remember my mother's face when I met her at the Airport, my father was there too, for once he was proud of me. My little brother being there as well, he greeted me with a Danish flag and a bad but sweet attempt at a salute. He didn't get it but the attempt was kind nonetheless. I got to enjoy my freedom for a bit, we held a funeral for those lost, sadness loomed all over us and after that it was just enjoying life. Guess that peace didn't last for long, seemingly the Russians were provoking a conflict somewhere in the Polish Region, NATO drafted the Danish Army in and therefor myself too, I took my duty with honour, once more defending an allying country. Nothing more than a month later we shipped out.
  12. While I do agree that locks should not take 3 or more saws. I do not think they should take just 1 minute or so to cut through, it would make the possibility of offline raiding be constant, there'd be no actual enjoyment of raiding other than to take the gear which we at the end of the day know is the reason we raid bases. We do have to look at this thing with bases realistically. In a real apocalypse you'd build a base, fortify a house and guess what? You'd stock up on guns, ammo, food, etc to the maximum to make sure your survival was at the most importance. Gear hoarding is an inevitable thing in DayZ and unless all ways of storing guns are literally moved there will always be people who will do it.
  13. Looking delightful, good job you all!
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