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  1. Gonna miss Hector man, R.I.P Amigo! o7



      I'm going to miss him too

    2. NobleSB


      What is the next step for the great Yakmouth?

  2. o7

    1. G_DateSB



  3. This, this is so good, I love the old school picture effect, making it look even more rugged and dangerous, well done!
  4. Dion was born into an interesting life, the one any kid would dream off, starting off with the loving parents, then later growing into a big thinker, already in his teens music played a big part of Dion's life, anything from old classical rock, to even the sickest of beats and the bars dropping. It was the rythm of the music that really kept him going. Dion's very upbringing
  5. Pretty pog update, hope it keeps the RP flowing.

  6. Gotta love those cooked aussies!

  7. Damn, working at one of those Covid test centers, having to click the red detected button really do be hitting different.

    1. NillerSB


      Dont get infected.

    2. NobleSB


      I'll kick covids ass bro.

    3. NillerSB


      That's good bro, if you need a hand hmu.

      You know i got that S P R I T

    4. Rover


      Ban Button GIF by swerk

      banned from social activities.

    5. NobleSB


      I'm not social anyway so it's okay 🙂

  8. Who ya playing these days friendo?

    1. NobleSB


      Not playing much, life got me in all kinds of ways.

  9. Like I said, I have still been unable to do this, as I am pretty sure the only way of achieving this goal is by finding one that is already tied in the head section. Unless I am wrong, then this thread suggestion can be closed.
  10. I have not been successful to do this, so unless you know of a method that I do not, then it needs to be to the shop hence the suggestion.
  11. It is literally in the game already, just not in the shop, you can use one for the face and previously in dayz history there was a feature to tie it to the kind to fit on your head, so yeah. Just asking for it to be added to the shop is really all.
  12. Hello all! Have you ever wanted to be a real OG? Real gang banger flashing your gat around while you scream "THUG LIFE!"? Well what better way than to wear your bandana on your head, let that hair tie back with the bandana itself. There is just but one problem... We can't tie the bandanas in the game into the one you can wear on your head, you can however find it, but who wants to risk the luck and never even get it? So my suggestion is really to add the bandana variant to the head section of the shop too. I think a lot of people would benefit from this. And since they are alre


    1. Aisling


      *already F5ing*

    2. SimpJacob



  14. It's friday, it's time to party, got my hat on backwards and I'm going outsi- *crash*

  15. Test is in the negative, thank god...

    1. Watchman



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