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  1. Gonna give it a go with streaming and DayZRP again. 👀

  2. Danish hours incoming 🇩🇰

  3. So, is this server back and alive again?

    1. Niller


      kind of?

    2. Noble


      How kind of? Worth coming back to or?

    3. DrLettuce


      Yes It Is GIF

    4. Niller



      How kind of? Worth coming back to or?

      I'd say yes.

    5. Noble


      Meme Think GIF

  4. Well shit, guess here we go...

  5. So like, how is people?

    1. Niller


      doing quite alright, miss you though bro.

      come back 😢

    2. Noble


      Maybe I shall, maybe I shall...

    3. LetzAllGetTipZ


      Doing well how about you?


    4. EddieLR


      Doing good pal, hope you've been doing well 😃

    5. DrLettuce


      We Want You Back Season 4 GIF by The Office

      This is all I have to say ^^

    6. Noble


      To all who asked, yeah I've been good, contemplating returning, got plenty of free time to prioritise on playing. We'll see what the next hours bring.

  6. I think the problem mainly comes down to that we cannot have hostile groups anymore, because everyone either reports them, doesn't like the way they do RP or just don't like having their shit taken, it's also hard to be hostile when people will hide in their fortresses and what not, Namalsk did bring a bit of RP in the beginning yet from what I saw and experienced myself, the hostilities were put so easily to be the same group attacking the same people over and over, although a lot of good storylines were created cause of this, it all just sort of washed out when everyone migrated back to Chernarus Aron73 has it right with the big bad of the server, something Anarchy and the infamous 5.0.3 did absolutely amazing, creating a threat that was hard to fight, creating rebellions and a shit ton of rp on both Chernarus and Livonia at that time, what the recently merc group Cerberus did was a good take at what the server needs, hostilities, for RP to keep its flow of good and bad, and ultimately leading to an active community, you need that, a community, but you also need a threat for said community otherwise the RP breaks down to: logging on, gathering gear, talking for about 10 min and logging back off. There won't be any drive to anything and it will ultimately lead people to just bugger off and do their own thing in another server.
  7. o7 to the boys

  8. Just one of those weeks huh...

    1. Niller





      Fo show

  9. Kase

    Sea Chanty 2 has the hardest drop of any song in our lifetime.

    1. Jamie


      Ngl, it's sick on beatsaber, heard from a friend or something

    2. Noble


      Embraced and graced.

  10. Trimming armor totally legit 👀

  11. So I have just gotten back to Chernarus, getting a tiny bit of RP. And I notice something, even with high, medium or best insulated clothes. I am still freezing to death, my heat immediately went to blue and then began blinking, all of my vital parts of my character are all covered. Yet I am literally freezing to death. Is anyone noticing this, and if so. Is it a bug or is the server just made with such cold right now?
  12. Happy new years, I personally forgot the ending of it so I cannot say it wasn't good, let's pray that 2021 is gonna be better, it only can right...?

    1. Niller



      guess we gotta find out

  13. Danish Hours 🇩🇰

    1. Highlander


      @NobleSB Speaking of Danish Hours-- Have you watched Equinox? It is really good so far.

    2. Noble


      Cannot say that I have, I'll give it a looksie soon.

  14. I wholly actually agree with this, I would love to have Livonia back, a lot of people shit on the map, yet they enjoyed building their stories, communities and otherwise RP on the map, it was great for pretty much everything. A big +1 from me.
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