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  1. Thomas Jefferson Hughes was traveling to Chernarus to expand his trade in the Taxidermist field of expertise, as well as experiencing the beautiful lush nature and wild life that the slavic country had to offer, not taking part in any politics, Thomas tended to just stay by his own self, occassionally meeting a hunter on his travels, he wasn't the first American to come to the country so meeting fellow countrymen wasn't a bad exchange from his lone travels, Thomas wasn't anti-social, he liked to socialise, hell even sometimes he'd even ask people to join in on his adventures when he was out in the wild, Thomas was in the end just a do-gooder, a man you could rely on to get shit done. During the beginning of the outbreak Thomas had spent a few months in the country, witnessed first hand the people's culture, their history and their, witnessing when the world began to change, though a man like himself, he wasn't worried, not to begin with. The woods would provide all that he needed, and he knew his skills in survival was much more than needed. So the future wasn't much of a worry to him, though that soon changed, Thomas met the same people he had met before the collapse of the world, and now they were different, this time they were doing whatever they had to survive, and that meant killing, robbing, stealing, whatever it was. Thomas was outnumbered for a while, and was shot, though through the aid of a local Chernarussian woman, he made it through, beginning his journey for real now, his goal to begin with was survival, but not through any means, he didn't want to kill unless absolutely necessary. Though he would do it. He already had before.
  2. Yo! Raser vi krig imod Svenskerne?
  3. Javier was the kind of person who you could tell from the beginning meant business, just glancing at him you could tell of his years in the military, the service he served and the things he experienced, starting out as a school gym coach, he later became a founded a gunsman, and later a mercenary, taking jobs for high pay in countries ridden by war, conflict and any of the likes, his backstory is not really one that is talked about often but one could only guess, from the bits here and there it is known that Javier grew up without a a father figure, seemingly a man who didn't have time for the family he created, so left with a mother who would care endlessly for her precious child, couldn't be that bad? Javier's childhood was nothing short of a nightmare, or so he has said from time to time, though growing up didn't seem to pain him that much, learning with experience about the field of war, and what entails after it, coming back to America after serving a tour of duty, Javier picked up jobs in LA, whatever he could to earn himself enough money to get by, though wanting to lay his past behind him, he quickly came back in the game, being hired to travel to far away countries, ending up in such places as Africa, Iraq, Syria, Russia and that was just to name a few, killing high tasked leaders and any of the likes, running security jobs, protecting politicians, presidents, ministers and all sorts of other leader-like figures, all with a massive pay following right in suit. A name was made for himself, even in the criminal underworld, and soon Javier was given work by one of the infamous drug gangs in Mexico, his country of birth, moving back to live a life of luxury and lavishness, continuing his line of work for drug cartels, gangsters and anyone else who needed his services. One family in particular took an interest in him, the Del Toro's. Victor Del Toro, the big man in charge took him in as one of his own, and soon the name Del Toro just followed as part of Javier's new life, his work still very much the same, but now his notority grew as well as his name, going from García to a Del Toro was a change that Javier never saw coming, but welcome it was. One day the task was one of a kind. "Protect my sons as they make our biggest push yet." These words would be engraved in Javier's mind and he would do exactly as he was told, for as he was their family, they were his. And Javier would do anything to continue that way of life. The trip to Chernarus was long, but not boring to say the least, the Del Toro's knew how to party and knew how to crack it up to the most extreme, all the drugs, hookers and money they wanted or knew how what to do with, though finally the journey was over and they were there. Establishing a presence didn't take long as the Del Toro's ran in with another gang in the country, a rival gang to be exact, the current one in charge, a brother. Antonio didn't take lightly to this and made the demands that all drugs and drug related business was to be turned over to the Del Toro as they would now handle the business in the country but this, this only ended up in a bloody war, a shoot out that almost cost Javier his life, if not for his protective gear, he would have been dead, suffering almost lethal injuries he fortunately made it out and got into hiding for a long while, treating his wounds in silence, building himself a small place to lay low whilst everything blew over, for as far as he knew. He was the only one in the country, a country filled with enemies looking to end him and anyone remaining.
  4. The true campfire rp'ers have arrived, best of luck to you all!
  5. o7 to the lads

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  6. (Evon on the left, Hunter in the middle and Yuri on the right) Hunter grew up in Chelyabinsk in Russia, a small industrial townset with collective ports and big city areas. Perfect for people of all values of life, and one like himself grew up just the way as others, passing through a childhood which one could argue wasn't the worst, but definitely not the best, maintaining a lifestyle of survival in every regard, a father who was down the bottle yet a mother who loved him very much. A woman who would always be dear to him, throughout everything, someone he would keep in his heart forever. Growing older and learning more experience Hunter quickly began earning for himself and his mother, taking early jobs wherever he could so that he could provide whilst she did the same, working as a nurse in the town itself. Due to this Hunter learned what he needed to for survival of the highest regard. Soon he was a young man, moving into adulthood, growing up in the presence of what seemed to be a war brewing. He joined the militia and nothing close of a year later he fought for his country, protecting the people of Russia and in the end, being part of a campaign much bigger than himself and everyone else. The end result of this was the occupation of the neighbouring country of Chernarus, a bloody battle it had been to now call it Russia's own, a sound that had always tasted bitter in Hunter's mouth, but he wasn't one to question the way the military worked, not now, not ever. After the war and the occupation of Chernarus Hunter had taken a liking to the country, despite having seen it in turmoil and even ridding it of its military during the war, he had found something in the country that Russia could just not provide, somewhere that he inevitably wanted to call home, a place like this was what he needed. And now he had the opportunity to. He couldn't argue that he never in his wildest dreams would have thought that he would even want to call a country like this one home, but now he wanted nothing else, he took the initiative and began earning his fortune. Although being a Russian like himself tended to make getting a job much harder, the people... The Chernarussians had nothing but hatred towards his kind and soon he even came to understand why, with the corruption of the politics, the elections and everything that happened in the region, now he knew why it was for such good reason. Hunter did in the end find himself a job, working for a foreign lumber company, driving large lumber supplies to the different construction sites or building arrays, it paid well too, which was as much of a bonus as the experience he learned. Hunter learned everything he needed to build his own home, a literal cabin in the woods, somewhere he could retreat to at the end of a hard day, having taken refuge in a little town near the Rustovo border, he had found himself his nesting place. And finally his dream had come true, life went by as he did. Working his job, enjoying his life and trying to forget his past, yet everything good had to come to an end and Hunter would find himself as one of the many people coming into illness, seemingly a virus was in the air infecting thousands of people, for the first weeks Hunter was kept in isolation in his cabin, kept away from everyone except for a medical checkup each weekend, he was given strict instructions to follow and even did so to every point. He soon came to health again and found himself back on his feet, same as so many others, whatever the virus had been it seemingly had been a small temporary stint. Though he learned from this experience and his self protection against illness came as a priority for the longest while. When the same virus with seemingly a mutation struck again a year or two later Hunter was more than ready to take on the challenges, isolating himself from everyone else and keeping his hygiene in absolute check, he didn't want to fall ill again as he first hand saw what happened to the rest of the region and later on the world. No one was prepared for what was to come, not even himself, though through time, effort and survival, every skill that Hunter had honed in life now came to play, a test for the ages.
  7. Exactly, besides it also just makes sense.
  8. Over all I feel like unless the backpack is actually huge it shouldn't be able to store a rifle in it, only slings and the ones on your shoulders should.
  9. That is mainly the point I go for here, it is not so much of whether or not it is realistic in that regard, but whether or not it would fit as your RP outfit, a lot of people like the very casual shirts but without the carry space, they very quicky get switched out with one of the Field jackets or patrol ones. The initial goal of this idea is just to give players the creativity to wear what they want without having to worry of whether or not they need to carry a huge backpack to carry what they need, it is not gonna be OP either way as the only thing you can hide in a 42 slot jacket is things like a small SMG or shotgun, you won't be able to fit any sort of Assault rifle in it, so I think in terms of the META it won't be much of an issue.
  10. Not sure whether or not it is a mod, but regardless thinking of an RP aspect and more about what outfits you can wear, I think it would be more efficient for all parties to have clothes that hold the most, I know some servers has it so that all clothes fill the 42 clothing space and pants 30 or higher, I am not sure what the numbers were, but it did give the players some creative ideas to build their favored outfit with still the most efficiency in terms of what they can store. Let me know what you guys thought are about this idea.
  11. *Disappointed in the answer, he picked up his radio and once more pressed the transmit button down, beginning to once again speak.* " да, да you say this yet you'll need the help regardless, I am not one of those kind of Russians that go all about taking your country, нет... I don't do that. In due time I guess I will show my colors to the people of Chernarus, but for now... Well I will sit atop this apartment building and wait out this storm, until we meet again женщина." *He cut his transmission after that, laying the radio back onto the table as he eyed out over the wasteland of a city he was in.*
  12. *A Russian man sitting atop a rooftop himself, a sniper rifle in his hands and more ammo than he knew what to do with heard his radio click to life, the voice of the people talking worried him, he took a few seconds to gain his thoughts before he clicked the transmit button and spoke, his voice was hoarse and rough and his accent was thick* "Estimated numbers...? Just give a shot about how many you think you see... Thousands, hundreds, how many are there? This is not good... гребаное дерьмо! If anyone in the area can hear this voice, then let's all work together to stop whatever is coming, да?" *The Russian thought for a few moments, sitting himself down in his chair as he continued speaking* "To anyone hearing this, good luck out there!" *The Russian man's transmittion cuts short as he waits for answers*
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