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  2. *Hearing the lad on the radio, he picked his own up, clicking the PTT as he sat atop the hill, looking out, he began speaking.* "Dobry den, Mercenary. First off let me introduce myself, my name is Vitoly, but people have gone to call me Stopař, or well Tracker. I am but a concerned civilian asking why you think this will work? Your group of people in the country is already being outmanned by these Cerberus mercenaries, people who if I do say so myself, prove very effective in their ways of fixing a problem for the people of Chernarus, or those willing to pay. I would say you and your merry band of mercenaries should find another job line. Something that will ultimately not get you killed, ano? Just a bit of an idea from one of the locals in the area." *Cutting his broadcast short, he heard gunfire, watching a commotion happen and a town of people clear out the infected*
  3. When I start work and get my payment
  4. Noble


    Welcome to! Hope you enjoy your time here, we are a friendly bunch that provide some great RP! Hope to see you in game!
  5. Happy to have you with us Bratri! @Watchman
  6. No, and for several reasons which I'll point out. The quality which you often if not always find on TS is just god awful, not saying that discord is any better, with their unstable connections and not being able to wire you to the best possible connection which other programs could, TS is fine and all but it won't work in the long term as Discord just outweighs it by a 1000% Also one thing you said made me laugh and realize this will go nowhere, Discord has brought people together even more than TS has, and for you to bring it up, saying that TS brought people together much more just points me in the same direction of where anyone else who made this thread would go, it is a simple no. As it has been every other time, not only does the server in itself want to start over, transition to an old, definitely dying or already dead platform which is being outdone by a newer, more to offer platform that already works so well in every matter. Don't really see this as a necessary topic, you might be used to TS and some were too, but it just doesn't work in here any longer.
  7. Congrats on approval! Get them frags!
  8. Congrats on the approval and let's go! Slava Chernarus!
  9. Which I understand, I did not take it as flamebait, not in the slightest, although some could, it isn't. I wasn't with Potius for the Livonia part and I don't know about this stash of theirs so I can't comment on it, although I know of some stashes in the past, I can respect and acknowledge your viewpoint quite well.
  10. I mean, as someone who has been in Potius for a while, I gotta say the RP at the prison back in wave 2-3 wasn't that bad, often we had the brave individual who would wander to meet the boys in black boogeymen and what entailed after was some great hostage and prisoner RP, although I agree with you to every point of what you said, I do not think personally that base building should return, been to some servers with extended base building privileges and the performance just drops so hard, not worth my epic RP experience.
  11. Vitoly had the kind of past that one would not usually think was common, yet for someone like himself he got by decently even without much care of his parents, at a young age he was left to just play with the other kids his age, even if he didn't like them, in most cases he would see his best friend Kirill whose family had accepted him into theirs at that point, something which Vitoly did not mind at all, Kirill was a good kid and in the beginning, so was Vitoly, that would later change when his father passed away, leaving him with a mother whomst he never saw, how his father died? He never really found out, though one could only assume it would be due to his work, later on in life Vitoly was as alone as could ever be, Kirill had moved on in life, gotten through school and seemingly gotten a high paying job, whilst Vitoly just was there to fend for himself, sixteen and just trying to get by, the big city of Novodmitrovsk was not the best place to do so, but he managed, finding a job here and there, first a mailman, then later he was stacking shelves in the supermarket, and later, he did find a decent job, one which kept him fed and kept him housed, he came to work in a Bar. More importantly, behind the counter, working night shifts, he was happy this way, in the day he could sleep through, relax and live, and in the night the club would open and he would work until morning, his boss was a bit of a prick but he got his pay right and always kept himself on his feet, and in the end. Everything worked out, more money would flow into his bank account and he could pay whatever debt he had, and even have enough to afford a car at a later point. Everything did seem good until the first wave of the Frenzied Flu happened, things became more unstable for Vitoly and for a few months he had no work, but his boss although being an asshole had his back, he helped him with somewhere to live, and always kept him fed and healthy, something which even to this day, Vitoly was thankful for, the Frenzied Flu disappeared as fast as it came, and soon the country opened back up, thus returning Vitoly to his ways of the night life, the country of Chernarus was booming with life once more, more tourist had come to the country after its long lockdown, seemingly keeping a steady flow of income to Vitoly and his employer. Wave two did unfortunately hit, and this time it came at a rapid state, Vitoly one amongst the men to actually witness the changes this epidemic had firsthand saw the city of Novo turn into a warzone, saw it bombed and saw it torched, now, a few months into the Fall of the world as he calls it, he roams, scavenges and does whatever necessary to survive, he went from a somewhat caring man to a man with no remorse, a true survivor. Later in life, Vitoly's life would change for the better, hardened through weeks of rough life, fighting the infected, fighting those wishing to hurt him, and most of all, fighting Russian soldiers trying to retake the land that was rightfully his, Vitoly finally met people just like himself, a group of Chernarussian ex-military, law enforcement, or even just civilians trying to get by, though sick and tired of the opression that had come with the Russian Forces in the country, people who were likeminded to his idealism and his way of life, these were people who he came to call brothers, sisters and family. The true Chernarussian people. Time went by with these people, Vitoly already aware of the situation that had been going on in the past few months, Foreigners selling drugs, bringing children into a criminal life style, things that himself and others did not accept, not only was he already tired of meeting cocky Americans who thought that they owned the country, he was already tired of seeing it torn apart in the many ways it was even before the fall, he knew that his efforts which his comrades, his Bratri brought were not for nothing, they were making a difference in the world, reforming Chernarus for the people this time, done right, done in the right image... Meaning a man had to shed some blood for this to happen, Vitoly would gladly be one of the people doing so.
  12. I remember our face to face chat when I played as Politsiya, good rp man 🙂

  13. Hello Brenda and welcome to! Excited to have you here, been a text RP'er myself for over 5 years so I know how you feel, it can definitely be a bit discouraging at first but you will quickly find that the people here bring Top notch RP to the table, being shy won't be a problem as you will quickly find out. Also good luck with the whitelist, can't wait to meet you in game
  14. *Wandering around the bank as he searches for a spot with life in the river he hears the radio cut to life with the sound of Benjamin first talking then later getting attacked by a wolf. Having been in his exact footsteps, he lets a sigh escape his lips before picking up his radio, sitting down on a rock and talking* "Those wolves can be a cruel fate, Benjamin. I don't know if you are alive or not, but if you are. Clean your wounds and find a way to cauterize it, I'm assuming you do not have any medical tools with you as it is, seeing as you are in the woods, look for the cabins out there, hunters have left incredible things behind when they rushed to get to safety... You might find something." *Knowing the likeliness wasn't very high he did ask* "If you are anywhere near Berezino seek some sort company there, if I recall correctly then there is a veterinarian there who has through the time gotten better on humans than she was on animals... Agh, why do I even bother, most people meeting with wolves tend to be found a month later as nothing but a corpse, either wandering or dead in the ground. If you are alive Benjamin, then godspeed son, stay safe and stay alive, maybe we meet one day. Maybe we don't... Remember what I told you, the wolf always watches." *The transmission then cuts off as the man gets up from the rock and picks up his gear, continuing his search for a lively spot in the river*
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