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  1. Well you know what I mean. I see way more mili clothes in general spawns than civilian, given it is not the same piece of clothing over and over. And yeah, I hear you. But a way to combat it would be to either increase the item slots for the common items too, for me I think it is really more about the RP and not so much the effectiveness, all I've worn on my past characters have really just been casual jackets, pants, maybe something military mixed in but moreso for the aesthetic of saying finding said piece of gear, not so much for how much carry capacity it has, for me that is where we have vests or backpacks, they have attachable bags for a reason, but yeah, I get you. I shall soon Also sounding promising, can't wait to see what you coax up for us. Much agreed, I am looking forward to seeing what Whitename has in store for us as he is bringing some custom items to the table for us, but although it would be nice with more custom clothing, I'd love to see things like open hoodies, cut off t-shirts etc. Things that could flesh out a character more. Although while I am not on the military side of clothing, I'd love to see some more combat uniforms in the game, some even custom made for certain factions
  2. Thereis about 30% Civilian gear and the rest of the 70% is just mili gear, no wonder people don't wear it.
  3. KOS really just removes the whole purpose of RP though? Although I feel like the military that would still occupy the Military airfield for a chance should be arresting or detaining any and everyone who just waltzed around on the airfield and its premises.
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  6. I came along with the whole Mr. Moon's A better tomorrow train although I wanted to join way back in 2016 but I was a little cub back then and the fear of actually RPing here made me take the second choice. I joined the server alongside a friend that I never actually got to play with, despite hitting hundreds of hours we never met each other so yeah.
  7. Mercer


    Definitely too early for this, we are only a few months in and the world has not yet been overrun, people are still somewhat civil and like Dongle said. There is still an operating military and I'd even take as far as to guess a government as well as a police force although no one plays it. Just my two cents.
  8. Agreed, I know he is, but while a few at a time that more or likely won't be added anytime soon is great and all, I'm thinking real variety, we already got lots of hoodies, t-shirts etc, but there are quite a few shirts that could be done for some variety, as for the mods, I did make a suggestion alike this before where I posted a mod that had exactly what I am suggesting but it was quickly turned down due to our indeed lovely dev team working on these things. All in all though, I haven't seen much of the items that are in sneak-peek section of the discord thus why I ask.
  9. I personally think less bland jackets and shirts etc to wear for those characters that are still civilians even right now, yeah we're seeing 'some' but more would definitely be liked. What do you guys think? Personally I think that a bigger variety gives more life to your character instead of everyone at month 3-4 is wearing military gear, doesn't really make sense like at all. People would still be rocking their favorite hoodie, t-shirt or even jacket, not wearing combat uniforms like they had been in the Chernarussian or Russian military since day 1. As said, let me know what you think of this.
  10. *Presses the PTT* "Dunno about you my friend, but back in the day say a few months back a few boxes of nails did not meet the equal to a car, not sure how much that changed though, did spot a few cars I might be able to salvage up for you, looking for bullets though, not nails..." *Releases the PTT*
  11. Scott Montgomery Mercer was at the wrong place at the wrong time when the station he was posted at came under heavy Taliban fire several soldiers lost their lives that day and it was from that point that Scott's life changed, not only did he lose brothers, some that he had grown through his young adulthood into his older with, people he had even known before he even enlisted in the army. Returning home nothing more than a month afterwards, their outpost had been closed due to the ambush that had happened prior to that very month and Scott, lucky as he was came home, a family as happy as ever to see him, and from there his life began anew, what did a Veteran of War do once they were free of duty? Jobs were quite open all over the country and quickly Scott came into contact with one of his military pals, meeting for a job interview, at first things went well but the more Scott worked the more his mind raced and the more he decided to get some of his old comrades together to go on a vacation, he knew how hard they had it like himself. so leaving the country to get some much needed space was just what a bunch of Army vets would need. And with that the plans were set in motion, the journey to a small tourist friendly country situated at the Eastern border close to Russia and Takistan. The trip to the Country of Chernarus went smooth, they had all packed and seeing each other again had stoked up the men more than Scott had expected, he knew a lot of memories were gonna be shared, some of his friends were already huge outdoorsy nuts, some born in Rural parts of America so living in the open, camping and hiking came natural to some of them, but Scott, well he had to get accustomed to it. Though seeing the boys was amazing, he couldn't lie, he had missed them. They spent a good time of their vacation getting drunk, making more regrettable mistakes than they ever had, but at the end of the day it worked, they had a good time and all their bad thoughts were seemingly gone. Though the thing that no one had expected soon came to happen, in the midst of their vacation the country was closed down, the borders were closed as a flu had broken out after resurfacing from a previous strike in the country, one of the things that Scott and his friends had not taken into account after researching the country for hotel prices, airplane tickets and so on. At first it seemed like nothing but the flu only got more severe and now Scott and his comrades were all stuck in Chernarus with no way of returning home, not until the Borders were reopened.
  12. Mercer

    DayZRP 20.7.1

    The Beards do not seem to work, nothing is happening once you actually press the option.
  13. Mercer

    DayZRP 20.7.1

    Does this also mean that I can choose not to have a beard, like it won't grow or is that something which will come in the future? #WhitenameMVP
  14. The story starts in 1995 on a hot spring morning when the secondary child of Kleinberg family was born, Nathan. That day was nothing but cheer and joy, born into a rich family that lived on lies and tears Nathan grew up to learn what manners were from the day he could talk to the day he finished school. But what happened to Nathan was something that no one could predict. Columbus, Ohio was a city like any other, filled with people. Events, festivals and much more. The kind of place a young boy could get lost in really quick, this was exactly the case of what happened to Nathan. The streets took him, during his finishing of school he had made friends, those of the kind that his father would have shunned upon. The kind that could turn any elegant kid into a street rat. And that, that was exactly what he became. Weed, street life, parties it all changed his name. It all changed him. He went from Nathan Kleinberg to T4GS, a street artist, a musician, and even a photographer. Living his prime life with travel, partying and finding the next big thing to discover. It was the reason why he ended up in Chernarus, at first he was just on vacation with his friends and their families but it soon turned into so much more, seeing the military action on the street enticed him, he wanted to know what was going on. What drove this into action, he had heard of the Frenzied flu yet it had vanished, opening up the country to travel and tourism once more and that was when he had traveled over. Taking a liking to the country he decided to stay a while longer, traveling around the whole place, visiting every place, listening to its music, learning its culture and meeting its people. Though staying proved to be more difficult and once he tried to return home he quick came to the realisation that the airports were closed, the country was going into a lockdown as what seemed to be a nationwide pandemic was hitting, the very flu that had previously closed the country down had resurfaced and this time it was staying. At first it seemed only to be talk, but people began getting sicker, Nathan did what he could to prevent meeting people now, always wearing a mask to keep himself from catching as little illness from people coughing, sneezing and spitting around when they were in the open. The mask he had chosen was a simple black one, something to cover his whole face, he soon came to take a liking to the mask, beginning to wear it much more often than just when out in public, it became part of his personality. Part of him.
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