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  1. @IvarTheNarratorI'll keep you warm in the cold nights.
  2. A new masterpiece is done. I present, Yago.

  3. Yago was the kind of kid in school the good kids would always stay away from, he always got himself in trouble, always was quick witted and always quick to pull the trigger, this transfered right into his real life, growing up his dad was an abusive drunk and his mother left his family because of this very reason, there was only one thing that Yago cared about in his family and that was his dog. Yani. His dad hated the dog to the end of the world, always called it a mutt, always kicked it and hit it, there wasn't even a reason for it, just the fact the dog was in his pressence was enough for the man to hit it. Yago just couldn't ever stand it, one day his father had enough and would go about teaching Yago a lesson, the lesson of masculinity. He grabbed his hunting rifle from the cabin and then grabbed Yago, dragging him out to the yard where the dog was already tied up, Yago was given a simple choice. "Be my son and pull the trigger, or be a dissapointment forever and don't pull the trigger." In the end it didn't matter what choice Yago made, he knew his father, he wasn't as unpredictable as he had once been, he knew that Yani would die no matter what choice he made. Whatever choice he made, it changed him forever. From that day on Yago grew colder, nothing mattered anymore, he would pick fights with the other kids in school for something as simple as saying his name, Yago wasn't the type of person to tell people what he felt. Not even in his older years. He grew up in a world of violence and abuse, something that reflected on him forever. It came as no surprise that once he grew older he only became more and more of an asshole, just like his father, the endless fights continued, being picked left and right, he was always the first to instigate them. Being a terrible drunk didn't help any of it any better but it was all he knew, the bottom of the bottle. Passing out in some poor farmer's barn or in the streets, he became quite acquainted with the law after every encounter, so well in fact that they always knew when he did something and always seemed to have a quick reaction to show up, causing Yago to spend many nights in a jail cell. It didn't come as surprise when it one day was too late, the fight that had essentially been picked randomly turned out to be the blood on Yago's hands he could never wash off, 19 years old and having served several sentences for assault, battery, theft, breaking and entering, the charges had kept up, but none were quite like this. A life was taken that one night and Yago stood to pay for it, he just didn't have the power to stop so when he was done the guy underneath him was unrecognizable. Beaten to a bloody mess, he was gasping for air all while Yago stood on and watched, he then did what no one expected. He choked the guy to death, everyone who had previously been watching in anticipation of the fight watched in terror as Yago choked the life out of the guy. Bloodshut eyes and a crazed look on his face he finished the snap and released the guy after he stopped moving. There was nothing left, it was silent, then he heard it. The scream, people shouted, they had just witnessed a murder. And Yago, he just sat there on his knees looking around, realization came to him and got up, frightened of what was to come he ran off to get away, he had just taken another man's life, bloody, sweaty and frightened for his life he went to the only place he knew he had solace, the woods. He had gotten himself a cabin, something that he had always heard his father speak of, it was his home, his safehaven or so he thought, what felt like hours was no more than thirty minutes before the Police arrived at his cabin, Yago knew from that point that whatever he did here, it would end up in one way. Jail. 12 years was the sentence. Yet only two were served before his first probation release, Yago had only one goal and it was to get out, become a part of society again, being in jail had given him a revelation. To make himself a better man. This was his goal and he had to begin with finding a steady job, yet no one wanted a criminal on probation leave, no one except for the farms, places with nothing to lose, and it was just to Yago's luck that there was a cattle farmer who was looking for farmhands. Yago took the job as soon as it was offered and before he knew it, he was put to work. His time in the woods had made him effective with his hands, so the work he got to came naturally. For a few months he worked at that farm, racking up a nice fortune, enough to quit the job, he had been on such good behavior that his release was extended yet on watch. Now he had time to live life, he had learned what he had to learn and retreated back to his cabin, his own safehaven, except it was not. The cabin had been rotting, water and winter had not been kind to the woodwork and the structure itself, so it was time for Yago to rebuild, start over and make a new home. A few months went by with the rebuilding of his cabin, his home, along the way he had journeyed into the bigger cities of South Zagoria, made friends, people he could rely on. His life was changed yet the talk of sickness and a flu had run amock and people had become more and more paranoid. Yago, one of those people too. He had seen people acting oddly recently, being prone to violent outbursts and when one of these people wandered onto his property, Yago felt that he had to help this person, yet what he saw wasn't anything that could be helped, the man, one in his late 40's jumped Yago on his front porch, Yago always keen to keep a knife on him was quick to react, his years of fighting had helped him with his senses, the scuffle was quick, the man was kicked off and thrown to the ground, it was then that Yago saw what could only be described as something from a nightmare, or a book, or hell even a TV-series. Yago knew what it felt like to kill a man so when the cold steel was plunged into the man's chest he felt nothing, this time he knew what he had done, this time it was different, no paranoia, no fright, nothing. He just looked at the man falling limp underneath him. Yago knew one thing, what was coming wasn't good.
  4. Character made, cannot wait to play and meet this new lore and the people that came along with it.
    @Rinkatorin Also cannot wait to play with you!

    1. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      Let's goooo

    2. edgy Dingle

      edgy Dingle

      Can't wait to see you on ❤️

    3. Mercer


      Can't wait to cut your hair bro ❤️

    4. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      Actually you aren"t allowed to play you are on 777

  5. The story I tell is one that started in the early spring late summer. The day I was born was the best day of my parent's life or so they say at the least. I grew up in the care of both my brother's and my sisters. Those that count easily up to the number of five. Guess my parents were busy. From day one I was one of those kids with energy oozing out of my body, I couldn't sit still. I couldn't concentrate and everything around me was a distraction. School was hard cause of this, and what came later was even harder. One day we had me checked, scanned and seen through, turned out I had ADHD. It put a sort of relief on me. I knew what was wrong with me, but I didn't know how to deal with it, life continued on. I grew older and began expanding my view to bigger sights, I always had a fascination with hair so come graduating from college. I spent a few years learning and understanding the world of Barbers, the techniques the methods and all the ways to style, cut and shave. It was one of those things I had always been into so it came as no surprise that once I put my mind to it, I quickly became better, come three years in and it was the finale, the exam. Thanks to the support of my family and those around me, I nailed it like it was nothing. And from that day on, I was a proffessional barber. With the money saved up from all those years I had enough to buy a small space, decorate it and renovate it. I turned it into the Prizak Shop. A small but lovely place that became my home for many years, with more and more months and years passing by I only gained more experience, became better and earned more money, I became more widely known in the big city which only benefited my business. Now that the world is slowly going downhill, what do I do now? Well I still cut people's hair, shave them, make them look presentable even in these tough trying times.
  6. What's the whole deal with Twitter profiles for your DayZ character? 🤔

    1. Jade



    2. Mercer



    3. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      Social Media is dope 😅


      Side note fucking loving the new song choice brother


    4. Chewy


      Just a bit of fun before Chernarus loses wifi

    5. Mercer


      Take my BeanZ man! 
      And idk I don't see a reason for a twitter page for your DayZ character but I guess that's just me 🤷‍♂️

  7. Time to return...

  8. I require a picture of the aftermath.
  9. Excited, this little nooblet gets to see his first lorewipe and new lore. Leggo Loreteam!
  10. Had to have everything in the picture that meant something to this person.
  11. If there was a better way to place the items I would tbh.
  12. I'm fully aware of that, I know they won't ever do such a thing, but it is what they should do and what I think a lot of us would rather have than them closing down a studio and slowing the process.
  13. I'd honestly rather have the company sell it to another company that could put their passion into it, if we are speaking on the topic of how to finish or fix the game.
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