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  1. I seem to only get a random character build and even when I try and create one it defaults to a random?
  2. how do I change my character, I created one but it defaulted to female? TIA
  3. Jaxon Jones was born into poverty, his father worked the mines and his mother a house wife, living off the minimal and barely having enough to cover the housing cost meant food was a close second. Jones grew up in a harsh environment learning to fend for himself, from a very young age he had already learnt the basics of survival and unfortunately fell in with the wrong crowd. Jones joined a gang called the FH Lead, in this gang he became proficient in firearms and self defence, his job was shaking down other gangs for tribute pay and occasionally kills for the leaders, this was a dark place for jones and it would only be a matter of time before he would be caught. Low and behold Jones was carrying out a planned kill on another gang only to be arrested due to an undercover police officer, Jones was given a life sentence for attempted murder. In prison jones proceeded to work on his skill of self defence and survival. This was then noticed by the Mi5 who proceeded to offer Jones a place as an undercover agent on the basis that he moved to Russia and preformed all duties. On arrival things didn't appear right and he noticed panic within the streets, people who appeared dead began to stand themselves up and attack other people...…. This is how Jaxon Jones adventure begins...
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