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  1. Bill grew up in a rural area of Arizona and had always dreamed of being a ranger with a big iron on his hip. Although rangers weren't real he did the next best thing he could set his mind to, and that was becoming the sheriff of the town he lived in. The town was was small but nothing crazy small it had over 500 people in it. There was people that he liked and disliked more people that he didn't like. After achieving his goal after long years of work becoming the sheriff was the proudest thing he had until he got called away to go to Chernarous that is... That's when Bills mental health slowly started go down hill. Seeing what another person could do to a man really changed Bills ideology and though patterns to fit the same criteria though he lived on one side of the law soon will he find the other side of it more pleasing than upholding the laws. Wave three in Chernarous seemed to be Bills most favorite moment for the amount of trouble he was getting himself into the laughing he hears in his head is too constant for him to ignore same with the voices
  2. Just gonna show the small things that matter in the apocalypse
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  5. Bed time stories when drunk
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