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""Get out of here S.T.A.L.K.E.R." - Duty guard"

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    You alive?

    1. Masulii


      Yeah, still alive and kicking

      School taking most of my time :/

    2. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      RIP, want to see you back at some point. Don't leave me to rot here.

  1. The Game

    FUCK ME! I just made myself lose this
  2. The Game

    Fuck, decided to take a look at my latest activity and the 1st thing that pops up is this...
  3. The Game

    Awwwww shit..... I am here once again
  4. The Game

  5. The Game

    Saradomin, you don't know who you made lose right now...
  6. The Game

    huehuehue Rolle made me lose this
  7. Sergei Stepanov

    Sergei Stepanov, born in Guglovo to a small Chernarussian family. He was taught by his older brothers as well as his father. From them, he learned everything about survival and hunting during their trips to the woods. His brothers followed their father's foot paths as they joined the Chernarussian Defence Force ranks in 2004. During 2009, oldest brother took grenade shrapnel to his right leg and was sent away from the battlefield, encouraging Sergei to enlist to the CDF after he heard of this. He managed to make it into the ranks in the age of 16. After some quick and basic training, he was sent on the field. He was enraged by his injured brother and he wanted revenge. -Declassified information- After his service in the field and the end of the civil war, the commanding officers saw a lot of potential in him due to his accuracy in battle. It was clear that he knew how to operate a gun. It should also be mentioned that they were surprised how well he managed to survive in the wild. For this, he said: "You can thank my family... they have taught me all of this." Now, Sergei was given an opportunity enchance his skills with different weapons, ranging from short-range submachine guns to long-range sniper rifles. During this expanded training, he was granted a rank of desátník. - Declassified information-
  8. The Game

    FUCK ME! D:
  9. The Game

    Today I accidentally coded some C and wrote down "The Game" ... WHY DID I WRITE IT LIKE THAT!?
  10. The Game

  11. The Game

    Had to make a sacrifice, hopefully it pays off...
  12. The Game

    ... "Hello darkness my old friend..."
  13. The Game

    Why am I here again.... Also, Jm Von Cat (not going to (at) you ) , does this pic ring a bell? I'd like to know how many posts I have up to this day
  14. The Game

    I did it again