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  1. The Game

    Saradomin, you don't know who you made lose right now...
  2. The Game

    huehuehue Rolle made me lose this
  3. Sergei Stepanov

    Sergei Stepanov, born in Guglovo to a small Chernarussian family. He was taught by his older brothers as well as his father. From them, he learned everything about survival and hunting during their trips to the woods. His brothers followed their father's foot paths as they joined the Chernarussian Defence Force ranks in 2004. During 2009, oldest brother took grenade shrapnel to his right leg and was sent away from the battlefield, encouraging Sergei to enlist to the CDF after he heard of this. He managed to make it into the ranks in the age of 16. After some quick and basic training, he was sent on the field. He was enraged by his injured brother and he wanted revenge. -Declassified information- After his service in the field and the end of the civil war, the commanding officers saw a lot of potential in him due to his accuracy in battle. It was clear that he knew how to operate a gun. It should also be mentioned that they were surprised how well he managed to survive in the wild. For this, he said: "You can thank my family... they have taught me all of this." Now, Sergei was given an opportunity enchance his skills with different weapons, ranging from short-range submachine guns to long-range sniper rifles. During this expanded training, he was granted a rank of desátník. - Declassified information-
  4. o7 Staggs <3 You know, I have always respected you for all of the work you have done for the community. I even had the opportunity to work with you and I learned so much from you during this time. And for War Thunder: Just give me a poke - a fast parrot as a sacrifice All my respect to you man
    • Jamie
    • Masulii

    I hope you found that real funny. 



    1. Masulii


      actually... yes, I did :D

    2. Jamie


      I am not gay.


    3. Masulii


      I am well aware of that Jamie...

      And, a big surprise, neither am I :)

  5. Goodbye Staff

    You did an amazing job during your time in staff <3 I had the possibility (and honor) to work with you during my staff, those are some things I will never forget I hope the best for you in life o7 Terra
  6. *Jaroslav, sitting in his chair with a cigarette in his mouth, is still listening to the frequency when he hears an answer. He picks up the microphone and begins* Ano, that is correct, I am a member of a recon squad led by *static* *Sierra-Lima-66-Bravo* I will promise you that there will be men from our squad... *Echo-2-Tango-0* but I will not guarantee that I will be there... *Whiskey-Alpha-55* We are indeed interested in certain supplies and are willing to negotiate about those... *21-41-56-Viktor* Our zdravotník are running low on medical supplies and we are in dire need of a certain ammunition. *5-5-Juliet-4-Golf* We, in the other hand, are offering ammunition that is no use for us. *Delta-31-India* Of course, we offer some protection for the meeting. We are also looking for information regarding movement of the people in Chernarus, any unsettled arguments between people, anything about groups of people who are willing to make alliances during these... hard times *Xray-Quebec-79* I am sure to bring this is up to the squad leader... for now, Pavlik out! *Transmission ends in static*
  7. *Jaroslav is going through different radio frequencies when he comes across one with speech. He listens the message and then replies* This is kaprál Pavlik of a small recon squad stationed in South Zagoria. *In the background, a lot of different combinations can be heard: Zulu-23, Bravo-41, Lima-5* We have been carrying couple operations around the land of Chernarus and *static cracking* losses. *Sierra-Bravo-*static*-2-Papa-7* We have been scouting the following towns: Gor*Static cracks*, Guglovo an *static* Sobor. *Uniform-Hotel-Delta-*static** We are going to send out a small team to check out this meeting of yours... *Tango-5-*static*, Oscar-November-4, Kilo-Golf* COME ON, WORK YOU PIECE OF SHIT! *a loud bang is heard when Jaroslav slams the transmitter* Uhm, where was I... *Jaroslav goes through his notes* Ah, yes. We are going to send out a small team to pay a visit... *51-24-Whiskey-Yankee-Foxtrot* They are not going alone, a small overwatch team is also deployed *Golf-Delta-Sierra-61* We will be in touch, Pavlik out *Transmission ends in a combination: Alpha-Tango-Echo*
  8. Naaaah.... you are wrong... Cow?
  9. Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    So, the "Red Crow mid season reinforcement" patch has arrived and gotta say, I like the changes. For anybody wondering, what has changed, have a look at this: http://rainbow6.ubi.com/siege/en-gb/updates/redcrow/reinforcements.aspx ^ That Tachanka is buffed
  10. Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    So... there is going to be a big patch with huge nerfs and buffs. Here is a video talking about (at least the major ones) buffs / nerfs Let it be told... we actually have LORD CHANKA! (video explains )
  11. Real life picture Thread

    Fuck this bread thread. However, yesterday we had our "overall party" and this is how I looked with my own overalls Did we drink? - Hell yeah! Did we drink a lot? - Is that even a valid question? Did we have fun? - Loads!
  12. The Game

    Oh fuck me, actually had to check my profile and this was the 1st thing that caught my eyes >_<
  13. The Game

    Seriously, the first post on the new forums is going to be in this thread?
  14. Husky's Shitty MS Paint Bogaloo

    Here you go fwend ! I kinda was expecting something... else.. eh, fuck it