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  1. Halo universe (and if I am not mistaken, Master Chief? [yes yes, bury me deep into the ground for not knowing 100%]) 8/10
  2. I see you...

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  3. To put it simply (and by this, no offense) But fuck you @Whitename
  4. Samuli was born and raised in Kainuu, Finland. During his childhood and teens he got great education from the Finnish school system, leading him into higher education after elementary school. He was interested in technology and electronics so he chose an area of study that fit him; an ICT-technician. During this education, he learned a lot of stuff about communication technology and how different electronic devices work and how to maintain them. During this education, he met one girl he fell in love with. Thankfully, *classified* also felt the same way. After the graduation, Samuli had one his duties ahead: conscription. In the military, he was ordered to serve 1 year, which was the longest service time. Of course, the basic training was given first and after that, specialized training began. Samuli started his training as a truck driver at first and later on, he was given a special training for electronic serviceman. Now, enough talk about the past, time to move to Chernarus. After moving to reserve, his girlfriend told him that she managed to land a job as a kindergarten teacher in Chernogorsk, Chernarus. When he heard about this, he started to look for a job for himself in there. After searching, he found one which suited his education; a small electronic shop near the center specialized in small electronics like radios, TVs and phones. Now, life in a new environment was going to be different but Samuli and *classified* adapted into the situation; she started to learn Chernarussian and at the same time, worked as a translator for him. Of course, he started to learn some but English was more fluent for him. After living and working for around a month and a half in Chernarus, Samuli comes home from work and looks at *classified* with eyes that say that something is wrong. "What is it?" "Nothing horrible... don't worry about that" as he sits down on a chair "I just got a assignment that I have no idea what to do... or where to be honest" "What do you mean? Didn't they tell you about the assignment?" "They told me a little bit about it. They told me to report in tomorrow with backpack full of changeable clothes and a sleeping bag. I have a feeling that I will be away for a while..." "Awww, don't worry about it" she says with a smile "I will still be here when you get back. I might even make your favorite food when you arrive back" "I should start packing my stuff... they said that I need to be around the shop 6 am" as he rises from the chair and gives her a kiss before going to the bedroom to pack his things. The next morning, he wakes up before *classified*, kisses her on the forehead before taking his backpack and leaving to work. "Morning" he says as the car door slams shut in front of the shop "So... where exactly are we going?" His boss, a bald old man named Michal, talks in a broken English "We not know, military ask for help, not hard work" as he starts driving towards Balota Airfield. In there, Samuli waits in the car while Michal talks to the commander about the assignment. He comes back and sighs "We work shelter, communication broken, multiple around Chernogorsk, take long time" "Alright, can I visit home during this time?" "No no no, we work a lot, only you and me... soldiers keep eye, very dangerous, they take us, big truck" They drive the car into a parking lot and take their equipment with them. There are some soldiers around a military truck where they are supposed to go. They board the truck and the soldiers close the back of the truck, leaving them in the darkness. After a small drive, they come to a stop and the soldiers open the back of the truck for them to get out. "Where the fuck are we?" Samuli ask from Michal "I have no idea, completely lost... forest?" "Hah, you still have that humor of yours..." In the forest, there is a small underground shelter almost invisible to the eye. It is so well camouflaged that if the soldiers didn't know what they were looking for, it couldn't be seen. They open the doors and point down there saying something to Michal. "We go in, work there, take long time... grab stuff and follow" as he takes a toolbox and a small bag out of the truck and starts moving towards the entrance. Samuli takes his backpack and a big cardboard box filled with spare parts and descends after Michal. The soldiers turn on the lights of the shelter and right before they close the entrance, they yell in English "You stay there, fix them, then you free to go!" Now, they see what they meant with there being a lot of work; a lot of military equipment, mostly radios and some other electronic devices like laser pointers and flashlights. The shelter consists of one large room with 4 smaller rooms on the sides. 2 of those smaller rooms are filled with boxes containing these things, 1 is filled with MRE's and the last one is a basic bathroom. This was going to be a long assignment, with no possibility to contact home... at least it was pretty "clean" inside the shelter. Michal is the one communicating with the soldiers outside the shelter because he spoke their language. This one day, he was surprised that there were no soldiers outside, not even the truck was there. He walks around a little bit and tries to find them. *classified* had heard rumours about some sort of strange activity going on around in the country, however the language barrier was a big problem for her. She didn't understand what the locals were trying to tell her because she had only spoken for around 2 months and she knew only the basics of the language. This proved to be fatal for her... Samuli was working inside a underground shelter fixing telecommunication devices when Michal comes down and yells something in Chernarussian and runs away. He thinks for a moment, lays down his tools and slowly walks after him out of the shelter, not seeing Michal anywhere close He takes out a small pack of cigarettes and a lighter, picks one and lights it, at the same time walking on the road leading to "civilization". There are military choppers flying around but it is not a big surprise for him, he is used to them. "Maybe a military exercise or something" he thinks as he throws the cigarette away. Back in the outskirts of the Chernogorsk, the truth hits him in the face like a bus going 50 km/h hits a bunny hopping over the road. He is paralyzed for a moment, simply watching what has happened to Chernogorsk during his time in the shelter. "What...what has happened here!?" as he starts walking towards their home "Everything is abandoned around here... this kinda reminds me of Pripyat evacuation...FUCK!" as he realizes what he said, he goes from a walk into a sprint. "*classified*! I am coming!" At the bottom of their apartment building, he is out of breath but he is still motivated to jog the stairs up. He enters the apartment, sweating like a little pig in an oven, only to find it empty and destroyed "*classified*, are you here?" as he goes through the rooms, searching for her and grabbing a crowbar from the closet. He doesn't find anybody or anything, that would give him some information about her location, so he goes back outside and towards the kindergarten. Half way there, he finds somebody, who is walking out of the ordinary, almost like limping "Hey, can you help me?" That person stops and slowly turns around, revealing a face covered in blood and bloody. "Okay, I see that you have a problem but I am trying to find my girlfriend, can you help me?" That... thing... screams and starts running towards Samuli, no longer limping but charging like a wild animal. "Oh FUCK NO!" he swings his crowbar into the chest of the charger, slamming it to the ground "And stay there!" However, that thing grabs his leg and tries to bite into it. He swings the crowbar once again, this time towards the biters head, smashing it and the grip loosening "How the fuck did you not go down from that first one!?" as he raises his leg away from the bloody corpse on the ground. A scream can be heard coming from the general direction of the kindergarten... a woman's scream... Samuli starts to run towards the sound. Arriving to the kindergarten, he hears more screaming coming from the inside and some kind of door slamming. He slowly moves inside to the building, only to find one of the bloody people violently beating up a big locker, a locker that is big enough for a person to fit in. Sneaking closer, he swings his crowbar to the head of the person, knocking it down to the ground and finishing it off with another blow. The screams stop... "You are safe now... you can come out..." as he wipes of some blood away from his hands. The door slowly opens, revealing *classified* in there, bleeding, shaking and crying. "I am sorry... I saw this happening before..." she falls to the ground "I should have run a lot sooner..." "What do you mean!?" "I heard people talking about something... about 'crazy' and 'blood'" *she coughs blood* "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?" *Samuli is on his knees next to her, shaking* "I...I saw one of them attack another teacher... like... do you remember seeing that movie, Resident Evil with me?" "Yeah... but why would that be important?" *there is a puddle of blood forming under her* "You don't get it... these people are sick, dangerous and aggressive... just like the zombies in that movie..." "Do you mean..." *she nods* "oh no no no... you can't be for real..." *he drops his crowbar by his side and collapses next to her, crying* "I know... it is going to be hard... but I want you to promise one thing for me..." "What, what is it? I will do anything for you!" "I know that I am not going to make it... but I want you to make it... no matter what happens..." *more coughs with blood* "I... I will... for you..." *he leans toward her head and kisses her forehead, lifting her from the ground a little bit* He holds her in his arms, telling her how much he loves her and how things are going to be okay... then there is silence... no breathing, no wind... nothing Samuli lays *classified* back down to the ground. A note falls from her pocket, labeled with "Samuli <3" He picks it up, unfolds it and reads it while crying the death of his love. After reading the note, he folds it back in half, puts it into his pocket. He grabs the crowbar and stands up. Tears are running down his cheeks as he slowly backs away from the dead body of his girl. "Don't worry... I will survive... for you..." he whispers as he leaves the building.
  5. Welp, here I am... once again....
  6. MFW I found this thread (and last post was made by me ) MFW (actually, more of a reaction) when I am attempting to resurrect this glorious thread / game Aaaand MFW I decided to post this MFW I am asking myself, is this a good idea? Also, resurrection^?
  7. You alive?

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      Yeah, still alive and kicking

      School taking most of my time :/

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      RIP, want to see you back at some point. Don't leave me to rot here.

  8. FUCK ME! I just made myself lose this
  9. Fuck, decided to take a look at my latest activity and the 1st thing that pops up is this...
  10. Awwwww shit..... I am here once again
  11. Saradomin, you don't know who you made lose right now...
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