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  1. My PoV : Me and my friend we're breaking into a base when we got stopped by the 4 others responsible ( noah-thomas and 2 others). We talked for a while and everyone was very chill. They asked us if we had a friend in town and since we we're out numbered and scared we told them we had a friend around (lie). I'm not sure why they assumed that the solo guy was in our group since we specifically told them he was not. We tried to tie him to avoid confusion and the group of 4-5 yelled to get our hands up. I turned around with my gun up and put it down immediately (I knew I would get sprayed and die), I had no time to comply with any request, they open fire on me. I tried jogging backwards with my gun down in panic and yelled '' WOW ! WOW ! STOP ! '' and died. I could of started shooting at any point and tried desperately to save my life by not shooting back and yelling for an end to the shots. I'm not sure if they we're in the right for killing me but in the future please give the person more then 0.5 sec to react. Its not because a person is aiming at you that you HAVE to shoot back, I think its interesting to have 2 groups aiming at each other with high tension, it makes interesting moments. I hope everyone has good day and i'll see you out there
  2. Thank you for the quick response and the information. You are awesome my dude !
  3. Perhaps its just me that's new to the system but I was playing and then a wave of lag hit me (1500 ping) when I was being pursued by zombies and disconnected... When I tried logging back in I re spawned as a new character which is unfortunate that the previous was lost. Although now I can't seem to get my character to spawn as the right gender or name, I tried dying the new nameless character to start fresh but without success. I would also like to use James North still on the new character since I really wanted to play him and died to something RP wise impossible. Please advise.
  4. Hello everyone, I can't seem to find the servers even with the right filters option and the mods loaded in the right order. Perhaps it has nothing to do with the mods your the DayZRP.com server at all as I can't see any server... If anyone has any idea it would be helpful. Thank you.
  5. James North is 29 years old. He used to work as a kynesiologist in a sports clinic in Vancouver before the outbreak. He also did 2 years in the Canadian reserve ( never deployed ) as a logistic officer. He decided to quit the military after getting married with his wife Evelynn and shortly after had a child named Marie. Everything in James life was going great until his wife and daughter died in a car accident. This is where is hate for alcohol comes from. They got hit by a drunk driver on their way back from the grocery store. James was devastated. He had lost everything and had no family to support him as he was abandoned by his parents at the age of 3. His dear wife was from Chernarus and wished to be buried in her homeland. James took the plane all the way to Chernarus to organize and attend the funerals. About 3 days after the funeral the outbreak started and James was unable to go home. He thought that Evelynn would like for him to take care of her family so he went out to find them. He found them in their summer house by the lake all shot, it appeared as if they all killed themself to avoid the horrors outside. He took a shovel a started digging, he gave all of them a proper burial and stayed in the house scared and depressed.
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