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  1. Nox an victorum! I am a member of the order!
  2. Thanks guys! Just got on the server officially. having a blast. hope to meet you all ingame!
  3. Hi everyone, My name is Josh and I'm from Australia. I've recently been whitelisted to the server and have been playing role-playing PC games for around seven or so years up to this point. If you have ever played FiveM; Arma 2 or 3 Life or the original DayZ mod, you might have seen me ingame! Feel free to say hi below and I look forward to meeting everybody and engaging in some quality role-play scenarios. Thanks for reading my post and see you ingame! Josh.
  4. Josh Skylar is an Australian born male; aged 27, who was a leader of a notorious crime syndicate operating out of Los Angeles. Josh arrived in Chernarus long before now; being an orphan at age 12 who was living in the Chernarussian state, and fled to America three years after arrival. Josh's crime family descended into ruin, and was forced to flee to Chernarus as a stowaway on the ship of an Arms/Drug runner he was associated with. Josh's ship was stuck in Elektrozavodsk during Chernarussian-Russian escalation, Joshua had no choice but to abandon ship. Not knowing the fate of his comrades, only focusing on his own survival, and disembarked into an unknown apocalypse.
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