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  1. My name is John Price an ex green beret specialized in reconnaissance. i showed my wife the Chernarus tickets and she was so excited because she wanted to learn the deep culture of this province then we where of in the plane...all a sudden i wake up and the plane crashed into the shore line about to land at balota airfield i get up and i see just a few wounds nothing i can't deal with so i start looking for my wife i end up seeing her at a tree a little ways from the crash and i start to shout "honey honey" see looks my way then i see a really beat up guy almost looks dead touching her then i see the guy biting and eating my wife so start sprinting over there and these militarizes guys shoot the man and my wife and i break into tears then they start to drag me to this green cargo truck and i just just give up they start to struggle carrying me and they put me into the back part of the truck and this guy starts speaking in Russian but i couldn't understand him because my wife new Russian so she was going to be my translator so i say "i don't understand you" all a sudden i get Thrown out the truck and get knocked out.... this is where my story begins
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