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  1. Jared is a 20 year old farm boy who crossed over to chernarus after the outbreak started. He lost his whole family to a group of 17 infected who broke into his ranch and over took his family. Jared has had to live with the guilt of letting his family die under his protection. For months after running, he practiced with his firearms skills. His mortal fear is to let what happened to his family happen to others close to him again. His land back home was destroyed and unlivable due to all the infected and lack of food.Traveling east to the coast was his only option. This is where Jared found the oppratunity he hoped would save his life. He came across to chernarus via a boat led by 100 survivors looking for safer land. Only a total of 6 got off at Chernarus, none of which wanted to follow Jared idea to head to a town to meet others and get info on the land. He has now found himself alone near the coast, with no knowledge of the land what so ever. His mental stability has been dwindling ever since his move. This is where his story starts.