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  1. That was also me, I had also tried to communicate with you, but as stated above, my microphone was not connected.
  2. Sorry man, but as I’ve stated in my edit I intentionally avoided logging back on and I sincerely apologize for that. I fully support you and the admins decisions, regardless of what they may be, regarding my bad conduct.
  3. This was me. I had attempted to initiate a potential trade by dropping the backpack, which had an AKM variant and UMP but I did not realize that my mic was not plugged in (a blue snowball). Once I realized I could not talk, I began to walk away, (not sprinting) in which they asked me to put my hands up and I did. Earlier in the year I had also set the text key to the enter key and forgot about that, so I did not respond via that method. At this point I was going to be 100% compliant with them, but I was disconnected from the server because of a bad connection. This situation, was caused entirely by my own negligence to ensure I was able to properly communicate however I did not intentionally log off from the server or close the game . With that being said, I intentionally avoided logging back on to avoid the situation. This, was bad conduct and does not reflect who I am as a roleplayer, however I fully support any reprimand and/or punishment I receive for wasting my fellow roleplayers time/potential equipment gained during our encounter, and being a bad roleplayer by not logging back on.
  4. Men without morals are more dangerous than any type of ghoul, monster or demon. Darrin knew this all too well. The back alleys of Chernarus held such evil in them that the only hope of survival was joining them. Left as a wailing baby outside of a fire hall, Darrin grew up without hope of a regular life. He was still a child when the civil war broke out. He was a desperate young child, who needed someplace to call his own. He joined the rebels, sitting in shadows and on top of roof tops. Armed with a pair of binoculars and a radio, he alerted his fellow troops to CDF soldiers. The rebels took care of him, treated him like a son. Feeding him and bringing him toys. When the war ended he fled Elektrozavodsk , as his fellow revolutionaries were apprehended or killed. Being a teenager now, he knew what the rules were to survival. Evasion. Evading responsibilities, evading CDF soldiers, evading the law. When the disease came, he was lurking around Pavlovo, and he saw a group of soldiers, United Nations, being slaughtered. He waited a few days, and eventually returned to find most of the infected were gone. He took what he could and ran.
  5. When the situation in Chernarus got really bad, multiple nations were forced to intervene. Harrison was stationed in Ontario when he got the news that he and multiple other soldiers were getting deployed into the region to assist in maintaining order. His unit was stationed in Pavlov when they were completely wiped out by infected, Harrison was the only one who managed to escape.
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