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  1. Born in Paris to a family of diplomats, Lucian spent much of his youth moving from place to place based on his parents' assignments. His early life was far from stable and the constant uprooting meant he found friendships difficult. Never knowing when he would be switching schools, countries, and leaving friends behind made him hesitant to invest himself in others. It was already difficult enough to connect with others who didn't understand his way of life, and soon he lost his motivation to try. Things changed when he was accepted into a prestigious university in Washington D.C. Not only was his background widely sought after by schools and career fields in the area, this would be the first time Lucian could settle down and create friendships and networks that would last. Studying in the city presented him opportunities to pick up work with the Department of State, friends of international backgrounds who understood him, and mentors who he thought would last him a lifetime. Settling into stability was something he was coming to enjoy. The outbreak came fast. News of a virus sweeping Eastern Europe and Russia with no cure First classes and work were cancelled, then quarantines, then panic. Lucian had to make a decision on how he was going to face the epidemic, and he needed to do so before his options closed in on him. So he chose the thing he was most familiar with. Knowing it would be better to face the ashes of the epidemic rather than its fires, he jumped on one of the last planes to Chenarus. The rest of the story is known to a few members of the region. Lucian has been missing in their eyes for months now, but has come out of hiding to reforge alliances. Under a new alias gained through his actions in Chenarus, he searches for the members of his former group.
  2. I'd like to jump on the bandwagon opposing map locking and add an RP argument to the mix. I completely understand completely understand the sentiment that groups should not be able to fully operate on both servers which I thought was addressed with the cool down period, but I don't understand how locking characters to a specific region makes any sense from a community standpoint. Scrolling through the character index, most characters people have created are not native to Chenarus or Livonia and people craft extremely intricate stories for how their individual character has struggled to survive and eventually travel to Livonia/Chenarus. With such backstories detailing travels, personal resilience, and adaptability, don't understand why the rules of the server would then limit the progress of these story lines to living and dying in a final region. If a character can travel halfway across the world to seek refuge, then he/she can certainly travel across a relatively small region to find themselves in either server. In discord discussions, I have always supported the sentiment that I want to play on the server with the highest population, with my character who has established amazing relationships with other characters. These numbers fluctuate and knowing that I cannot freely move this character from one of those servers and requiring me to make a new character removes interest for playing. Worse, I would argue it encourages ruleplay as players will create new characters with their groups as a formality and resume their relationships as if they were on the same character. The current region locking is just going to drive long term stories and players off the server more than it will build them, and with populations already so low, this is a time to listen to the community before making these decisions rather than administering them and gauging reaction.
  3. I was also there for this event, and would like to give my POV if possible.
  4. @MasonWB you need to define who you are referencing when you say they. I was involved in this incident your report is referencing, and I have never spoken to you about it or any other report case outside of the forums. frankly, I find your attacking of the character of others based on unfounded claims completely uncalled for as it does not have any connection to the content of either report. It is additionally deplorable for someone with 5 active report cases against them to be accusing others of disrespecting the rules of the sever with, again, unfounded claims.
  5. I believe it is also against the rules to impersonate another group with the intention of doing harm to them or their reputation. 3.9 Do not impersonate another individual or group in a way that would bring harm to them, their group or their reputation. If @MasonWBand his allies did so as stated in @Poopslayerpov, this is another rule break from this encounter meaning we are looking at ghosting, impersonation, and not respecting hostage role play.
  6. This report is in direct response to the report currently up against the poster and his listed allies which was posted on 12/20/19. This situation was created by the suspects logging into a hostage situation in the exact location of the hostage and then killing the accused here. With this situation being a direct product of a rule breaking, it must be deemed invalid. Chronologically, had the accuser and his allies not have created the situation by ghosting and logging into a hostage situation, this report would not be possible.
  7. Now that we have the logistics and several POVs, allow me to condense this case with relevant information from the logs to assist the moderator team. 22:58:59 | Player "Benjamin Brown" is connected 23:03:42 | Lucian Talbert <3708.49, 5982.28, 422.601> restrained Benjamin Brown with Duct Tape 5 minutes after @Krullix connects to the server, he is restrained, formally beginning the hold up conducted by myself, @Poopslayer and @Ophelia005. This occurs on top of the tower in Green Mountain as clearly seen by elevation variable; 422.601. 23:04:14 | Chat("Benjamin Brown": //that was kinda ooc ngl 23:04:25 | Chat("Neo Galvani"): //what was? 23:04:40 | Chat("Benjamin Brown": //the fact that im with Russo 23:04:49 | Chat("Benjamin Brown": //but its ok roleplay it out 23:04:55 | Chat("Neo Galvani"): //russo told ryan not to touch you We begin the process of an intended several minute RP hostage situation with character Ben at the top of the tower. 06:15:24 | Player "Noah Russo" has been disconnected (pos=<3715.1, 5984.5, 422.6>) 23:05:39 | Player "Noah Russo" is connected 06:15:26 | Player "Tony Venom" has been disconnected (pos=<3712.7, 5983.3, 422.6>) 23:05:15 | Player "Tony Venom" is connected 06:18:18 | Player "Jonathan Mathews" has been disconnected (pos=<3714, 6005.7, 404.7>) 23:03:20 | Player "Jonathan Mathews" is connected Characters Noah Russo and Tony Venom connect to the server at the top of the tower at the same elevation variable as the hostage situation 19 seconds apart and 1 minute after the chat from the situation above while Johnathan Matthews connects at the bottom of the tower with the same X and Y coordinates but a lower elevation variable. This shows a clear coordination by the suspects to login into a hostage situation. 23:07:20 | Player "Neo Galvani" (pos=<3717.2, 5992.3, 422.6>) hit by Player "Noah Russo" (pos=<3722.6, 5987.3, 422.6>) with FN-FAL from 7.31514 meters Neo is then attacked by the suspects at the top of the tower, from Noah Russo pos=<3722.6, 5987.3, 422.6 at the exact position he logged into the server on pos=<3715.1, 5984.5, 422.6>. To further my case, the suspect @MasonWB describes his coordinated login and immediate initiation in his pov. "the boys and everyone were ready to log in for the day after logging out in green mountain tower the day before. We log in and see that Ben is being held up exactly where we were waking up. 3 of us initiate" Additionally, in the @ImS8tn pov, he describes initiation on 2 men with weapons which were trained on his partner hostage which would constitute not valuing the safety of his captive ally. "I was logging in with the gang at gm cause thats where we "slept' then night before and as i woke up i proceeded to open the door at the top of the tower seeing i think three people, one with no weapon and two with. I Then begin to listen as i soon realize one is ben our member and analyze the situation. Its pretty clear that its a hostage situation, so myself and my friends delt with it accordingly."
  8. @Conor Referenced in my other report last night, @Poopslayer and I had another incident with this player character last night where we spoke with Crimson Tiger directly at the help desk after. In explaining what had just happened and the prior situation, we were told to post both topics. We had not previously reported this incident because we were not running recording software at the time. Crimson encouraged us to post this report in accompaniment with the more recent one. While the text of this report is combined with the text from my report yesterday, you can see there that moderators told me to make a separate post as well. We should know quite quickly if Noah Russo and his companions are at fault with their log in and Neo death log times.
  9. " @s8tanityspotted a car driving in our direction." -Blizna "We learn of a car traveling our same road with possible Hostiles so we take no chances." - Noah " @s8tanity noticed a car speeding down the road heading towards us." -Grazey "We had been running on the road as most people do and we had full intention of getting ur car stopped. So u claim that you would of had to break a rule no matter what? No, you could have slowed down but instead you you kept driving at the same pace maybe even speeding up when u saw us and as u drove by you said “Move Move Move Move” -Naoh This is a clear admission from Noah Russo that he did not value his character's life. He and his companion were notified by s8tanity that our vehicle was speeding down the road in their direction and they "ran in the road with the full intention of getting us to stop" with their characters bodies. "I tried to explain via PM’s to @Poopslayer" -ImNova We will not be discussing this matter in PMs outside of moderator knowledge.
  10. "I know there’s this whole “case by case” thing or whatever. But... we usually have someone type up an initiation so we can CTRL+V..." We are only speaking about this case. The concept of responsibility will be assigned based on the moderator's decision and the information provided. Not any other case nor what you believe is usually done in other situations. "I’m not saying that there’s a chance you didn’t see the text right away, BUT that’s not our responsibility... it’s yours. Also the white text isn’t our choice, so another thing that’s not our fault." Taking action to place oneself in the middle of the road while assuming it is the driver's sole responsibility to navigate all variables at play and quickly read an initiation via text before immediately opening fire further proves the fact these individuals were taking advantage of the rule system by not valuing their character lives. Furthermore, had they taken the amount of variables into consideration for the driver (see Slay's previous comment), many of which they created by placing themselves in the path of a speeding vehicle, they would not have used a 20 word initiation message to be read, processed, and acted upon by a driver of a vehicle going 70 kmph in under 3 seconds. This is invalid initiation.
  11. These two individuals took advantage of the rule system. By running in the road towards a speeding vehicle in an attempt to block its path, the options provided to us by these individuals were to rule break by running them over at speed without proper initiation or to stop a speeding car to listen to the demands of characters with their weapons out. Collision was only avoided by swerving around the two individuals in the time it took Noah Russo to stand still to type his message. This is not valuing the life your character. The Initiation via long text provided by Noah Russo to a driver in a speeding vehicle, watching the road, swerving around individuals blocking said road to avoid rule breaking, while yelling in voice comms, and with white text on a white snowy background requires more than the less than 3 seconds it took for Noah Russo to raise his weapon and begin firing before the driver is hit. There are too many variables to navigate for the driver to comply with such demands in this amount of time. This was ignored by the individuals in question who had already decided to take advantage of the rule system in placing their lives in from of a speeding vehicle. This is invalid initiation.
  12. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approximately 11:00 pm UTC, 6:00 pm EST 12/11/19 Your in game name: Lucian Talbert Names of allies involved: Neo Galvani, Ryan Dudley Name of suspect/s: Noah Russo, Syndicate Allies Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Ryan, Neo, and myself had just met up at the Soup Kitchen, South of Vybor and were on our way to the Green Mountain Sanctuary to retrieve some loot in a locker we had seen at the top of the tower in the middle. 15 minutes prior to leaving the Soup Kitchen, I told 3 unaffiliated men who had come to trade some weapons that there were some things left around the Green Mountain compound from an earlier raid. When we arrived to the compound, we encountered these three men, and rushed up the ladder (the only way up) to the top of the tower to reach the locker before they could. At the top, we found the locker and a player standing at the top of the ladder who quickly ran out to the outer walkway and put a gun to his own head (f11). The three of us quickly surrounded him and asked his name before Neo placed his gun to his head after hearing the player identify as Ben, a young syndicate member we were hunting. With Ryan and Neo at the top of the tower with Ben stripped of his radio and silent, I rushed down the ladder to talk with the unaffiliated men to ensure they would not become aggressive. Suddenly, at the top of the tower, Noah Russo and 1-2 other members of the syndicate logged on and initiated immediately on Neo and Ryan who were still at the top. Neo was shot dead and Ryan was able to slide down the whole ladder and exit the compound before the syndicate members could follow. Being at the bottom, I crawled under the concrete wall and was stuck between the chain fence and concrete wall at the rear of the compound for the duration of the night. The 3 unaffiliated men were rushed into the prison building and spoke with Ben and Noah Russo the rest of the night before being released close to sunrise. Listening the whole night while avoiding detection, Noah stated to the men that he "woke up around some cartel members" at the top of the tower, further confirming our witnessing of the log in initiation.
  13. 03:57:00 | Chat("Noah Russo"): STOP THE CAR PULL OVER TURN OF THE ENGINE AND STAY IN THE CAR OR YOUR GONNA GET FUCKING KILLED 03:57:03 | Player "Lucian Talbert" hit by Player "Noah Russo" with M4A1 from 11.9439 meters The issue with this situation is that our vehicle was initiated on via text and fired upon simultaneously by two players blocking the road with their characters. There are 3 seconds after this extremely long message before I was hit by the weapon fired by the same individual sending the message. It is also unlikely that it was the first shot fired, making the separation between the player sending the message and firing even smaller. Passing the two individuals at approximately 70kmph, we were not given time to read such a long message and the individuals immediate fire makes this an invalid initiation by two players not valuing character lives by blocking the road of a speeding car with their bodies.
  14. Server and location: S1 Chenarus at Western Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approximately 3:55 pm UTC Sever time, 10:55 pm EST, 12/19/19 Your in game name: Lucian Talbert Names of allies involved: Neo Galvani Name of suspect/s: Noah Russo Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): White ADA4x4 Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Earlier this evening, a friend (Neo Galvani) and I were driving west from Severograd in a white ADA4x4 on the Chenarus Roleplay server at 03:55 UTC when we came across 2 players in the road with their guns out road running towards the car. Upon seeing us, these players raised a hand each and spread themselves across the roadway and began to strafe side to side while continuing their approach, making it difficult for me to avoid hitting one without swerving the vehicle off road. Not wanting to stop or run these individuals over, I (the driver) yelled in voice communication, "Get out of the road, I don't want to hit you" as I maintained my speed of around 70kmph to convey that I did not intend to stop. The two stopped moving which gave me enough time to quickly maneuver the vehicle around them and continue down the road. After passing the 2 players, a long text message in caps appeared from the player Noah Russo reading approximately "STOP THE CAR IMMEDIATELY OR WE WILL SHOOT YOU," followed immediately by a hail of gunfire. With the message being received too late and in text format, there was no way for me to read the message or stop the car before the gunfire, had I wanted to. With Neo bleeding and me untouched and accelerating down the road, what followed was an epic gauntlet of intermittent gunfire from individuals presumably from Noah's group every 300-500 meters. The second salvo killed my passenger and I attempted to speed to safety down the road before my front left wheel was blown out in a 3rd salvo, causing me to spin out into a ditch on the left side of the road. Exiting the car and pulling out my sub machine gun, I slayed one of the attackers before dying myself. This is the second encounter Neo and I have had with Noah Russo rulebreaking. With neither of us running recording software during these times, we have not formally reported his actions until now. After speaking with moderator Crimson Tiger, we were encouraged to bring up both situations in this report.
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