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"I'm gonna find, and, i'm gonna kill, Every, Last, One of them"

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  1. ~ A whisper is heard, a mumble on the radio ~ "H-hello? is anyone there? my name is Riley i hope u can hear this because of how quiet i am, i need someone, i dont know how long i can do this i cant handle being alone, im going insane please someone answer" ~ the voice gets louder ~ "oh shit! They heard me! FUCK someone speak please! fuck it im running outta here!" ~ the radio cuts as you can hear a loud bang, a gunshot or a door? ~
  2. Riley was born in 2002 which makes him one of the younger survivors out there, but nothing stops him because, well, why should it? He is pre-determined, courageous and resilient, however it cant be said the same for when it comes to protecting others. He grew up wealthy and quiet ironically all those stereotypes about rich people horse riding, and learning archery, it was all true in his case, he wasnt obviously expecting more or less, the end but he was ready. His allignment decided for him that she should flight, not fight as his family were torn apart by the "infected" he calls them on the plane that was soon to crash, even though the toilet he hid in had enough space for at least another 3 people comfortably, he decided to block out the bangs on the door and the screams on his flight from Balota to Spain on his 2nd in a row holiday, he was the only survivor on the plane. As everyone was infected he couldnt bear to move a muscle incase his bone cracks due to the numbness, or his clothes rustle too loud. Until the pilot got attacked, he couldnt be quiet but he spoke too soon, literally, there was infected right outside the cockpit. what was he gonna do, turn on autopilot as his flesh is torn off and his brain is mushed by overpowered "infected"? so the plane plummeted down into the ocean and as the bathroom was filling up with water he decided to make a ~swim~ for it and he suprisingly made it, without anything floating ashore on a small piece of the metal torn off due to the heat of the plane coming down, he finally saw shore but he was only heading back, to Cherno where shit was about to get real....
  3. Thanks, and its all good now im playing fine!
  4. thanks alot!!!
  5. I have more than one and it doesnt give me the option to set one as the active character.
  6. Heyy, so ive not been switching current character for a while, and now that i wanna change to my male character, i have no option to switch. Any help?
  7. Bro my profile is acc dope now

  8. Milkee


    Hi, so i have the emerald subscription and i dont know exactly how to cancel it on the page, any help?
  9. Milkee


    Finally a moment to relax after realising that everyday is a gift thats why its called the Present...

    © ItHurtss

  10. So, i have checked the rules and requirements for groups on the forums. However, I was wondering if thats necessary in game like collecting people building a base and not having to post it up as a thread? Thanks.
  11. Glad to be a member so far you've been so kind!
  12. So im trying but all the options are disabled and the whole screen has this like black screen around and a faded circle in the center?? i dont know know i think if i disable deerisle
  13. Hi guys! So right now is my first time getting on to the server or like at least im trying to. I have the character selected i want to use to play however i spawned in with the wrong character so i though if i die it will go to the chosen one but it didnt. And now ive died twice and still its messing up! Please help
  14. Milkee

    Great Job!

    I just wanna say, i’ve been a member of this amazing community for less than a month and i’ve not even been able to play an hour but just from the staff job i wanna say. YOU GUYS ARE DOING GREAT THINGS FOR GREAT PEOPLE! THANK YOU!!!!
  15. Hi! So i understand you staff members cant be on ALL the time but i was wondering since im 2nd on the queue for the whitelist application, how long will it take ive been waiting HOURS. I am certainly not rushing you guys im just curious about the time approx.
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