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  1. Thanks, and its all good now im playing fine!
  2. thanks alot!!!
  3. I have more than one and it doesnt give me the option to set one as the active character.
  4. Heyy, so ive not been switching current character for a while, and now that i wanna change to my male character, i have no option to switch. Any help?
  5. Bro my profile is acc dope now

  6. Milkee


    Hi, so i have the emerald subscription and i dont know exactly how to cancel it on the page, any help?
  7. Milkee


    Finally a moment to relax after realising that everyday is a gift thats why its called the Present...

    © ItHurtss

  8. So, i have checked the rules and requirements for groups on the forums. However, I was wondering if thats necessary in game like collecting people building a base and not having to post it up as a thread? Thanks.
  9. Glad to be a member so far you've been so kind!
  10. So im trying but all the options are disabled and the whole screen has this like black screen around and a faded circle in the center?? i dont know know i think if i disable deerisle
  11. Hi guys! So right now is my first time getting on to the server or like at least im trying to. I have the character selected i want to use to play however i spawned in with the wrong character so i though if i die it will go to the chosen one but it didnt. And now ive died twice and still its messing up! Please help
  12. Milkee

    Great Job!

    I just wanna say, i’ve been a member of this amazing community for less than a month and i’ve not even been able to play an hour but just from the staff job i wanna say. YOU GUYS ARE DOING GREAT THINGS FOR GREAT PEOPLE! THANK YOU!!!!
  13. Hi! So i understand you staff members cant be on ALL the time but i was wondering since im 2nd on the queue for the whitelist application, how long will it take ive been waiting HOURS. I am certainly not rushing you guys im just curious about the time approx.
  14. My profiles dope now....

  15. Hi! So im planning right now on getting for 1 month the emerald pack and i was wondering. Hope i dont sound stupid, does the pack contain everything from the previous premium packages? so gold silver and bronze plus the emerald? gosh i hope i dont sound dumb hah.
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