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  1. Before the word went to shit I had an alright life I guess. I was in school, wanting to be a policeman, I had a mostly nice family, and a few idiots I called friends. Nothin interesting. I used to go hunting whit my old man. I loved hunting. It was a way to let all the stress out. I was a decent shot whit the rifle but I was a better shot whit the bow. My dad.. well he had his way of raising a kid. I'm not complaining. he was fair. But when I fucked up he made sure I knew. I never hated him, nor did mom. Don't get me wrong sometimes he was an ass about it but I lived. If anything I learned to think before I act. That saved my life in this "new world" a few times. Anyway, when things got bad and we were evacuated he told me "Son. You grew up to be a man I'm proud to call my son. Now the shitstorm is upon us and if anything happens to me you'll have to learn to look after your mother. Can you do that? Of course, you can your my son after all. Here. Have this book. Start reading it and learn from it as much as you can." The book was an old book from the commie times. It was basic survival, first aid, hunting and stuff like that. So I toke it and promised him ill look after mom. That was a promise I couldn't keep. They both died when a horde attacked the camp we were sheltered in. So I did what I knew best. I ran. I hopped in a car, started it up and drove. I didn't know where I was going or anything I just droved for a week or so. I only stopped to get gas or food. Eventually, I ended up here. The car got ruined thanks to a deer so I guess ill stay around here for a while. Who knows maybe ill even stay for good.
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