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  1. Arthur Jones was a very simple country man. He had his heart broken a couple of times and only had one love, whiskey. Before the outbreak he was a simple farmer who knew how to hunt. His tracking skills were beyond measure. He had a daughter, but lost her and his wife during the outbreak. He just wants to find them and be able to have a fresh start. Away from the booze he was a good man, but when he drinks he is a deadly angry man that can put up a fight. Before the outbreak he took his wife and daughter across the country to go watch a play by called, "The Cherry Orchard." This was his daughters favorite play. His wife enjoyed the farm life, but always wanted to travel. Of course when Arthur is sober he is a lovely and gentle man who just wants the best for his kid and wife. When they landed in Russia everything was calm and peaceful. They arrived at a city called Chernogorsk and were staying in a 4 star hotel. This of course was probably the most money Arthur Jones has spent, but he just wanted everyone happy. Later that night after the play Arthur got into a fight with his wife. One thing led to another and he stormed out and decided to go to the local pub. He might of had 1 to many Vodka's and he passed out. When he a woke he only heard the sounds of screams and moaning. This is where he begins his adventure to find his wife, daughter, and set his life back on track.
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