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  1. Todd Osok

    Just arrived

    Nice. Have fun and good luck, hope to RP with you in the future boss.
  2. Todd Osok


    @Crimson_TigerIt's not a BBQ without any beer brother lol.
  3. Todd Osok


    Just a pic of me and the boys cooking and eating some poached deer meat.
  4. Todd Osok or as many people call him Dr. Osok was born on July 20th, 1990. He was born in Rivne Oblast, Ukraine to a Ukrainian Father Petro Osok and Mother Alina Osok both of them are neurosurgeons. Later in life, Todd's parents moved to Canada to start a new like seeing the vast job opportunities for them and Todd in the future. Once Todd was around 11 his parents forced him to excel in his studies, sometimes reprimanding him if he got an A- on a test and always urging him to studie medicine as they did. Once Todd was in the 9th grade his parents enrolled him in Advance Placement classes, although Todd struggled in his four years in high school but still succeeded and graduated top of his class with an average of 98.7% and got accepted in a six-year program to achieve an MD. While Todd was in college he met this girl named Victoria and he instantly fell in love. After highschool Todd married Victoria and two months later Todd was a father to a baby girl named Alexander, one day Todd took his family to church but suddenly his car was hit by a drunk driver, Todd woke up in the hospital and got the news that the love of his life and his baby girl died on impact. Todd was devastated and suffered a heart attack at the rare age of 24, later he recovered and sued the man that took them away so soon, sold his house and moved back into his parent's house. Todd completed his 3-year fellowship as a virologist and got hired by the WHO. One day Todd was called into work and told he will be flying to Chernarus with a team of 300 doctors and researchers around the world along with UN personnel to studie the outbreak in this small country. Once he landed he was escorted onto a bus and transported to a research facility in Miroslavl, he was given his identification badge and started to work. With the escalation and the airstrikes and gun fired getting closer and closer to the facility the power final ceased, all personnel were evacuated by the UN and escorted to the airport, while on the road to the airport the convoy was stopped by riot. Once the rioters began to get restless the UN shot at the rioters and so did the rioters back at the UN personnel and busses. Todd swiftly ran out of the bus, threw away his lab coat and asked some locals where the nearest airport was, they told him and he began to walk. Once Todd arrived the airport was engulfed in flames, Todd began to cry, he hasn't cried since his wife and baby girl died but he needed to survive and his story isn't over yet...
  5. Hello @Voodoo, Oh god, I’m pretty sure that name was Father Micheal or Anthony. And I was blacklisted either 2 or 3 years ago, again it’s been quite awhile hope this helped.
  6. @Saunders Hello Saunders, Thanks for the speedy response, the only account that I have access to is https://steamcommunity.com/id/__Gold__.
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): (Only showed this and a steam ID) Why the verdict is not fair: I am now the proper age to play on DayZRP, and it has been more than one year since the verdict. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As stated above I am now the correct age to participate in RP. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get unblacklisted and enjoy my time on DayZRP. What could you have done better?: Be honest.
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