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  1. Jason Voorhes the man the myth the legend.

  2. In the days before the outbreak, Private Second Class Tex Sanders was granted leave to visit his sickly grandmother, Bethany Sanders, who lived as a missionary in a hamlet just outside of Chernarus. Though she was too weak to fly home, she did not go without, as everyone in the village banded together to make her final moments as comfortable as possible. When Tex arrived, he was greeted by a man named Nazir, who had worked closely with Bethany in the mission. He told Tex about the work they had been doing, and how much she had helped the folks in the area. Tex couldn't be prouder. Tex spent most of his time either helping Nazir with the mission, or watching over his grandmother. On his third to last day, Bethany was worse than he had ever seen her. Barely able to breathe, she brought Tex close and taught him one final lesson: "If you have the ability to help others, it is your responsibility to do so. This world is so dark, so shine light wherever you can." She passed shortly thereafter. Tex and Nazir buried her in the village cemetery. Tex spent the remainder of his time helping around the village. He didn't know enough to administer vaccinations but he helped in other ways: hauling cargo, working in the soup kitchen. Whatever he could do. On his final day in the village, Nazir offered him a ride to the airport. On the way there they discussed Bethany's memory, and how they would both carry on her helping spirit. Nazir saw Bethany as something of a motherly influence, and told Tex he'd always have a place in the mission if he wanted it. Then they saw the airport. It seemed desolate. There were fires burning, cars turned over in the street. But no people. The pair got out and cautiously approached the doors, wondering what had happened. Was it a terrorist attack? Maybe a riot? Then Tex heard it. The chewing. He turned the corner and a man, ferociously gnawing away at a woman's intestines. Tex gasped when he saw her face, devoid of life. The man heard him. Nazir called Tex back to the car, and as he ran, he saw a horde of people who stumbling towards the vehicle. Right before Tex made it back to the car he was tackled to the ground by the man chasing him. Tex punched the man over and over but it was like he didn't even feel it. His teeth nearly met Tex's face when Nazir finally kicked him off. The two got into their vehicle and raced back to the village. What they found was an empty shell of the place Tex had just spent the last two weeks. It was just like the airport. In the current day Tex has been wandering for some time. He and Nazir had survived together for a while but eventually Nazir had been gunned down by a band of raiders. Tex was on his own.
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