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  1. Before the outbreak I was living happily in the Amazon with my tribe the "Babayaggas" before I continue let me tell you the story of my tribe. We were a small, but thriving tribe in the Amazon. Other tribes were far superior in numbers, and reproducing, but us no. We attained an ancient style of life, through a Blood Pact made by our ancestors and the Blood God. It gave us the ability to survive, hunt, and eat anything. It soon became that we would gain more satisfaction eating Human Flesh, than animals and fruits. We would be stolen away from other tribe families at a young age, and thrown into caves darker than the darkest nights given two weeks to survive and break normal human nature, they would turn us into beasts. Those who would survive would be come a "Babayagga" and earn there spot in the tribe, those who did not were eaten, blood sacrificed to the Blood God. Now you know out story, We left the Amazon during the beginning of the outbreak to Chernarus to seek new beginnings and to find Life again as dead-flesh is nothing compared to living flesh.
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