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  1. 4:53 - Show up to gate 11:32 - Miller shows up 32:05 - I speak with Jonah about Miller 38:52 - Miller is taken into custody
  2. You came into Shakovka and i personally thought you were acting a little suspicious. Multiple people inside also came to me and said the same thing. Then shortly there after i was told by Jonah Blank that you were impure and that you needed to be dealt with. I was planning on explaining this to you, but it was happening a bit fast for me as well. Again I apologize for that. On top of that you also began talking about our group to people in town and we disliked that. Hence the spreading misinformation.
  3. Curtis Rook here, i do agree that the rp was a bit short. I did not give the order to fire, however he was shot prematurely. I sincerely apologize for that. I do have a full recording of the incident, hopefully we can get this totally sorted out. Thank you
  4. To start, id like to say that the past 3 days have been pretty shitty for our group. Like i said in another post, we have had 4 raids in 3 days. Obviously we are going to be on edge. To add to that, its only been the past 3 days that this has been going on. Our group has had many great rp sessions with other groups but it seems like we always have a problem with you guys. I do not believe this has anything to do with who you are (in game or out, because i know nothing of either) or what groups you have been a part of. I base my liking on how a person chooses to do rp, and quite frankly i dislike how you guys have been approaching it. The last 2 times we have talked in-game (the 2 times you raided) we were already on high alert because of previous happenings. The first time you guys showed up there was a massive amount of gunfire in novy. I don't know about you but id be shitting myself if down the road there were people letting off tons of rounds. The second time was nearly 2 hours after getting raided by another small group, we had a good interaction and great rp with them. But again, we would be on edge. When you guys walk up to the base it gives off a different vibe. When somebody who wants to trade or talk walks up to our compound, they don't encircle it and talk on all sides. They mostly move around together and try to see if anybody is home. If we don't want to trade or something they leave. They don't stand around the walls and sing songs because that wouldn't be smart in an apocalypse. Again, we don't have a problem with you guys or who you associate with, we have a problem with how you are approaching rp with us. I will not say we are a paragon of perfect role-play, but please do look at how you guys play as well. Thank you. Edit: 2 reports have been made on you from our group. The first was by me and I believe I made a decent point. It was nothing about you guys personally, just the rp.
  5. Curtis Rook POV: After getting "killed" in a raid that happened a few hours prior i was making my way back to camp when the guys on the radio said people we outside playing music. I decide to make it back as fast as possible. Upon returning home i see some guys running around the compound, so i decide to sneak around and see whats happening. I was in the woods when i hear "hands up or die" coming from the men staring at the wall of the compound. I decide to aim and fire my shotgun to try and do any damage i could from outside. The enemies give chase and then head back. This happens multiple times until i am eventually sighted and killed in the woods. The problem i have is the fact that we have been raided 4 times in 3 days. Twice by the same people. Regardless of who initiated, you wiped out the entire compound, why would you come back to talk to us if in your minds we are dead? On top of this, the constant raids have made people not even want to play. Most, if not all, of us have jobs here. I personally do not want to spend my night getting raided, coming back and getting raided again. I know nothing can be done about the randomness of people deciding to raid us, but the same group coming by twice (possibly within 24hrs) is a bit much. Thank you.
  6. To begin, I'd like to start off by saying that I do not want this to be a giant argument but more of a discussion about what happened here, what maybe went wrong, and what could possibly be done better. First and foremost, I do not care about being killed or losing gear in-game. Loot is literally infinite. The thing that I do care about is having interactions and good rp. Not every interaction is going to be memorable but I would hope that regardless of what happened it would be interesting to both sides. Now in this situation it started off with a chat message. Which in and of itself should slow down all roleplay. For example if in this situation the man we met had a mic, we could have explained much faster that we were just asking what he was shooting at while being cautious because he was shooting. This is not to say that not having a mic is wrong, but it should slow everything down because it takes longer to convey feelings and get your point across. To go back to the actual situation at hand, there was only 3 words sent to us in the entire situation. There was so much more potential for rp in this situation! From what I have gathered Your men had us surrounded and completely caught off guard. You could have very easily flipped the situation and made a memorable moment for both parties. However what happened ended with very little rp and one group being massacred. 2 of our men fell before we even began to fire, we didn't expect to be fired upon because of how little had happened. If I may ask for you to step in our shoes and look at the situation from our perspective. A man is seen firing into seemingly nowhere multiple times and we approach obviously confused and perplexed. When we do talk to the man in the open, little is said because his mic wasn't working and we begin to get shot from seemingly every angle. I hope that you can see (regardless of biases and affiliation) that this could very easily seem like a huge ambush for the sake of gear, from our perspective. Your men were not very far from us, and we obviously did not see anybody when walking up, only the man in the road. To finish this long text off I would like to say that regardless off the outcome of this i only wish that in the future we focus more on the roleplay aspect of the server. Making sure that both parties have a memorable interaction and that the end of it leaves both groups feeling like they actually did something to further their stories. Thank you (I wrote this late and was tired sorry for any mistakes)
  7. Server and location: S1 South East Novy Sobor Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/28/2019, Roughly 06:00 Your in game name: Curtis Rook Names of allies involved: Curtis Rook, Daegon Blackwood, Harry Collins, Luke Di'Pinto, Nic Maguire Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: 5 members of Nox an Victorum were in the campground south of Novy Sobor when we heard shots begin to ring out very close by. I began to scout it out to see if i could find who it is. I crouched up the trail to see if i could find who was shooting, i told my group to follow a little bit behind me. I saw a man shooting his rifle on the side of a trail, as i went to approach him my game crashed. (log available). When i came to, i saw Daegon and the group approach, not sure if they already began talking to the man. All i heard was Daegon ask "What are you shooting at?" I did not hear a response. Moments later i heard a shot land right next to me and yelled out "Shots Shots taking fire" at that moment i saw another man emerge from the bushes and kill me. We did not get the name of the man we encountered.
  8. First and foremost I have to begin with what happened at our base. Most of our group were doing a loot run of military bases, at the time we were at NW airfield. Our base was the campsite just west of Green Mountain. As we were about to head back one of our guys at base, Tony Meretti, radioed us that the base was raided and he was taken hostage and released. We decided to book it home and see if we could find them. When some of our guys got back Tony explained what they looked like and how many there were. We regrouped and headed out to zelen to see if we could get any information. Me, Dante, and Tyrone (Tyrone Anderson) all moved in before Daegon. Dante and Tyrone went up to the zelen gas station and met a man in black, i am not sure what was said, I was near one of the barns North west of the gas station to provide overwatch. As Dante and Tyrone went back up the hill, I saw another man in black walked up to the first one. They then moved off. I still sat in my position until Daegon began to head over from base. From where i was i did not see Daegon or other men greet him. Dante and Tyrone radioed me about it. From what i heard Daegon was approached with weapons out and his hands went up. The three of us were indecisive and couldn't figure out if we should fire or not. I was moving up into town from where I was as this was going on. That is when Dante fired the first shot. Everyone sprang into action and gunfire ensued. With my shotgun i moved up to the church were Daegon was being brought, I saw one man towards the opening of the church and proceeded to fire upon him. 2 shots and he went down in the street out front of the church. After that i saw a man move towards the gas station I followed and began to fire. I ran into a building and met another sudo group member named Alberto Vargas. We had no idea he was there. I told him to follow me up the road to the gas station. As we moved he was gunned down by an enemy. I proceeded up to the gas station where Tyrone had set up a position. Shots were being fired so I threw a smoke grenade and Tyrone retreated up the hill to the woods. I threw another smoke and moved up myself. As I began to move I took fire from 2 different people, I had not gotten hit at all. This is when my game crashed. I was under fire from 2 separate people in a somewhat open field. (I do believe I have a crash file, it is dated 10-25-2019 3:09 AM EST). That is all the information I have of the incident.
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