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  1. Marvin was born in Gävle, Sweden 1980. He grew up in a rural area in the mountains with his mother Lene, father Per and sister Victoria. Live was pretty rough considering he was born into a very poor family with little incentive in life to achieve something better for the kids. As a young boy Marvin loved exploring the forest surrounding their mountain lodge he loved the animals and the tranquility of the forest. He spent most his days out there with his sister tracking different animals and learning their patterns they also searched for wild berries and mushrooms to bring home. Their parents were sadly both drunks and spent most of their income on booze so the children learned from a young age to take care of themselves and to take advantage of what nature had to offer. He was given a rifle by his dad when he was 10 which also was the only gift he ever received that Marvin trained with every day since that day to be able to use it to hunt for food and to protect him and his sister from predators in the wild. A couple of years later when Marvin and his sister were 16 and out hunting, their parents had passed out from drinking and his father had a cigg he did put out that he dropped and it put the curtains on fire and made them suffocate during their sleep and eventually the whole lodge was up in flames. Marvin and his sister could see the smoke rising and hurried home hours later when they arrived. They were met with a harsh reality both their parents charred bodies and the lodge all destroyed. The years following this tragic event put a lot of strain on Marvin and Victorias relationship as siblings. They were now in their 20’s and both had a different plan for their life. Marvin wanted to continue his life in the rural parts of Gävle living off the nature, while his sister wanted to pursue a career in medicine. She had gotten an offer to be a practicing nurse so that is what she ventured into and their paths were now seperated. Marvin had acquired a small cabin which was placed where their old lodge used to be, and continued living as he had been doing since he was a boy. Time passed and it was now 2011 when Marvin got news from his sister that she had voluntered to go a country named Chernarus during the civil war that had broken out there, to assist in the medical treatment of civilian casualties. Marvin now far remove from his sister started to feel worried about his sister being in such a dangerous enviroment. His biggest fear was to have to live through the loss of the last person of his family and especially his dear sister which he cherished more than his own life. A couple of years went by and Marvin had not been able to get in touch with his sister for majority of that time and started feeling extremely uneasy, he now decided to leave his life of tranquility in the beautiful wilderness of Sweden. It was time to take action, time to search for the person he cherished most in life. So he managed to purchase a spot on a boat that were bringing supplies to Chernarus and finally arrived a month later. He was now away from the safety of the forest parts he grew up in, flung into a country experiencing internal turmoil. He started realizing the danger he will most likely encounter on his search for Victoria.
  2. North east and mid east parts. I mean as far out towards the edges as you can get. Also the bigger places like the power plant area or what ever it is called. I'm going to go south too. But a lot of these places had no signs of being opened or anything. I just started wondering if the loot table allows these spawns in places they normally are not allowed. I do know that DayZ sometimes just blesses you with poor RNG. Might also be the loot de spawners a lot of places have loot scattered from people trying to force a respawn. Thanks for the reply Roland!
  3. I've searched over 60 sheds and industrial buildings. Most of them have nothing in them, or just clothing i have not even seen an axe yet in a shed or industrial. Only axe i could get my hands on is from the fire station. I've played on a lot of communities like DUG and others with a steady high pop. So I'm used to things having a high chance of being looted a lot of the time. But from my experience even venturing to places people rarely bother to go. It seems that a lot of these buildings are not spawning what from my experience they usually do even on regular DayZ servers. I do know all of this can be changed through server files when you edit loot tables. I just don't understand why I'm finding tools etc in normal civilian houses. Which then overtake a part of the loot rotation in those locations, and then leaving so many possible more logical loot locations completely empty. Also mid-high tier weapons are easier to find so far from my experience than a tool. Now I'm very new here so I'm just curious how this is set up here on the DayZRP server. Because this is so unusual to me. So if anyone could give me some insight on how the loot distribution is set up that would be lovely.
  4. God i feel stupid now haha. Thank you for the clarification Rover!
  5. I'm continously being kicked from the server. With the message that i have no active character what does this mean and how can i resolve it?
  6. Thank you Scarlett, Inferno. And what a wonderful and friendly welcome you all bring to the newcomers. You deserve a lot of props for that!
  7. Reminds me of the outrageously big joint Snoop Dogg smoked on one of his live performances in Holland
  8. Hello everyone, I'm a 24 year old guy from Sweden who absolutely loves RP. Mainly been doing rp in GTA, DayZ and Atlas. These days i only really like DayZ RP, been playing a lot on DUG and a smaller community that sadly shut down, until i heard about this server through MrMoon's ''DayZ movie'' And was so happy to see a DayZ RP server with high quality RP and interesting characters, groups and mainly the lore the server builds on. So I'm hoping my whitelist will go through and i will be able to introduce my character to the RP world you all have created together also happy thanksgiving to all of you who celebrates it!
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