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  1. Dylan Moss was a 17 year old foreign exchange student on a program to Ukraine in 2017, he was getting near the end of his stay after taking residence there for around six months. The family he was staying with had set up a camping trip as a farewell gift for him before having to send him back home to Wales, as well to get some time away from all the bad news that was coming out of Chernarus about a possible war, the family he was staying with had family there and were very concerned about what might happen. it was supposed to be a three day stay at a camping ground just outside of Kyiv to the south, Dylan enjoyed the first day at the campsite as he is a big fan of the outdoors and the wilderness in general he was especially looking forward to the second day as he was planing on going fishing. However he was never able to because in the middle of the night the father of the family came rushing into the children's tents shouting to get into the van he did so while still half asleep passing out in the back of the van as he was heading what he assumed to be was home. Upon waking up he looked out the window and appeared to be passing through some kind of checkpoint into Russia, he questioned the father of the family as to where they were going and was told that they were heading to Chernarus because of a concerning phone call he received from his brother and not being able to reach any of there family the night prior. After making it through most of Russia he noticed they were the only ones heading towards Chernarus and not away from it. Arriving at the border into Chernarus they were sent away no amount of begging or pleading made a difference and judging by the amount of soldiers there was no way they were sneaking or breaking in, the family decided to spend a few nights in a hotel close to the border in hopes that all this military presence would die down and they could make there way in eventually. The presence only grew stronger, until one night there was a lot of gunfire and the following morning the family made its way onto the street it was dead silent and empty. They approached the border checkpoint in the van the gate was slightly open with nobody manning it, the father sent out his son to open the gate and let them through he stepped out of the van and opened the gate raising his arm and giving a thumbs up as the van passed through. A soldier covered in blood and limping towards the boy from behind reached out and grabbed his arm biting down onto it, the boy screamed pushing the soldier off taking most of the skin and muscle off his forearm with him. Dylan opened the side of the van pulling him in and slamming the door closed before the Soldier could get up too do anything else and they sped off into Chernarus. This was Dylan's first experience with the infected and certainly not his last as since that day he has been on the outskirts of Chernarus trying his best to survive for the past two years and a half. Having lost the family he had entered this place with he has hopes of finding a new one and that hopefully one day everything will go back to how it used to be and he can return home to his birthplace of Wales.
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