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    Thank you everybody!!
  2. Charles "Freeman" Stevens He was born in a middle class family in Miami, Florida. He was the fifth and last child in the family. Even though he was the youngest child, he was also the most overlooked by the family. This late made him become a criminal, the at the age of 17 he joined up with a small drug dealing gang. His criminal life would end as soon as he started, being caught by the police who gave him a choice, go to prison or join the military service. Charles joined at last and became part of the US Army. He proved to be the best as a Ranger with multiple deployments, awards and achievements. He later completed the Officer Candidate School and commissioned shortly after, but his criminal life never left him. He used his position to create a drug ring within the US army, earning him millions in a short amount of time. Once again that didn't last so long, as a pending investigation was opened and he was under threat of being court-martialed. To escape, he went AWOL and got himself on a cargo ship to a country called Chernarus. There, with the money he still had, Charles decided to buy a house and go clean. He got a job in a nearby factory and also met a lovely woman, Maria Kirileva, who would later marry him. At the beginning of the infection, Charles and Maria were near Kamensk, visiting her relatives. They were in the house, when they heard gunshots. As soon as they went outside, the Army was in the village rounding up people and some were even executed. The couple tried to run away in their car, but the soldiers started shooting at them. Charles managed to get away, but on the road, he noticed Maria was shot and was losing blood. She begged him to leave her and save himself, but Charles was stubborn and tried getting as fast as possible to a hospital. They never arrived, as they got into a car crash. Charles got out... but he was fuzzy and barely managed to move, before blacking out. Two years later, Charles currently lives in a little shack in the forest, away from civilization, away from the infected and away from his wife. He only remembers the small things about that night. He somehow managed to survive, thanks to his SERE and Ranger training in the army, isolating himself. Couple of days ago, he was raided by bandits, who almost killed him. They took away most of his supplies and trashed whatever remained. Charles without a home nor a purpose, decides to go back to South Zagoria to reconnect with people and find out what happened to the civilization.
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    Hello All! Im New to the community glad to be here.
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