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  1. This was the first group I came across when I started playing, and I never left. Great people!
  2. I just noticed you're a NJ Devils fan. Looking forward to my Canadiens facing you guys later on this season
  3. Jimmy Lightfoot was born in Oakville, Ontario to a family of farmers - Peter and Natalia Lightfoot, who managed a local farm. His father recognized Jimmy's natural farming talent early on and schooled him into becoming a hard working farmhand when it became clear that college education wasn't for him. After the 2009 civil war in Chernarus, the agriculture industry was beginning to thrive, and after living and managing the family farm for 10 years, Jimmy had grown tired of living in his small town, and yearned for a chance of scene. Chernarussians were paying well for experienced farmhands, so Jimmy packed his bag and got on a plane to Chernarus. His parents had their doubts and fears of course, given the recent instability of the region. But Jimmy was a man grown and as stubborn as the bulls they kept on the farm. Chernarus was after all, quickly becoming a hotbed for opportunity and Jimmy wasn't going to miss out on the chance to make some serious money. It wasn't long before Jimmy found work in Chernarus. Russian was his mother's first language and while he wasn't fluent, he knew enough to get by. He didn't need to talk much on the farm, and his vast experience to till earth and look after the farm made him highly valued on a farm north of Grishino. There was of course the threat of The Chedaki, who were being hunted down by the government. These were desperate men who were fighting for survival, so raids on farms were frequent, as they tried to pillage food wherever they could. For this reason, Jimmy received basic firearms training from the farm owner, Yuri. Jimmy, was no stranger to guns - he and his father were both avid hunters growing up in Canada, so he knew how to handle a rifle. Shooting people was very different however to shooting boar and deer, but Yuri made it clear that every farmhand had to do their part to defend their means of income. This was still a country recovering from a violent war, and the government couldn't always be counted on to respond to attacks in time. Jimmy lived comfortably in this lifestyle for the next 8 years, but after word of the violence that began at Severograd, and of the troubling attacks by Russian forces reached the world, Jimmy's parents begged him to fly back home to Canada. Deep down, Jimmy was worried, but his pride wouldn't allow him to leave with a job half-finished. Besides, the money was good, the work honest and having a Canadian accent was making Jimmy popular among the local women (much to the chagrin of the local Chernorussian farmhands). So Jimmy stayed put. But one evening when the first stumbling, shambling and vicious zeds arrived from the east, nothing could have prepared Jimmy for what was about to happen. He was finishing up on the combine harvester towards the end of the day, just as the sun was going down, when he heard a terrified scream from another farmhand. He dismounted the harvester and ran to the source of the screams. Through the tall patches of wheat in the field, he saw the first of the zeds that would bring so much calamity to his life. It was crawling on top of Igor, a farmhand and ripping out his entrails and biting him to pieces. The screams were blood curdling. Jimmy didn't have his rifle handy - a lot of the violence had died down after the government had finished hunting down The Chedaki rebels. He saw Igor's sickle on the floor a few meters away and lurched for it. The zed noticed his presence and launched himself off Igor, who was now unconscious, and right at Jimmy. A short glimpse of this creature's blood-soaked face was all Jimmy needed to know he had to defend himself. He swung hard at the zed and the sickle sliced it's face in half. It dropped to the floor and was silent. Jimmy ran. He didn't bother to help Igor - who was missing an arm and both intestines. At first, he ran in the direction of the main farmhouse, to check on the others but heard screams from inside. He knew it was too late. He didn't know what these things were or where they came from, but he wasn't going to stick around and find out. He managed to grab his rifle from his nearby sleeping quarters and made for the combine harvester. As he took off away from the farm, several other zeds came swarming directly at him, but the blades of the harvester made short work of them as Jimmy plowed right through them. The combine harvester got him as far as the main airport at Vybor, which had not yet been overrun. The airport was already crowded and flights were completely full. Jimmy wasn't about to stick around waiting for the zeds to close in and persuaded a desperate, but wealthy man named Grigorivitch to allow Jimmy to accompany him in his car and flee down south, in exchange for protection. They drove to Chernogorsk, where the sought the protection of the Nato forces, and a way out of the country. They would never make it to Chernogorsk. As the zeds overran the country and the car ran out of gas. Jimmy and Grigorivitch had no choice but to abandon the car and hide out in the woods while society crumbled around them. Grigorivitch didn't last long - his rich lifestyle led him to complain about the lack of luxuries he was used to. After failing to find anything to forage one evening, Grigorivitch grew impatient and decided to eat some local berries. Berries that were poisonous. As he slowly starved to death and cried out in pain and terror, inviting death for the both of them, Jimmy had no choice, but to put him out of his misery. He suffocated Grigorivitch. Since the downfall of humanity, Jimmy has been wandering from community to community, offer his services as a farm hand. Good crops are still needed during the apocalypse, and settlements pay well for someone experienced with farm work. This is Jimmy's story.
  4. Hey folks, I'm gonna be honest, after seeing Mr Moon's latest video, I got inspired to start roleplaying again. I'm somewhat of a veteran - first started roleplaying in 2004 on Star Wars Jedi Academy and spent a good four years playing on a server there. I've been around a few games such as GTA, Life is Feudal etc. but this looks to be a quality community. Hoping to call this place home for a while Cheers!
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