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  1. Hi there fellow peeps, I just recently put my application in so here’s fingers crossed all goes well! Anyways even if it doesn’t I think I’ll stick around for a while! I’m pretty new to dayz stand-alone but have plenty of time in the arma franchise to know a thing or two. Really been enjoying the game and the community centered around it has always been just fine in my eyes. Hopefully I’ll get to know some of you very well in this community and make some good lasting friendships along the way! If anyone ever needs a teammate shoot me a message I have a large library so I just might have the game you wanna play.
  2. Reynold sun comes from a long nomadic life. He chooses to never settle down in one area for to long for fear of others plotting. He never met his mother or father, instead growing up on the road being handed off from one group of people to the next always putting in his work until there was nothing else to do. Growing up this way taught Sunny to fend on his own while also giving him the strength to so. With all the stress and hardship he has faced he has grown very keen to addictions of any kind. Forgetting the past life of abuse is a forerunner for how he handles every situation. He will always choose to do the right thing but with the constant reminder of his past life, only time will tell if the right choice was right for him, or the other.
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