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  1. I have erected my single door attached a metal wire but cannot open the door. Any help?
  2. Bonzo

    Ate rotten meat

    Nothing is working. I've taken about 25 each of tetra and charcoal. Help.
  3. Bonzo

    Ate rotten meat

    Thanks Ill give it a shot
  4. Bonzo

    Ate rotten meat

    Ive taken charcoal but didnt work.
  5. Hey all, I accidentally ate a small amount of rotten meat and now I'm sick. Anyone know how to cure me?
  6. Bonzo

    Even More doors

    Thanks, now what? I attached two big logs no other options to attach anything else.
  7. Can someone tell me where to find the recipes for Even More doors? Cant find it on mod page.
  8. Bonzo


    Thanks for the response. Can you please remind me where I can find character create page?
  9. Bonzo


    Hey guys, I've been away for a while. When trying to enter game I get this message: (Admin kick(you have no available characters). Please advise
  10. yes I set the code. It was locked.
  11. New problem...code locks are not persistent. logged out and code lock was completely gone from my door.
  12. You were right. I had to place to door just inside the building door, not pretty but will do the job. Thanks.
  13. So, is no doors basically non useable? Seems all houses are going to have a bit of clipping.
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