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  1. Thanks, I didn't have enough nails. That was the problem.
  2. I had to dismantle a fence, just the lower half. How do I fix it?
  3. Can anyone help. I'm having scope issues. First attached a PU scope to a mosin and when I tried to look down it, it was too high and I couldn't see through it. Then I found an AUG and when I scoped it was totally gray, I couldn't see through the scope. Any ideas??
  4. James Joseph was born in Long Island, NY. He grew up playing sports and Drums and was a fairly popular kid. He studied culinary arts in his early 20's and went on to have a very successful career in New York City at some of the worlds best restaurants. He met and fell in love with a waitress names Julie who would later become his wife. Julie went on to join the Peace Corps hoping to make a difference in the world. She would travel on and off, a few weeks at a time helping various causes around the world. The outbreak started in Chernarus and spread around the globe. Julie was sent to Greece to help with the outbreak there. While tending to a full room of sick people, one of them "turned". This sent the crowd of Grecians into chaos. Unfortunately. Julie was trampled and killed In the mess. James made his way over to Greece following the devastating news. He lived there for a year, wallowing in his sadness. With the world now in mass infection and feeling like he had nothing to lose he decided to trek to Chernarus and vowed to do whatever he could to help fight the outbreak.
  5. Thanks for your patience through all of this. I figured it all out. Hope to be in game soon. Thanks again.
  6. Thank you, that worked. Lastly, I've read the rules 3 times and can't find an "out of place" word. This is harder than my mortgage application.
  7. thank you for the quick response. New message is: ERROR! You have not played DayZ long enough. We require that you have at least 10 hours played in DayZ on your Steam profile! We could not find DayZ on your Steam account! This could be due to a recent change to default privacy settings done by Steam - game list used to be public information, but now it is set by default to friends only. You can change that by going to your Steam profile page, click 'Edit Profile' and on the right choose 'My Privacy Settings'. Make sure that all settings are set to 'Public'. but on my profile it says i've played today and I have a lot of hours. Very sorry to bother you just anxious to get with you guys.
  8. Help. Your community sounds awesome and I'd love to join. My profile is public, not sure why I'm getting this message.
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