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  1. Southeast Asian individual on vacation from his home country of Philippines (I speak fluent Tagalog, Pangalatok, and Ilocano). He is a hunter by trade who wanted to go on a hunting expedition with a few of his friends(Liao-Tung, Xhi Xe Ren, Laoi Bing) in-order to hunt different types of animals. Landing in Balota airfield, a few days before the outbreak began, unaware of the problems facing chernarus he thought nothing of it. After the outbreak began he and his friends were divided as to what they should do since all air traffic was cancelled. Ultimately he is faced with the decision of trying to going back to his family or to create a new life in Chernarus instead. As he learns the language, and the people, my character grows more fond of the area, and overtime losing his friends through quarrel, disease, people, or the dead. My character would be adept in hunting and tracking, as it played a crucial role in my character's life in Asia. He is named "Kyeiou", he has a terrifyingly good aim with any gun he touches because of his years of experience in hunting going up to 800 meters to hit shots. Kyeiou was taught how to hunt by his father from a very young age,because of this he also develops a strategic mind, knowing when and where to strike. But consequently he lost most of his childhood through his training and growing up he has been strict and always carries out his plans. He barely speaks Chernarussian or english, overtime learning these languages through meeting other inhabitants of this region. He is a 26 yr old man at the height of his physical prowess which is crucial in his survival of the harsh landscape, people and other inhabitants; animals and the dead. He is strong willed, persevering, and cunning, but most importantly, Kyeiou is a broken man. A man has nothing, who lost in all, in short time. Kyeiou is not his real name however, it is Chunh-Chi Min. But Kyeiou is the name he adopted after the outbreak. using this alias to prevent him from remembering his past life or the fate of his country, his kids, wife, and the rest of his family. Because of this, he is always wary of other survivors to try and not make too much connection since he knows that it is far too futile. friendly or not, Kyeiou greets everyone he meets in a similar fashion, attempting to survive in hell that is Chernarus.
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