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  1. My name is Nikolai Entoni Dimitriov, I am a former fireteam leader of a special operations unit of the 7th Chernarus Battalion. I've been a military man all my life when I enlisted at 18 I decided to go career, that was a long 30 years ago. My last mission assignment was to safeguard the southern joint operations evacuation site alongside the allied NATO forces, helping the last of the un-infected civilians heli-vac to safety. We only had 2 choppers left to load when it came... the biggest horde I had ever witnessed to date. It swept through the evac site tearing everything and everyone to shreds, I had only manged to escape with little supplies and a few other survivors. Now all I have left is my knowledge of the local area, my strategic and military expertise, and my pure sheer will to fight and survive. Day by day I travel in search of food and ammunition, sometimes hoping to find someone else alive to share my time with in this harsh landscape. Because of my military career I've worked and multiple installations all throughout Chernarus, so I've never settled in one place which I suppose nowadays it helps to support my nomadic ways not being tied to one patch of land or another.
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