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  1. Dr Brandon

    Selinka Nikolayevna

    Good read.
  2. Dr Brandon

    Sá sem lifir án aga deyr án heiðurs (he who lives without discipline dies without honor)

    Like It Derek. Keep it up.
  3. Dr Brandon

    Guess I'll make one of these...

  4. Dr Brandon

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    *Click.* "Hello there Mr. Axel. I am Dr Brandon Tallent. I was with Mr. Trym. I am sorry I was so late to replying to you but I have been in a surgery. Afterwards me and Trym Felt the need to take a nap. As for when we left you in Vybor? I am terribly sorry about that. But I had a patient dying in Lopatino. I couldn't really wait for you. I hope you understand. My suggestion for you situation at the moment would be to hunker down in a building, preferably a two story house and barricade the door. That is what I do when I venture out alone now days. Any who. I wish you luck friend. Hope to see you around at some point." *Click.* *Click.* "Hello Mr Alesky! I believe I did talk with him the other day. Nice Fellow. As for you supplies? I certain we can work out some kind of trade. As for when? I should be around Homestead tomorrow. Fell free to stop by and trade any time my friend! Any who, safe travels my friend!" *Click.* *Click.* "Ah yes Mr Harry! Good to hear from you again. It has been a long while since we last spoke. How is everyone? Ah Wait. I'm getting off topic. Sorry bout that. I do that occasionally! But any who. Meeting? Hmm. I should around Homestead some time tomorrow. Mr Mack has my personal Radio Frequency last I checked so feel free to have him give it a ring when your all available. Any who. I am going to lay down for the night. So Have a good night sir! Try not to get killed or anything." *Click.*
  5. Dr Brandon

    The Remnants [Recruitment - Selective]

    This group looks hella nice. Can't wait to meet you guys.
  6. Dr Brandon

    Explaining why players are banned

    I'm a curious bitch so +1
  7. Dr Brandon

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Good rpping with @Shroud yesterday. To bad I didn't get so see the fight club you guys set up.
  8. Dr Brandon

    Free Medics Media

    That's how a car is supposed to work right?
  9. Dr Brandon

    [SZFR] - South Zagorian Free Rangers (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Congratz. Hope to bump into you guys more.
  10. Dr Brandon

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Dew Always good chit chatting with you mr clint eastwood. Love u dew
  11. Dr Brandon

    Juggs here!

    Is this the same Juggs that would talk about himself in the third person? Either way welcome back!
  12. Dr Brandon

    I suppose Ill slide back

  13. Bogdan was born in Berezino. As a kid he grew up in Vybor with his mother and father. His father was apart of the CDF and was killed along with his mother in the civil war. Afterwards Bogdan moved to Berezino with his Grandmother and Grandfather who looked after him. His Grand father was lumberjack and for a short while in his life his Grandfather taught him how to cut and haul trees. But he soon wanted more and began to learn from his Uncle who was a carpenter at the time. After a while he became a decent repair man and went to work in one of the many apartments in Berezino as the handy man. He then moved out of his Grandparents house and began living in the same apartment complex he had been working on. Once the Infection hit he tried his best to protect his Grandparents but failed as his Grandfather became Ill with the virus and killed his Grandmother. He was forced to put down his own Grandfather before leaving Berezino and trying to find a new safe place to call home.
  14. Dr Brandon

    [FM] Free Medics

    Congrats boiz!
  15. Dr Brandon

    [SZFR] - South Zagorian Free Rangers (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Good luck bud. Can't wait to see more of you fellows.