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  1. Damn. I love saying the F word. This will be tragic. So is the next step following twitch's tos?
  2. I played on a different server and used the weapon sling all the time. I don't like wearing backpacks but I would rock the fuck out of that weapon sling.
  3. So why take attachments out? Were they also causing problems as well? Either way I will be sad to no longer have working silencers.
  4. Link to character: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-824/ Link to character twitter: https://twitter.com/LexieYazman
  5. Bogdan was born in Berezino. As a kid he grew up in Vybor with his mother and father. His father was apart of the CDF and was killed along with his mother before the civil war. After his parents death Bogdan moved to Berezino with his Grandmother and Grandfather who looked after him. His Grand father was lumberjack and for a short while in his life his Grandfather taught him how to cut and haul trees. But he soon wanted more and began to learn from his Uncle who was a carpenter at the time. After a while he became a decent repair man and went to work in one of the many apartments in Berezino as the handy man. He then moved out of his Grandparents house and began living in the same apartment complex he had been working on. Once the Infection hit he tried his best to protect his Grandparents but failed as his Grandfather became Ill with the virus and killed his Grandmother. He was forced to put down his own Grandfather before leaving Berezino and trying to find a new safe place to call home.
  6. John smith is high tier campfire rpper. He built camp fire with stones around it so all that rp doesn't float away into the air. @AndreyQ
  7. I listened to this while driving to work. Good listen. ?
  8. Dr Brandon


    I remember you. Hello.
  9. I'll meet you half way. Let's make it 4. 4 is a great number.
  10. o7 You will be missed but not forgotten.
  11. I'm getting old mod feels so yes +1
  12. I mean I am down for getting rid of sickness cause it's broken and annoying. Not because of the reason your stating though.
  13. You say that... But your apart of 503? Replace drugs with slave and this same sentence applies to your group Squillium. While I will agree with you that the groups purpose is rather average at the moment I think you and me both know that once they start rpping and get some story lines going they will get some better goals. Once again. Group looks awesome guys. Can't wait to run into you guys in rp. Sorry for the clutter.
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