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  1. John smith is high tier campfire rpper. He built camp fire with stones around it so all that rp doesn't float away into the air. @AndreyQ
  2. I listened to this while driving to work. Good listen.
  3. Dr Brandon


    I remember you. Hello.
  4. I'll meet you half way. Let's make it 4. 4 is a great number.
  5. o7 You will be missed but not forgotten.
  6. I'm getting old mod feels so yes +1
  7. I mean I am down for getting rid of sickness cause it's broken and annoying. Not because of the reason your stating though.
  8. You say that... But your apart of 503? Replace drugs with slave and this same sentence applies to your group Squillium. While I will agree with you that the groups purpose is rather average at the moment I think you and me both know that once they start rpping and get some story lines going they will get some better goals. Once again. Group looks awesome guys. Can't wait to run into you guys in rp. Sorry for the clutter.
  9. Welcome lily beefy @George I love u man
  10. Oh shit. Good luck boiz.
  11. Enjoyed roleplaying with you boiz. Who ever shot me while I was trying to climb in is a real gamer. Good one
  12. Good luck guys. Hopefully I run into you guys in game.
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