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  1. I am an artist from the Netherlands who moved to Chernarus for an artist in residence before the apocalypse started. I left my wife and daughter at home with the idea of coming home again after six months. Just before everything went wrong we had contact and now I wonder if they might be around here somewhere or if I will never see them again. Until the moment that I may see them again, I make the best of it right here in Chernarus. I am looking for other survivors because loneliness kills me and maybe we can start a community together so that we can divide some tasks. Because I have to do everything on my own at the moment, the days are very difficult and it is survival from day to day. I need to get some food as soon as possible and also need a place where I can stack the stuff that I found. While I'm out there looking for gear and food I also need to make a base. I hope to meet some people soon and people who I can trust because there are some gangsters walking around there. I have traveled to Chernarus to get out of my artist's depression, but what I have found is much worse.
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