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  1. then tf was this announced? 

    full campaign remaster is literally out rn

    1. Banshee


      I'm not ready to see Ghost die in 4K 😪

  2. Anatoly Smirnov Pov: Whilst being at soup kitchen, conversing with the locals and the usual punters of the RP-Hub, NATO enter the camp in formation and proceed to try and speak to soup staff, Most of them then come to the campfire and surround it whilst i'm conversing with a random-er about music.. small talk ensues and me and @OxeN start speaking Russian (what we do is that we say *In Russian* [Insert text here] ) however apparently one or two of them can fluently understand Russian and in depth words the normal person would not know unless linguistic. Some of the NATO men then start getting chirpy and so @OxeN proceeds to talk to a higher up (not sure who it was) and that person then started to get very lippy speaking shitty about Russia and Moscow for no other reason which was really sus. the NATO forces then proceed to synchronized move away from campfire at same time oddly without verbal communication (could have been over radio but it was still bit weird as all NATO were in VOIP Range) and they then proceed to take perimeter. This made me and a few others very skeptical so i speak to some people in red raincoat jackets telling them if shit kicks off with NATO, we will have the red's back and vice versa. NATO proceeds to leave and we decide to follow shortly after, after loosing track of them we then proceed to a field to ambush them when they're on their way back to CORP base to which then one of our boys run up to them and clearly (over discord as i was far back) initiated with words along the lines of ' All of you, This is Wagner PMC Put your hands up or you will die' or the other way around. we then see a few turn around and start running (as seen in video) to which we took that as non compliant It seemed like you heard the initiation as multiple members had their hands up, looking like they were complying. the firefight ensues and tracers are flying around the place and ultimately Wagner wins with little casualties. i ended up accidentally killing @GMAK (sorry lad) due to my settings being on low and all i saw was a bunch of pixels running around frantically. Things i'd like to point out for NATO and the staff team. If there was no initiation as you guys are saying.. why in the first video is someone heard 'Do we have an initiation?' At the start of the videos you all seem quite cocky and hyped for the ensuing firefight. with even someone going 'Here we goooooo' (shown in second video) so clearly this report was either put up because you guys are being sore losers and that the fight didn't go your way Why at soup did you proceed to shit talk us and chat shit about Russia and how much of a shithole Moscow is? when you guys (NATO) are meant to be the universal peace keepers.
  3. Nothing but amazing roleplay i have had over the last week with @OxeN and CO. i liked the group and the roleplay that comes with it that much that i've made a new character. Good things are coming for us! Anything for Moscow.
  4. (WIP) "Ад ждет всех нас - Hell awaits us all" Anatoly Smirnov was born in St Petersberg, Russia in 1994 to a 'Better off' (richer than most) Family, however he grew up with and old drunk soviet father who would often take his anger out on him and his siblings. His father was a shadow of his former shadow. A high up military colonel who would never show affection because it would only show weakness. This would lead to Anatoly moving out and start living with his friend Vlad.. Vlad would often tell stories about his father who was part of some PMC Group called Wagner to which Anatoly took instant interest in, and so at the age of 17 he applied to join the military. (Background video is some of the training Anatoly went through to join the Paratroopers and Spetznas. It is a compilation of both!) Anatoly Smirnov graduated from the Frunze Military Academy as a Private in the Russian Army, first serving as a paratrooper in the 98th Guards Airborne Division of the VDV. Later on in his career, he made it into the Spetsnaz and served two tours in North Caucasus. In the Insurgency It was believed that his company was involved with some of the most brutal "cleansing" raids. Firefights and the whistle of bullets would almost be like music to Anatoly's ears as the war continued.. however it only seemed to get more brutal over time, Changing Anatoly.. Scarring him. During one of these raids Anatoly with two others, Krill and Dima from his squad they were doing house to house breaches where he then raided a farmhouse which would change him forever. He breached and was met with hostilities from an old muslim man who was hiding something, he would refuse profoundly and with determination tried to man handle Anatoly out the house.. To which Anatoly swung the stock of his rifle at the man with his teeth went everywhere. They enter the room to find a dead young teenage girl who was naked and clearly being abused by the man and so without hesitation Anatoly walked out and filled the old man with 7.62. Anatoly was swiftly arrested. He would be later handled and released by Wagner PMC itself, who offered him a job proposition, His life was to be owned by the company in exchange for his freedom. Anatoly signed the contract swiftly. First Contract: Anatoly and a few others were assigned to a contract to rob a high profile mob bank, to steal the money and to take the mob boss' daughter. a no strings attached kind of scenario.. quick cash grab if you will, the contractor wanted to take the daughter for ransom however it was none of the PMC's business, she was never to be seen again though. it was successful however PMC lost a few of it's men due to there being a higher amount of police presence than initially intended. Only Anatoly and Ivan and Viktor made it out alive and they drove to a private location to which Wagner was given a 50% cut of the money and the daughter was handed over. Anatoly and Ivan would not meet again until Livonia. A video was made with a go-pro attached to Anatoly for use of propaganda and to spread the word of Wagner PMC, so they could get more high profile contracts. this is it (only watch to 3:11, everything after that is obsolete and not part of character lore!)
  5. @Rolandadd taviana. now. On a real, @JakeWalfordi get what you mean, and it is a cool concept.. however the time, effort and money which would need to be put into a custom map is astronomical. Sadly we can only dream but tbf there is nothing wrong with Chernarus -Which has been on the rise recently and Livonia.
  6. Must say, sick music taste lad 

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      cheers mate, ly

  7. bro a fucking horse that goes 80km/hr... i need it.
  8. was crying oocly.. so fucking funny. must say.. @Havikar has dance moves like a gentle robin.
  9. H...hello? whitename no longer. unknown.png.d2ec22d2b6df14e122b61974916dac4f.png

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      Congratulations! You've made @Roland happy. You can make him even more happy buy investing into the rank of 'Black' for an extra multiple hundred pounds..

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      "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today."

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      Once a whitename, always a whitename 😤

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      reported, blocked and arrested. ill prove you wrong.

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      Paying money to roland does not remove that tag.

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  10. Literally ask @CJ, with the encounters he's had on chernarus the last few days i beg to differ. seem's like what i've said you've taken personally and more to heart than anything, so i will try and elaborate again since you seem to struggle what i mean. With the lack of hostile-RP on Chernarus, everybody has been anxiety free! with just wolf's and the common cold to care about. It doesn't make sense for 95% of the population in Chernarus (unless their character has some cliche military background) to be running around with said weapons, i've played chernarus myself recently. Tyrone and CO. are remnants of 5.0.3, left behind or decided not to leave chernarus, please read the whole thread. Have you met Tyrone in game? Tyrone and CJ are literal polar opposites.. @CJ has created an entire new persona with this new character.. everything down to the grey raspy voice which sounds like a ghoul from Fallout. any character who isn't a Military cliche is original IMO. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-20511/ how is this unoriginal?
  11. I did say i do sort of agree, not 100% though. the way it is right now currently is absolutely fine and personally i don't think it should be changed.
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