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  1. speirs

    What music inspires/fits your character or what do you listen to as you Roleplay?

    Im not sure if its allowed, but i carry around a spare radio and play it off as an "MP3 Player" which is battery powered, hence why the charge hasn't ran out. I've used it in role-play before.. playing ABBA Dancing queen for a distraught man who hadn't heard any other noise but gunfire and infected for a while. My character is a personal reflection of myself, https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-16971/ so having spotify on when walking or not really doing anything in character is me "Listening to my MP3 Player", is also stated on my characters profile the bands he listens to. But back onto question, the music I/MY CHARACTER- listens too is band like Oasis, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Arctic Monkeys, The Stone Roses, Liam and Noel Gallagher's respected solo careers each, DMA'S, and the list could go on and on, it's all migrated into one big playlist however i have separate ones for each artist. i can link the playlist below if anyone likes it. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/09GP6zDJSCy0sQciQXMcHx?si=j48WEh4VSSaIT4EioTS5dA
  2. I have updated, but the server hasn't, hence "dayz server version (1.05.152636) doesn't match the local version (1.6.152829). message on the screenshot above
  3. Will this effect me joining the server? im not entirely sure as the server hasnt went to this version however this message is coming up and the ping is at 9999
  4. 14:35:39 | Player "Carl Colton" has been disconnected 14:15:20 | Player "Aki Colton" has been disconnected 14:09:18 | Chat("Aki Colton"): //DO U KNOW HIS FORUM NAME 14:09:38 | Chat("Aki Colton"): //if u talk with him tell him i will let him have his shit 14:09:48 | Chat("Aki Colton"): //it was an accident 14:10:21 | Chat("Aki Colton"): //is he mad? 14:10:48 | Chat("Aki Colton"): /WHAT IS HIS FORUM NAME? 14:09:26 | Chat("Lewis Moore"): yeah 14:10:51 | Chat("Lewis Moore"): he said 14:11:07 | Chat("Lewis Moore"): speirs 9310 14:11:09 | Chat("Lewis Moore"): discord
  5. i was asked to put redwood in as well by my friends, but they can make their separate report if they wish. i'll respect your decision however it is linked. as ive already stated, IMO the rules from what i can see (given a different perspective and looking at it from the opposers side) the rules broken on their behalf was the invalid kill (mistake or not im still dead), the bad roleplay given, the lying on the forum posts, combat logging (this is all to do with the dichina military base incident as you have asked me not to refer to redwood... Please see the video, you say you're paranoid yet you approach two well armed players with no problem... doesnt make sense.
  6. again, finding it petty how you're turning this around and accusing me of shit that clearly never happened, it doesn't make sense if you're role-playing as paranoid yet you bait my friend into a general conversation to then mug him... that's not what you do if you're paranoid, and visibly we had no armbands (and i had none on me at all because im not affiliated with any major group that wears them) so tell me why it was us that you decided to do a "health check" on even though you ultimately killed me and took stuff as well, you're getting caught up in your own lies. and ive already said to you as well, please enlighten me and tell me how i was rude? all i did was comply and go along with the role-play situation, i asked about my suppressor that the other kid took because yall said you weren't taking anything, so im not sure why your player-character thought i was talking to you... still not an excuse to hit me neither, mistake or not its an invalid kill and ive already stated other rules you both have broken over yesterday and the redwood incident. and it got kinda personal when you both decided to lie on the forums because you both did wrong and cant admit it, if you feel as if lying is a good ultimatum then do so kiddo, but its a perma-bannable offense. and i'd like to know what your friend's post said before it was deleted.. although you both claim it was a mistake, it definitely was not in my eyes as well as my friends @BlakstadAnd @Woodsy, when in person with you as well i never called you both any names neither so im quoting "i know you act like this in game but didn't expect this kind of behavior in a forum dispute" as slander as well, as ive never had a personal encounter with you until yesterday when you decided to do your little rouse. i do apologize for calling you daft though but you can see im clearly frustrated at the fact that you wanna pin this against me and lie on the fourms, its just manipulative now acting the nice guy when in actuality.... its just really funny why you're acting so formal and passive with your lies, its another level of petty in my opinion, i ultimately decided to put this up because of what happened at redwood, and because you had lied to me on discord, and it was still a rule break at the end of the day. and yeah i did act cool on discord because you were both being manipulative playing it off as a mistake and i had made the mistake once before when i ran someone over, but then given the evidence and a call with my friends i decided to put this up anyway. this isnt a case of big guys on little guys because @Blakstad and @Spider79's groups arent JTF which is the group im in, and redwood is a place i stay currently as we're setting up, but you took @DrCrazyGamer hostage who is our founder and leader. dont see how you think this is bullying.
  7. Okay so you're telling me, when the microphone emoticon was on my screen, it was because it was just there and i wasnt saying anything? lol ok.... most of the time when u can see it, one of you guys reply to me, so again YoU'rE dIgGiNg yOuRsElF a DeEpEr HoLe. and i didnt try make it look like i was the only one trying to contact, i explained how as soon as i died i messaged @Woodsy on discord asking him to give you guys my discord so we could talk. and i can bring my friend into this all i want he was there and he was held up with me? and is really important to what happend, you're making it come across/ lying bout how im acting emotionless, and not roleplaying and barely speaking when in actuality, your statements are false. bullshitting for the betterment of yourself and your friend will not get you anywhere. you're also contradicting yourself, you claim to be so paranoid and anxious due to a recent encounter with people with yellow armbands which i doubt even happened, however you approach us fine (as shown in the video), you engage in general convo with woodsy whilst im in the barracks and then one of you come round the corner from behind the barrack to the right and scream "put your fucking hands up", that doesn't make sense kiddo, and you never mentioned anything about yellow armbands untill you saw my friends armband which he explained to the both of you that he has just to trade with that group. contradiction central here.
  8. So your telling me that your brother said "bitch put it down" instead of "Bitch Put him down"? and you can clearly hear lag in his mic as he said it, why would he say bitch? lol. and enlighten me on how asking about a supressor due to your friend saying that you're not taking anything is me demanding stuff in the situation? are you daft? and i was banned previous for hitting someone in the middle of the night in my car whilst i was running over infected and he was standing in the middle of it, please go read into the full thing lmfao. here ill even link it for ya also read the outcome from the staff member voodoo.... and the incident in cherno came to no avail because no substantial evidence was subsided, which is why i now have shadowplay on, already said man trying to turn this around and lie on this is gonna make it 10x worse for you.
  9. How is it convenient that my voice is missing? you can hear my friend talk in game the whole time? not sure what you're trying to suggest in the slightest mate so rethink what you and your mate is trying to do because trying to reverse this to save yourself will only make it 10x worse. and also i have others that recorded redwood, ill link spiders video and daisy is uploading hers as we speak. i dont understand where you're trying to come from because if you guys are really uneasy and paranoid due to a recent encounter with people with yellow armbands then why did you approach us nicely as shown at the start of the video, baiting my friend woodsy and then you coming out and saying "put your fucking hands up"... im not sure if you're believing your own lies or you're just extremely nieve and have to lie on the forums but it's gonna dig both of you a bigger and bigger hole. there ultimately was more than 3 people on our side at the redwood thing btw, spider's group is decent in numbers and the man in the purple armband has friends too... im sure they said that they have more people on the way. as i said, redwood was recorded from a few different angles, so id advise you to tell the truth about everything instead of covering your own arse up so no punishment is done ,and trying to turn this around on me lmfao...ok kid. you still broke the rule of running out and getting YOURSELF killed when peaceful solutions were offered several times, even after combat. i think @Spider79 @Blakstad @Daisy @DrCrazyGamer should all type their POV'S on what happened at redwood. as well as post any videos that was recorded. And it wasn't you that got into contact with me, i told @Woodsy over discord to give my disc name or yours so i could contact you as seen in this screenshot below. "14:09:01 | Player "Joshua Speirs" (DEAD) killed by Player "Aki Colton" with AK-74 from 0.84608 meters"- so straight away i tried to get into contact with you guys, where you both proceeded to add me on discord and make a call, you were both really concerned if i made a report because you knew you did wrong, mistake or not (which it clearly wasnt) and were saying things like "we will do anything" "can help you if you need a favour" and you were both very sincere and apologetic which is why origianlly i decided to let it go, but then when i realised that you lied to me on the call, and that you were only concerned about me putting a post up instead of my experience and death of my character really shows alot. im also really confused as to what me tabbing out has to do with anything here? im not in any active call and im not typing to anyone neither, all i do is tab out, scroll and tab back in. but nice try in trying to turn this around again lol. you guys barely interacted with us too as shown in the video, you scroll up all nice and engage in normal conversation with a random player which is really weird for someone who is "paranoid" after a recent incident with a group. and you then told us to put our hand up whilst guns were pointed at you, which is me valuing my players life. i had an m1a socom and an AKM, im also decent at pvp so i could've easily killed you both but i decided to put my hands up and comply with you guys due to me being concerned about me and my friends safety, we never acted emotionless at all and we complied with you. and as i said, if i was barely talking then why is my microphone emoticon being shown on screen alot? and you guys also replying to what im saying.... but as well as that, please enlighten me to how i am disrespectful, as well as my friend? because i certainly wasnt in the slightest. if i was then im sure you and your friend would've retaliated if i was rude, but i wasnt. i complied and got killed, and at the end when i asked about the supressor i clearly wasnt talking to the man that eventually killed me, i was talking to your brother because he can be heard saying "its just a health check" or some shit like that, then he said "we wont take anything" which is when i asked about the supressor... then you said that i was telling you what to do? lol. and can you also provide an indepth explanation of how i broke rules? rule 4.4 wasnt broken, not once did i act fearless or anything, otherwise i wouldnt have put my hands up and complied with me taking off my clothing, i would've resisted??? and i was barely talking? please watch the video again and look out for the microphone emoticon, as well as you both replying to stuff im saying.... the incident was less than 5 mins? what are you expecting my character to do prey? you had a gun pointed at me and i complied and answered every question and demand respectfully and properly. as ive already said, lying is a perma-bannable offense so you're putting yourself at risk here because you cant realise you both done wrong here. and also i never broke rule 3.6 as i never typed, or joined, or started any call, or gave out any information for the matter, i tabbed out, scrolled then tabbed back in kiddo.... WATCH THE VIDEO. and im not sure what ur suggesting with my voice not being in the video? you tryna say i did some magical editing trick and muted myself? if that was the case then why can u hear the buzz of my headset mic (which doesnt work) at the start of the video? i have a USB headset and an external mic (blue snowball), the USB mic is broken and no voice can be heard thru it, but i use a blue snowball to talk in game. so shadowplay defaulted to the USB headset picking up whatever would come from my broken headset, and not my blue snowball... not really sure what you tried to get at with that in the slightest mate, would take some wizardry to only mute my mic and keep everyone elses active.....
  10. You do realize you can be perma-banned for lying on forum reports right? not once was i rude or offending to you at all in game... and saying we engaged in little talk and role-play when you can clearly see the microphone icon being used a lot on my recording as well as my friend speaking to you both as well... as well as that we were complying with everything that you had said to please explain to me how i "disrespected" you as well as me and my friending having "no emotion" and how we were "quiet most of the time too". best to spare everyone the bullshit than to dig yourself deeper mate, i suggest you go back onto the rule page as well and have a good and deep reading of all of them... quite stupid of you guys to check up on everyone that you see for "yellow armbands" considering you only mentioned it WHEN YOU SAW IT IN MY FRIENDS INVENTORY.. its just funny, and if you had no intentions of killing me then why did you said "bitch put him down" when i asked about my suppressor because you said that you weren't taking anything lol, and your group is really really unknown as well so how are you doing a "health and wellness inspection" so were not a threat to you right now or in the future hahahaha. and on discord, you said you didn't take anything of anyone's and you had just left, and you both were really sincere and apologetic which i appreciate and i decided not to put it up until i realized you both lied to me for the betterment of yourself, also dont you have a previous ban for something similar to do with rdm? also their is no point in trying to turn this around and lie on a forum post, for the betterment of yourself and your role-play experience, stop lying here, and to yourself. and no matter your religion, its still a rule, you need to respect your player-characters life., and no im not only bringing up the redwood incident to worsen the incident at all, it was actually @Blakstadthat suggested it to me, none of this was accidental, remember you said "bitch put him down" in the vid....... and i dont see how this is a crusade against your friends considering this is the first report that has been made against you with my friends.
  11. Server and location: Chernarus US, Dichina Military base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Not sure, in between 11AM and 2PM Roughly. Your in game name: Joshua Speirs Names of allies involved: Today at Dichina was me @speirs, @Woodsy and the two colton brothers. Name of suspect/s: "The Colton Brothers" or whatever their names are, idk their forum names. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No vehicles were involved. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I have a video of my RDM however my voice cannot be heard but i can try and type from memory of what was said Detailed description of the events: Events in Dichina: I had just awoken down in pavlovo from antics yesterday. i made my way up to vybor to meet up with my friend woodsy to make our way to redwood radio (our current home), he hadn't been "awake" in almost a week and he was near by and i didn't wanna make the walk myself. So we met in vybor next to the police station and headed east bound and saw the dichina military base and ran over (this is now when the recording starts because my shadow-play is set to record the last 7 Mins 30 Seconds... we cleared a few barracks before we noticed someone at the crates which i made woodsy aware of, but only saw one man, we continued looting and then the man approached us normally talking to us, then his friend appears out of nowhere and initiates on us, he had no reason to hold us up and claimed they were doing a health check, i was already inside the barrack and they told woodsy to go inside, where then they told us to strip and asked for a radio then they searched everything we had, then they went liked what we had and took some of it even tho it was a "health check", they then proceeded to engage in small talk with both me and woodsy. then at the end (as seen in the video) the guy in the back said its just a health and wellness inspection and said were not taking anything then i replied with "you still have my suppressor can i get that back?" and the man who was in-front of me (who i clearly wasn't talking to) said "You don't tell me what to do, are you telling me what to do? then i replied with "i don't need the suppressor but its only cause you said you weren't taking stuff" then the guy in the background proceeded to say something like "Bitch put him down" and then i was killed. I apologize for my microphone not working with shadow play as i use an external headset with a studio microphone. after the events that unfolded, i told my friend to give my discord to them so i could speak to them, in the call they were claiming and trying to persuade me that it was a mistake and i was buying it, they were also saying to me that i shouldn't report them and they would do anything, and asked if i needed any favors and i said to them its fine if it was a mistake which it clearly is not as i revise the video and everything else, as well as the encounter at redwood yesterday which me and my friends will call in our POV'S. at the end of the call when i said its fine its cool they started to get really sarcastic and shit, then they both hung up. on the call they told me they never took anything from me or my friend and they just left it, however i'm missing my AKM, a south face jacket and quite a bit of my gear and most if not all of my friends gear as well. list of rules i feel were broken from the perspectives given: 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead. 4.4 Hostile situations must focus on the role play experience of both attackers and victims. Both sides should actively participate and contribute to role play in all situations, any disputes or issues can be discussed and resolved afterwards. As an attacker you may NOT: Attack other players just for the sake of gear by doing a quick robbery that involves little to no role play. (they had literally no reason to hold us up and strip us and rob us apart from a "health check" or whatever bs they stated, when they're a small unknown group with no influence what so ever, they provided no good role-play for us neither and was clearly gearRP as they liked what my friend had and took some of my stuff as well) 4.5 Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play. After a hostile action has occurred where you were involved, you may only log out from the game after a minimum of 30 minutes have passed since you broke the line of sight with others involved in that situation. This rule can be ignored if the other players give you OK to log out earlier. (i believe one of them logged off because afterwords when i was in a call with them (as i had already explained) one of them said for them to load back in) *edited for spelling errors and punctuation correction.*
  12. *Crackling and static can be heard first, due to the battered state of the automated message* *Coughing can be heard, as well as the whispers of the wind in the background* *a saddened but strong american voice comes to the radio* *He takes a deep breath, and exhales slowly.* "The Last Words of Colonel Eric Michael Hello, if this message is being played then I have passed either by infection, age or combat. I am an American Soldier and I have served across the world, chernarus being that last area of service. In my final days I spent it in Zelenogorsk defending many of the survivors there from the infected and bandits. I am assuming that I died to either of those. I hope to my friends still alive that they stay alive and well. To those who I helped and met I hope you all stay well also. I ask that in my death those who care continue on with life. To the men who followed me to the end I ask you continue to help those in need. To the men and women who assaulted us, attacked us and maybe even killed us, I ask that when you make it to hell you come to me first so that I can beat your ass to Lucifer himself. Stay strong people of Chenarus. Till we meet again my friends. I am an American Soldier. I am a warrior and a member of a team. I serve the people of the United States, and live the Army Values. I will always place the mission first. I will never accept defeat. I will never quit. I will never leave a fallen comrade. I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills. I always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself. I am an expert and I am a professional. I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy, the enemies of the United States of America in close combat. I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life. I am an American Soldier. This is Overlord Actual signing off."
  13. *Very faint and static voice can be heard through the radio* -My radio is damaged but still functional- "Uh Hello? My name is Joshua Speirs and i am part of a group called JTF (Joint task force)" *Radio goes extremely static as i am saying ^* "We have a few Ex-Military Personel which we have banded together and created the JTF, We are alive." *Long pause happens and you can hear me go through my backpack to take a sip of pepsi* "Myself i am a Royal Navy Sailor, originally stationed on HMS Dragon as the first responders but also back up for the Cherno-Russian military during the civil war *radio starts to become faint and break up* "We accidently airlifted an infection soldier back to the ship for medical attention, and im sure you can imagine the butterfly affect from there" *Joshua clears his throat* "Can you hear me on this fqz? is the receiver still there?" "If you copy, we can comply and will happily help with restoring basic humanity, rule of law, and cohesion to this country." *Speirs says proudly "Stay safe, get back to me when you can. we have 4 other people."
  14. I do not, i dont have any recording software on my pc at the moment.
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