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  1. Final Banksyy

    Final Banksyy

    Hello @SnorlaxRae, im entirely unsure by what you mean in your recent comment on this thread: 

    So i have a few questions, firstly could you please further emphasise? because i can currently give you validation and reassurance that what we do in game is not driven oocly in the slightest, Nobody in CLF hates El familia OOCLY and believe it or not we can differentiate between both IC and OOC.

    What makes you feel as if we hate you oocly as well? frankly i don't even know who you are (dont take that the wrong way) apart from the one time BEFORE I WAS EVEN IN CLF that Myself, @SynO, @Hanro and i think @Nonplayer took you hostage on our Takistani Dynamic characters so how could i have a bias against you? What happens in game stays in game.

    And to add on, 3 Days for El familia's ultimatum is no where near bad rp nor is it too little time as well.. We're trying to further a storyline with your group and create some good roleplay scenarios for both groups because after all believe it or not this is DayzRP, its in the name.. roleplay, and we want to roleplay with your group.

    I cant speak for all CLF Members about this part however i will speak for myself here, i don't understand why having a distaste for HubRP is royally a bad thing at all, ive roleplayed through Soup kitchen to Berezino bar and frankly it just gets jarring and frustrating and repetitive, Hub RP, in my experience, tends to be slower and less enjoyable. this video is a literal textbook example of why. 

    Yours Sincerely 

    -Roleplayer Banksyy.

    1. Elrod


      dear god

    2. AndreyQ


      Subscribing to this status update for sure.

    3. Elrod


      god yes

    4. SnorlaxRae


      I actually had no idea you three were part of CLF. My post was in no way directed towards the three of you but higher ups within who have been outspoken against roleplayers who have created hubs. El Familia are not hub RP'ers. We have a base warehouse but it's not a hub. No one comes to it like the Bar. There should be some hubs though. Bastions of civilization the likes one sees in Fallout games. I feel we're being picked on unfairly because we're not being given any way of ending the manhunt that doesn't end with us getting killed. No options = bad rp, imo. I still give props to @Hanroas the best evil bastard ever because Tammy is still terrified of him and still fears he's not as dead as she thinks he is.

      I'm sad to see what's in the video but it kind of looks like Carter, who's a kid, no excuse, but I'm not surprised. I've seen similar behavior from pvp kiddies. Bad apples shouldn't ruin the bunch but often do. Let the RP'ers have some hubs, at least one or two or it'll kill the server to have no where to go meet other RP'ers.

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