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  1. Good to finally see this group up, but I’d like to see more lore added to this, as well as a few more goals because some of them are a bit.... generic. best of luck.
  2. @Duplessis @Jackfish @Franny @Lettuce thanks for the text rp habibtis
  3. i asked about this, @Realizeis actually a boomer and his recording got fooooooked, so sadly no unless a community member did
  4. From what i remember being said at the meeting, it might be something to do with dayzrp mod.. i suggested to completely remove the mod and remake it from scratch from the ground up to see if it fixes anything.. but honestly i think it might be dayzrp mod too.
  5. Yes, maybe people would value their characters a bit more rather than having a new one every 4 weeks when generic bandit/gang group 4 comes along but archives shortly after and rinse and repeat. as well as that people have been switching characters and ditching their old ones which they've put alot of time into because of certain people to avoid consequences that they are responsible for lol +1 for me.. if implemented correctly it could be pretty cool
  6. on the fence with this, the game is already decently looking enough.. especially at 1440p and above. this will just only ruin peoples FPS howeverrrrrrrrrrrrrr it does say on the mod page that it can be tweaked and toggled client side so not sure
  7. glad to see this back, can't wait for the RP route's to come, enjoy lads and best of luck
  8. my fps would 100% go to shit with this, maybe a few months to a year down the line we can add it as it would then make sense apocalypse wise.
  9. Baffled as to why these mods are still in to be honest, there was a poll made not too long ago which had a majority landslide of 'yes remove floaties and pools' however nothing got done with it. +1
  10. I, <insert name>, hereby forfeit my PK rights to Jackfish, leader of the Inner Circle.
  11. I think there is no issue with the way the weapons are currently.. the deterioration / rate of durability seems fine to me.. so i have voted no.
  12. Another mod that'll make the server seem like a public one... no thanks mate. The lovely LM's @AndreyQ and @Stagsview and @Pepsi are hard at work making the server interesting and giving/pushing storylines.. we do not need a mission mod which'll be 'go to south of vybor in the middle of the field and kill all the AI there for a little bit of loot' or the classic 'AN IKEA TRUCK HAS CRASHED, tune into 97.8 FQZ to find out where.. hurry before the bandits get there' and next thing you know FrankieOnPC is in the treeline telling you to drop your weapon. fat -1 for me man.
  13. No, i remember people used to glitch tents in the wall so they couldn't be dismantled.. as well as the massive abundance of makeshift tents everywhere which caused performance issues... imo is a no.
  14. Final Banksyy

    Drinks at sea

    where is the oilrig?????
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