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"ash is our purest form"

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  1. no u didnt smh stop lying bruh you a poser fr fr L +ratio + receding hairline
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/bbboringg

    why im doing this i do not have a fucking clue

  3. if you're trying to flirt with me atleast bean my post
  4. moderators can you approve this post please x

    1. christina



    2. CutieRoIand


      I approve this post ✅

  5. i didnt even know that was you, wasn't the best i could be due to the meds im on irl but decided to come try out da server again
  6. it’s not ‘gate keeping’ lmao, the group makes 0 sense at all for a remnant armed force to retreat and regroup and recruit in nyheim for then they can do a counter offensive in the ‘kremlin’ or whatever lol. group standards has really gone down hill @GMAK maybe you can finally bring out old timers
  7. no, -1. leave politics outside of dayzrp and also it makes 0 sense at all in the slightest to have a Ukrainian army remnant to regroup in NYHEIM which is in Norway, making is to they would have to travel through Russia to go there? no man. im all for slava ukraine dont get me wrong, but this is just a no bud.
  8. hostile rp and pvp is frowned upon, so best of luck.
  9. but then if they were added in for free then everyone would be spawning them in and everyone would be looking the same, i get what you're trying to say, but it sounds better on text than in practice
  10. it would be hard to add modded clothing to the store due to monetisation issues, some if not most mod authors won't allow it to be on the store because profit would be gained and most likely not a single penny would go to them unless there was a deal made, plus im pretty sure its against EULA
    1. DrMax


      Do you do TikTok dances?

    2. boring


      yeah with ur marj

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