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  1. Loot economy is fucked, there are more weapons than what there is actual food in circulation currently. +1 to this also add an option to remove traders too.
  2. it is an Eurasian country.. it is bound to rain as much as it does in game as well as irl -1 for this, there is nothing wrong with it.
  3. Hello, community memeber banksyy here.. Just a little feedback after yesterdays antics Yesterday my group were across visiting you guys to speak to your group properly, getting established and making relations as there is borderline no reason why people should have to oppose us right now apart from the simple fact that our characters are russian, the roleplay went good and i enjoyed it and we decided to go to the cherno square where a firefight popped off, its from my understanding that several people from this group and other groups too so you're not the only people apart of this so don'
  4. You miss the point, theres several people on this roster who would dogbrain the safezone we made in s-gru or just go there when we were offline and cause utter shite for no reason at all and to see these same people want to do the same exact thing is a bit... yeno... jarring mate. But IMO thats realistically the only issue i have apart from another goal where you say 'Find and capture any remaining Chedaki and RF soldiers so they could be put on trial' yet weve never openly said we are chedaki, as well as the other goal of 'Recruit fellow Chernarussians and foreigners into our ranks' whic
  5. Group looks good, just had a good firefight where gg's to that, had good rp with @The Preacher so good luck with that, also we're not chedaki nor have we said we are, just heavily inspired. Also this: I see people on the roster who intentionally continuously attacked cherno when we at S-GRU tried to do the same. But whatever floats your boat guys enjoy and have fun lets see what the future holds cant wait.
  6. *random russian chatter would be heard down the radio* 'not sure vlad, but they're starting to go against eachother' *it would fizzle out*
  7. Fairly straightforward tbf, just like how you do with your profile could we add videos to the background of group page's/ideas? would be a neat addition and would add alot to aesthetics for a group. However this wouldn't be accessible to everyone, add it to Emerald + Just as it is to customise your own profile right now, would give another incentive to invest in a premium rank or whatnot, i think this would be a very benefitable and useable idea.
  8. Been nothing but a blast, this vid captures some of the best moments. Thanks everyone
  9. Hopefully you find people willing to join this, i'd suggest checking the 'Looking for group' channel in the discord to see if anyone is in it and ask them if they wanna
  10. Prime example of main character syndrome, what happens in game will happen in game, The server does not revolve around you and your group and people are entitled to their opinion on this event. @Jackfish is merely saying it doesn't make sense to have non hostiles at one part of the virtual wedding then for all those rules to be thrown out as soon as you get to a boat... Don't really care how long its taken you to prepare for this neither man, maybe find an in game way for no hostilities at the wedding as in hiring some people to protect it instead of relying on rules for your roleplay session.
  11. Hello, Although not apart of the initiation i was the person who told him to end his stream after @SynO told me he had been searched for a radio/ it had been dropped. I was fresh spawn and made my way towards stary after spawning in my clothes and i met up and got picked up in the car, i said // can you end your stream or deafen please mate or something along the lines of that after being told that he was streaming whilst being a hostage with us. we drive towards prud lake however my game crashes and i have an issue with my headset so i restart my pc, join back straight away and run to prud gi
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