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  1. Not a clue what the argument is that’s going on rn however my two cents to fix the server would be what I said in discord, shut the server down for 2-3 months, keep forums online, fix the dayzrp mod properly as @RedSky is currently doing, allow the map to develop and get more content, do a mass unban of most of the people who were banned for silly reasons.. keep the ones who did really weird n creepy n fucked up shit banned. Add more mods and maybe even create some in house mode. then have some big reopening all that blah blah and boom server is fixed. IMO this should’ve been done when nyheim was released but instead we got an unfinished map ( it’s still good don’t get me wrong), the same people playing the same old copy pasted groups with 2-3 goals different that barely even get followed anyway n all that shit. something serious needs to happen soon before the server sinks.
  2. Unfortunately this is a roleplaying server on a game and not actually irl. There shouldn’t be limitations at all in the slightest. Got raided IG offline and don’t like it? FIND OUT IN GAME WHO DID IT and get revenge, rp it etc. a million and 1 threads have been made about this, and a million and 1 times the community has said no. you’d get raided regardless of if you were ‘offline’ or not. thread makes me giggle
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post):https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/43221-banksyy/ Why the verdict is not fair: It wasn’t specified in the forum post which game was to be posted for screenshots I decided to show everyone a roblox screenshot in hope of winning this amazing contest !!! Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Specify in future which game is to be posted I do understand the confusion though What would you like to achieve with this appeal:Warning points removed, beans back and picture reinstated What could you have done better?: nothing.
  4. literally no. Honestly
  5. Finally rebuilding dayzrp mod from ground up, been saying this is the issue for months so good shit @RedSkyfoR hopping on that. Will surely fix many things ranging from performance to mod compatibility. Good shit.
  6. Hello just wondering why my post in this thread was deleted. Told @Inferno straight up how it looked and got deleted a few hours earlier… another yikes
  7. What the fuck Inner circle on top @Jackfishsmh look at this
  8. Bro why does this look like a tiktok fan edit + Shame your crosshairs doesn’t show up in obs @Duplessis remember that
  9. That’s my guy Most down to earth main character you will meet, 8/10
  10. Give me a kiss bristol @ImMaybelele Wagwan boyfriend
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