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  1. i'd be all for a robloxRP server dayzrp isn't really necessarily dying though this happens on and off the pop will go up then back down again.
  2. does anybody want to roleplay today

    1. ShroudKN


      I’d love to 😤

  3. Should be instantaneous, doesn't seem like its went through though.. maybe @Jade could help you further.
  4. https://www.dayzrp.com/premium/ Go here then scroll down to Account services just under the ranks and from there you can change it, sadly it is 5 euro and not free to change your name mate so you might have to pay to change your forum name. hope this helped
  5. peace and love ❤️

  6. POV: Hello boydem and gyaldem of dayzrp, the initiation got dropped and everyone escorted the hostages up to the hill, as seen in @Panda's video i am running along side my donny @Elmo trying to give these hostages some roleplay but what we got back was subpar from @Epsilon, he did not take the situation seriously and was warned several times by @Elmo, @Phoenyxx and @RP as well as the rest of the hostage group, however @Epsilon clearly wasn't willing to follow that when taken hostage as evident from @Panda's video, @Epsilon was told to not kick around the leaves but yet persisted and acted smart, his name was asked and he gave out an 'UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UHHHHHHHHHHH' and when asked to stop with kicking the leafs 'YES' was let out to which he was met with the respawn screen. he claims this is cause his character has an injury but nowhere on his character page does it state this? nor does having an eye injury excuse the fact of him acting the way he was, he was clearly and borderline not interested as evident with his comments like 'this is the first time they've spoke to us in 3 days' as well as the weird 'UHHHH UHHH' and 'YES' he gave as shown in the video and his all round general attitude. we kind of expected more to be honest as we wanted to continue a story line with this group - warned multiple times to stop with the fuck acting - kept fuck acting - died Simple enough really, the roleplay continued and we had some really good RP down at the barn over the hill with the remainder of the hostages which we respect and enjoyed. to which we all got OOC perms to log from them and vice versa. i do not have any evidence.
  7. And what will you do after February 1st? would be decent to actually keep it as a second server if it actually goes somewhere so im +1 for this.
  8. Or maybe get some actual dutty sesh headbangers on..:
  9. -User was warned for this post-
  10. Imo, till we can route out the causes of all the crashes, lag etc i'd say leave it out TILL THEN. Looks like a good addition though but i think itll be popular for like 3 days then everyone will just stick to whatever it is they do
  11. Only been around for just about a year now but i got a few memorable ones. Playing Wagner PMC on Livonia with (cannot say that name) who basically showed me the ropes to dayzrp n brought me out my shell a little The time in S-GRU both times have been amazing. Everything from the weapons training in Old Lore to the Random Weapon Checks to Quarantine Zone and especially @Elmo putting @groovy ducky in his place (in game) all stick out to me as just really amazing experiences in game, Has been a blast and appreciate the the times. @neom has revived the server/chernarus like what 3 times? donny is still waiting on his MVP badge pls sort that asap boys.
  12. +1 For this. Doesn't really add a lot to the server apart from the sense of desolation n destruction. I don't understand the crashes during gunfights neither.. Doesn't happen to me on Custom Modded servers with like a pop of 90ish, being in a 13vs10 didn't experience it once, Maybe it's time to upgrade the server box? Or completely rewrite the dayzrp mods and the selected mods we have and try route out the cause.
  13. If this is gonna happen then dont have it like last time where it was round for like 2 months straight. it got jarring. i say Have it from December 10th > January 10th.
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