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  1. Holy crap! So, I've got the game queued up (position 13) and opened a browser window to look up this mrmoon video.it's freaking 2 hours long? CHRIST who has this kind of time?
  2. Yeah, I made this post before I saw the other posts on the matter. No worries. Nope. I've been looking around for a few months for a good server. Found you guys, joined up last week before the server wipe.
  3. Like the title says, position in queue....THIRTY ONE!!!! REALLY.... not gonna lie... that's a bummer, but it's gotta be a good problem, amirite? Means people are playing, server is full. Well, it went down in the time it took me to write this...THIRTY!!! UGH. I just want to plaaaaaay!!!!
  4. Thanks! Actually I love the idea of role playing. I do a tons of creative writing in my spare time. More than anything I want to learn the ins and outs of base building and fortifications. HI!
  5. Hey, I'm not really good at these things. I joined up a few days ago. Been reading the forums and running about on the server a bit. As I'm learning more I will be adding more details on my character sheet and shoring up the details some more. So far haven't met anyone in game. Which is fine with me...I tend to avoid crowds.
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