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  1. Alexi Slava is a military tradition graduate of third generation Ukrainians. Spending most of his upbringing within the confines of his mother whilst attending affluent schooling at the expense of his father. Traditional values aside, Alexi made several mistakes during this period and paid the price dearly. Given the option for military service like his parents and theirs had done before him, he was shipped off to bootcamp and that's where his career propelled as an excellent strategist and leader amongst those trusted to him. At age 37 during an incident within the Sochi north eastern woods, the details of which are still not clear today - Alexi began a career within the recently established CRC facility, codenamed "Theta" where he quickly rose through the red tape and as of several months before the outbreak was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Post-Outbreak Slava remains close to the Cult following of a James Wheeler, former CEO of CRC and disgraced businessman. Reports indicate he left amongst the group of a "Colonel" into the ruins of post apocalyptic Chenarus.
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