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  1. David Karagne was a smart child who perceived things different than everyone else did. David was a bully in his school and beat up on the nerds of his class. David didn't really try in his classes and had a very tough home life. When David got out of high school he joined the military. Eventually David was sent to Chernarus to help stop the spread of the infection. David watched his whole squad go down . Now David searches to find a place to call home and to survive this apocalyptic environment.
  2. My character will be a 24 year old male named Theo Belinski. Prior to the outbreak Theo had gone to high school where he made only a few friends, he had a very supportive family who supported him in all his work, and had a job working at a supply store. Theo went to college immediately after graduation. Theo wanted to get an education in the sciences specifically Biology as it interested him greatly. Theo left his home in the U.S and went to Chernarus to study their great success in agriculture following their civil war in 2009. Upon arriving in Chernarus Theo made great strides in his research and then it all started. Theo was relocated to Severograd and locked in a school. Eventually all failed and the bombings started as everyone began to freak out and the infection spread through Chernarus Theo escaped and found the horrible side of Chernarus. Theo now roams Chernarus looking for a place to call home and hunker down in. He is smart cautious and conscientious of other peoples feelings and thoughts. He is self-reliant and untrustworthy of others. In spite of this he enjoys company and after getting to know someone he may gain their trust. My character has lost his family and all his friends and becomes very emotional at the loss of people he gains relationships with. My character cares about people and will do anything to keep them safe as he has already lost to much. Theo would rather avoid conflict but if put in a situation that doesn't benefit him he will try to stand up for himself and fight back unless forced by extreme numbers. Theo is simply trying to survive and trying to save others lives as well with conflict as his last possible option. Many of Theo's true intentions may be hidden behind a mask.
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