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  1. The problem was that my character was set to private after switching to public I was able to play I appreciate you guys for being so willing to help Thanks!
  2. I have just been whitelisted and created my own character "Ezekiel Kosgrove" I've followed all the necessary steps in order to play and was even able to play for a couple hours, but when I try to log in now I keep being automatically kicked for not having an active character. I've entered my name correctly in the DayZ launcher and triple checked that I do indeed have an active character on the DaZRP website but yet I still get auto kicked for the same reason am I missing something?
  3. Ezikiel or "Zeek" for short is a 6 Foot 175 lbs, white male, with Hazel eyes. He grew up in a small town outside of Denver, Colorado with a loving mother and step-father. They were always known within their community as an outdoors family. They've backpacked all across the world together since Ezikiel was but a boy. Ezikiel always had a quiet way about him and never seemed to open up to even his own family about what emotions he was truly feeling. Concerned, his parents offered a therapist with little to no luck. As time went on he spent more and more time isolating himself in the woods where he felt most comfortable. He found peace in hunting and gathering and living off the land and would even disappear for days at a time after he turned 18 and he was out of his parents control. But as Ezikiel got older he began to question who his real father was after countless arguments with his mother she gave in and told him she met him during an expedition in Chernarus in 1994. After learning the true nature of his origins he set out to find answers in June of 2017 against his mothers wishes. After landing at Anapa Airport he backpacked his way South to Chernarus. After hearing the fall of humanity and chaos from his camp night after night he found it best to not go near civilization and feared the worst. By this time he had reached Chernarus, alone, afraid, and cold his new goal was purely to do what he knows best. Survive.
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