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  1. My name is Kenji Lee. My father is an American ambassador who makes regular trips to China, where my mother was born. I’m a 18 year-old student fresh out of high school, and I decided I wanted to go on a camping trip in the wilderness of Chernarus. I had always felt at home in the wilderness and spent most of my childhood exploring the forests of northern China, so this new adventure felt like a great way to celebrate my passage into the next part of my life. My parents, who never really liked camping, still agreed to go with me, so we met an English speaking family in one of the towns of Chernarus who could help us in our little trip. When we arrived, we were immediately put off by the military presence in the province, but the family we met assured us that it was normal in these parts. So we continued our trip and explored the beautiful wilderness, until one night, around the 5th day in, everything went wrong. My family and I had set up our campfire to keep us warm for the night, when we heard screaming in the distance. We were all slightly scared and started scouting out the area. Out of nowhere, a man, more feral than human sprinted at my father through the darkness, it happened so quickly and I couldn’t tell what happened. Then I saw the man run towards my mother. She screamed as the beast tackled her and ripped her apart. I was frozen witnessing my mother being torn to shreds. I finally snapped back to my senses when he started running at me , so I grabbed the hatchet from my pack and struck him before he could touch me. I was terrified. I’m all alone now, and these things are everywhere. My parents are dead. I don’t know what I’m going to do.
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