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  1. orphaned at a young age and grew up on the streets of London where i started a life of crime. i was arrested and taken to a boys home at the age of 16 and learned how to be tough and rely on myself to get the things i wanted. when i turned 18 i left London and traveled from city to city from one country to another finally settling in Russia where i fell in with the Russian mob and earned a name for myself as a petty thief and quickly moved up in the ranks to become an enforcer/collector. spent several years doing that, until the family was defeated by the Russian police. the head of the family was publicly executed along with the bosses. i was arrested but released due to lack of evidence so i smartly moved on to a different place.it was a horrible place i had to work as a day laborer and do "honest" work to earn a living. after several more years i decided to go back to Russia only to find that no one remembered who i was. i was okay with that but that meant i had to start over. once at the top of my game i was sent to chenrarus to find people that werent paying their dues to the family where i tortured men and women and children until i couldnt do it anymore. i couldnt live with who i had become, i had become the one thing all people fear the most, a monster. so i returned to Russia to relay the bad news that the people i was sent to find were gone forever and that i was done working for them. i took a savage beating and many cuts to the face leaving me horribly scarred and dis figured. they removed the ring fingers from both my hands with piano wire made into a garrote it was slow and very painful but it did the trick, they wanted me to know that no one would love me the way the family did. so i left for chenrarus to set the wrongs i did right to no avail. the people i wronged have long gone. they were swept away with the tide of grey folk or zombies as chernaruns call them. now i travel from one area to another to find like minded people, helping those who need and deserve it, killing those who dont
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