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  1. was nice to meet you boys and girls
  2. Wipe because there was more RP then i had ob the whole time at the old one
  3. i tried it out today and everything worked fine till there are more players online. when i started there was about 24/80 nearly no problems. now there are nearly 60 people online and it starts again like yesterday. on an eu server there are no problems
  4. Yeah i know it's over the big pond. But for me it is unplayable like it was yesterday. I could not even hit a Z because when i was trying to hit them they where not there where i saw them. Really sad
  5. On other servers i can play everything on high and it's no problem. I've tried with setting everything on medium but it hasn't change the problem. But thanks for trying to help I will do when i am at home. Thx
  6. Hello, my problem is when i play on your server i have sometimes lags for 1-3 seconds. Zombies and players are jumping between lags 2-3m. I have a ping between 120-180ms. I know it is not perfect, but i play with some friends from the UK and they have the same ping. They have not any lag issues. I pinged your server and it says average ping is 133ms what isn't too bad but i nearly have 20% package loss all the time i ping it what i think is the main problem. I restarted my router, closed every program what isn't needed but it's not getting better. any ideas? german players here who fixed it maybe? I'm a bit frustrated because i really want to play on this server. Thanks for your help
  7. My characters name is Fritz Braun and is 36 years old, back in the days his grandfather was killed in WWII by the russian army. His dad followed his footsteps in the military and Fritz grew up in a military base in germany. His mother died when he was a young boy at a car accident. He joined the military aswell. In 2010 the father and Fritz were going to russia to find his grandfathers grave and prove him the last honor. They found a guy called Vladislav who leaded them to the military graves near Sochi. When they arrived at Sochi, they found the grave and gave the grandfather the last honor. When they stayed in the hotel in Sochi there was an assault to the guests of the hotel from rebells. Shots have been fired and the dad was fataly injured, his last words to his son were "love you son and try to get away from here". Fritz jumped out of the window and runned to the pier. He was jumping into a boat and tried to escape. He was heading to the south and a bullet hits him in the back when he was leaving the coast. He blacked out on the boat and when he was waking up his boat was stranded on a coast and he didn´t know where he is. Some guys picked him up and gave him some water and food. They carried him to the car and said to him that he will be fine. He blacked out again and wakes up in a wooden barn. Fritz asked them who they are and where he was stranded. The guys told him he was stranded with his boat at the beach near Berezino a city of Chernarus. The guys who saved his live said that they are the "Black Widows" and they can keep him save if he helps them to defend their shelter at all costs. The "Black Widows" will help, rob and fight their way through these bad days. For saving his live and got nothing to care in his hometown he decided to become a member of them.
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