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  1. My characters name is Dane law a 41 year old merchant sailor after 3 months at sea we (the crew and myself ) started to hear strange reports of zombies and the undead in my adopted country of Chernogorsk and then the radios and news services one by one went quiet ,we were still at least a week out form home when we last heard anything , the captain order engines to full and we steamed though a storm likes the which I have never seen little did we realize the gps had started to fail and the light houses had gone dark, we ran a ground miles away from cherno harbour the ship split in two throwing us to the deck as the ice cold water rushed in it took my breath away and swept me clean out of the ship as I held on to a floating piece of cargo my thoughts went to my family in vybor and hoping that there still alive as I passed out ….. I woke on the beach with the wreck of the ship just down the beach I looked for my friends but they must of been claimed be the sea now I have to get to home in vybor to see wot happened to my wife and son …….. the story continues
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