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  1. In the chance of initiation, he would've had to of made it both clear and unambigious and I heard no voice whatsoever come up over comms only zombie sounds to the left of me. I value my characters life to the point where I wouldn't just run if people began blasting demands during a hostile action. As I was a fresh spawn with absolutely nothing on me, I had no chance of survival in this instance. If he really wanted to hold me up, he should've made proper contact first. He should've attempted to RP with me and go from there instead of running in guns blazing. Why would he not run after me to attempt RP after realising my behaviour showed that I had not heard his demands? Where is the RP prioritisation in this scenario? Appears like rule play to me. Is it possible to post position logs for an entire 10-minute span surrounding this event? I am positive accused wasn't within talking distance, and/or he took this chance to KoS with no RP intention.
  2. Server and location: Server 1 - Dubrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019/11/02, around 06:00 Your in game name: Maisie Tiles Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Kill log Detailed description of the events: I had just respawned after dying, and ran to Dubrovka. Went inside the green house near the bridge/water fountian for a minute. Walked out and within 10 seconds my character fell to the ground and died. There was nothing to indicate that I would die from any other reason (eg: Healthy vitals) but another player. Please close report if this is found to be a bug.
  3. Was with @Lil_Beefy and really enjoyed meeting up with @Vast and @Ophelia005 today! They are hilarious!!!
  4. Had a great time with @Lil_Beefy! Came across @Baron, hope to run into the Ranger again soon
  5. Maisie Tiles is a girl who was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She is described as an outgoing individual who enjoys banter and can be a little silly at times. Maisie was the type of person who could always see the light in dark times, this at times made her naive. She grew up as an only child with her parents, who had jobs flexible enough to where they would spend a month every year travelling and exploring new countries. Doing so exposed Maisie to different cultures and lifestyles. From a young age, Maisie prefered going to third world countries. She loved to help others and focused her energy on making a difference to others lives. Maisie was fresh out of High School and was accepted into University to study Paramedicine. In 2017 Maisie was into the first year of her course when on winter break and spontaneously decided she would travel to Russia. While she was in Russia word began to spread about an infection, which was spreading from the south in Chernarus. All flights - both nationally and internationally - were cancelled and Maisie found herself trapped. Within two weeks, internet and cell service had been dropped and Maisie had now lost all communication with home. Maisie was desperate and she made a plan to go south, to find someone with a boat who can take her back home. On her way down Maisie was captured by a group - whose name has never been revealed to her. It was discovered that she had a blood type of O-, so they held her hostage and used her as a blood bank. She was there a year before the group had been taken down by another group who brought Maisie - now going by the name Maze - back to their base. There, she was given basic supplies and the leader of the group gave her the option to stay with them and train further in a field of her choosing or leave and do what she pleased. Maze decided to leave, as what got her through to the last year of torture was the boat she so desperately wanted. Maze has now entered Chernarus via a checkpoint two years after the outbreak, the leaves on the trees are clearly turning orange. She is still that same positive person she was but it now much more aware.
  6. Hey guys my names Encaenia (Nia is probably easier to say), Im 21 years old and Im from Australia. New to DayZ and new to RP but very keen to get into it and meet new people. See ya in Chernarus!!!
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