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  1. Pazur Ashtur, An American 20 year old who follows the path of Islam. For work I replace auto glass. Nothing too fancy but a solid well paying job that has built me a decent body build. When the apocalypse started I was traveling with my fiancee through Europe finding ourselves in Ukraine hoping to see the beautiful beaches on the Crimean Peninsula. Hearing of the virus, I knew the only place we could find haven was in Mecca, the Holy City. We were no more than a months walk away from Chernarus when we were attacked by bandits, they had taken everything we owned, then put a gun to my head. Bound and gagged, I accepted my fate, doing my best to block out the echoing crys of my love. Then, the boom from the pistol next to my ear, the crying stops. I was in shock, it felt like minutes passed before i realized what had happened. I feel my hands get untied, and a boot to my back flattening me onto the floor. "Run" I hear a deep voice behind me, leaving me seconds to see the body of the woman I once imagined spending the rest of my life with. I ran faster, further than ever before, fueled by fear and pain. I made it to Chernarus in 2 weeks. When I finally found I'd passed through the border, i quickly found myself a house on the shore, barricaded the door and slept the night away
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