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  1. Kaz Dobbsky is a native of Deer Isle. Hes 44 years old, but young at heart and a total peace-loving soul. Hes a tuna fisherman and an only child of farmers from Kozlovka Sobor, he left home for the money he could make down south in Zelenoe, and has started making his way back north since the "event" hoping to find his parents and perhaps old friends, but hes not hopeful. He has no other family in this region of the world. A brother in NYC, and a couple cousins in Estonia. Secretly, hes been waiting for this kind of thing to happen for a long time, so hes well into this new world brought to its knees .. not jaded, simply ready to take advantage of this "fresh start". Hes a survivor with a soft shell .. kind, but tough .. and kind of a loner.. but just barely. He seeks to help where he can, not matter by gun or by hand and is wise to the harshness of nature and embraces it. This level playing field, including the infected, is just what this world needs. A chance to rethink how we interact and live and rely on each other .. gives a purpose to this cyclical drudgery called Modern Civilization. Hes never believed that we're civilized at all .. just robots, batteries, doing the 1%s bidding and wasting away in front of the TV, and drowning in the bottle (which he still does). Hes found purpose, but knows the hard truth too, as hes seen many friends die to the elements, the infected and the bandits. Small steps .. small steps.
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