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  1. Hey guys, So I was quite inspired by Mr. Moon 'a better tomorrow' as I'm sure as other people here may have, so much so that I made this video about the concept of RP movies that also has some footage from DayzRP (as well as some Russian-speaking servers I played in)... I haven't shared it around yet so I thought to start here and see what people think about it because DayzRP and Mr. Moon were a pretty heavy inspiration source. ( I do have some ridiculously harsh opinions in general about permadeath which I hope wouldn't alienate you too much from my main point is that RP movies are amazing and should be the next big thing ) Would love to hear your feedback! -Larpushka
  2. Thank you sooo much for the comments, this is very encouraging! (I ran out of beanz quickly). Really glad you enjoyed it! Feel free to reuse my work with music/video if you want to, but do give credit BTW one of my original ideas was to do a movie in the style of Mr. Moon once I had collected enough material, but I'm still wandering solo in Chernarus. @MademoiselleI haven't done audiobooks yet, I'm actually just starting out with this new endeavor might do some RPG in-game books next (maybe Skyrim and add it as a mod...haven't decided) @Alan - Love the ASMR comment! I just recently discovered what ASMR was, totally agree Thanks again @everyone for being nice, helpful and encouraging
  3. No music, no videos clips, just voiceover. Hope you like... ^^ would love feedback
  4. Well, I can't find anyone to RP with and I've been roaming Chernarus for a long time now, hours/days/weeks on end. Nothing. Can we do some OOC arrangement just so I could find other player? I might as well play a single player game than keep doing that. If anyone wants to help, PM me
  5. Getting whitelist error "We could not find DayZ on your Steam account!" Indeed, I didn't have DayZ when I registered. Bought it a few minutes ago (for its amazing RP potential), but the error doesn't want to go away. What do I do? -Lara
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