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  1. "Corporal Daniel, it's Lieutenant Emerson." "I am currently on my way to your position, ETA around two minutes. Over"
  2. *Emerson sets up his radio, then starts to speak* "Corporal Gawron, this is Lieutenant Emerson," "It was probably me, as I was with a Civilian looting and was shooting to clear the area of Infected. We were south of Nadbor in an Industrial zone. If it helps, I was wearing my JTF2 fatigues, which consist of a black M65 Field Jacket, some black Cargo Pants, and a tan Vest and Helmet." "I can recall spotting two people on the road, but it was only briefly. Perhaps we did see each other. Over."
  3. *The sound of the wind whistling through the trees can be heard* "Lieutenant Emerson here, good job on taking down that bear Corporal. Wish I could have seen it happening." *Emerson chuckles a bit before continuing* "I'm currently with a Civilian right now, he lost his stuff so i'm helping him out a bit. Took him to an old Military and Industrial area south of Nadbor. Areas quite nice actually, it's pretty peaceful down here, minus the infected." "I better get back to it, Corporal, if your still in Nadbor, maybe we could meet up and chat face to face, instead of talking over this damn radio. Over."
  4. *pulling out his radio, Emerson clears his throat* "Lieutenant Emerson here," "Corporal Daniel, it's a shame you couldn't help that survivor, but stuff like that happens I guess." *Emerson pauses, the low groans of an infected can be heard* "When you get to Nadbor, I'd suggest searching the Military Compound on the east side of town. Never know what you might find." "I myself am in Nadbor currently, been scouting the area. Some things you should know beforehand, I've seen at least three people around the area, I can confirm one of them lives here. They seem ok, but who knows, people can be deceptive." "Not much more info I'm afraid, that's all I could see, towns pretty quiet most of the time, over."
  5. *locking the door behind him, Emerson sets up his radio and starts speaking* "Lieutenant Emerson here," "Corporal Daniel, sounds like shits hit the fan for you. If you ran east from Polana, chances are that military base you hit is Swarog. If i'm correct, then watch your six. Bears are very common in that area, and the're a lot stealthier than you'd think." *He pauses for a minute, then continues to speak* "Corporal Gawron, sounds like your situation is not much better. If you need assistance, radio me. I'm not too far from Radunin, only about Four Klicks. I've got plenty of ammo, so infected shouldn't be an issue." "As for myself, i'm currently hunkered down in the town of Nadbor, waiting for this damn rain to pass. After that happens, i'll probably search the town for some food and medical supplies." "I'll be waiting for a response, over"
  6. *Emersons' voice comes back over the radio, but the transmission seems clearer than before* "Corporal, it's Lieutenant Emerson, good to hear you made it through the storm." *he pauses to take a drink from his canteen* "I've heard your moving to Polana, I'm not to far from there, only about three Klicks out. If you'd like, I could probably make my way to your position, but it might take a few hours, as I'm preoccupied with things here." *the sound of infected can be heard, followed by a burst of automatic fire* "Waiting for a response, Over."
  7. *A man with a Canadian accent can be heard over the radio* "Corporal, This is Lieutenant Emerson Paull of the Canadian Joint Task Force Two. I have received your message and am sending a reply, but I don't know how long this connection will last." *Static is heard before the man continues to speak* "Do you require assistance? Over." *The man's voice fades out, slowly being replaced by static*
  8. That would be me, and I hope to see you some time again as well. Still remember when the wolves and infected attacked us down south. If i'm being honest, @Dino, I didn't think the grenade idea would work
  9. Hey, I was the Canadian dude, Matthew. My view of this event started when I met @Fenrir, @SidChaos, and @AFluffyBrick near the Fire Station in Nadbor. I introduced myself, then we proceeded to chat a little bit, when one of them (I forget which one, as this was almost 30 hours ago for me, and I had school so I couldn't check the website) mentioned seeing a player built base at the edge of town. One of the men said they wanted to check it out, and see if anyone was there. I asked if I could tag along, as I had nothing better to do. So as we were making our way through town, @kranen drove by in his car. I presume that he saw us, as he turned his car around and started coming back towards us. He drove into the infected on the road, and did a doughnut or two, and then pulled over. @kranen asked what we were doing here, to which banter man said "committing mass murder". And then everything was pretty much banter back and forth. I eventually was getting spooked, so I said, "dude, your gonna get us shot". Eventually, after some more banter, @kranen asked if he was being threatened, while raising his voice. When banter man laughed and said yes, he raised his rifle and shot the two men and the woman. I ran across the road and started yelling don't shoot, while @kranen told me to leave. I left the town, and found a place to log off for the night. And that's my pov of the situation. At least, what I can recall. I had a test in school the next day, so I was more concerned about that, which is why I can't remember much else. Hope this helps.
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