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  1. Rin Von Vinkle is a german doctor who moved out of Europe with his family to a more remote place and settled in Chernarus before the outbreak after several years of finally saving enough money they bought a house with some land and he became the doctor of a local village. After the outbreak happened his family were one of the many who became infected and in his desperate attempts to save them they were killed unable to be cured. After now losing his family he wanders Chernarus using his medical knowledge to help any of those he comes across but has lost a little of his sanity and is known to talk to themselves when alone or if people are nearby. He is not a bad man but can be easily become angry if you try to learn more about his past. When pushed to far he can snap and incapacitate people and restrain them breaking bones and using various methods of experimentation varying on how mad he was driven by the individual. Never mention his family around him due to the risk of personality change and aggression he will give warnings to not talk about it and even to himself trying to hold back his anger. He is a doctor and will try to find medical supplies and even trade for them to keep a supply on him to heal others or himself.
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